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How to Easily Activate PlayStation Store Gift Cards and Redeem for Hogwarts Legacy

Activating a PlayStation Store gift card takes just a few simple steps. Here is the process:

  1. On your PlayStation console, go to the PlayStation Store and select your avatar at the top of the screen.
  2. Choose "Redeem Codes" from the dropdown menu.
  3. Carefully enter the 12-digit code from the back of your PlayStation Store gift card voucher.
  4. Select "Redeem" and the funds will be added to your PlayStation Network (PSN) wallet instantly!

Now let‘s dive into more detail on how PlayStation Store gift cards work, where to get them, and how to use the funds to get exciting games like the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy for free!

What Are PlayStation Store Gift Cards and How Do They Work?

PlayStation Store gift cards allow you to directly add funds, or PSN wallet credit, to your PlayStation Network account. This wallet credit can be used to purchase downloadable PS4 and PS5 games, downloadable content, subscriptions, avatars, themes, and any other digital content available in the PlayStation Store.

Gift cards come in set amounts ranging from $10, $25, $50, and $100. According to 2021 sales data from Sony, the $20 PlayStation Store gift card is the most popular, followed by the $10 and $50 options.

Once redeemed to your account, the gift card funds act just like cash in your PSN wallet. The credit does not expire, so you can save up over time to splurge on a big new release.

Where to Buy PlayStation Store Gift Cards

Here are some of the best options for purchasing PlayStation Store gift cards:

  • Major retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and GameStop all carry physical and digital PlayStation Store gift cards in-store and online. Watch for sales, bonuses, and discount gift card deals at these stores.
  • Sony sells digital gift cards directly on their PlayStation Store website. These are delivered instantly via email for online convenience.
  • Shopping portals like Raise, CardCash, and GiftCardGranny often resell gift cards at discounted rates. You trade some risk for potential savings.
  • Credit card reward points can be redeemed for popular retailers‘ gift cards. Check your points programs for PlayStation Store gift card options.
  • Receiving a PlayStation Store gift card as a birthday, holiday, or special occasion gift is very common due to the flexibility it offers.

PlayStation Gift Card Region and Compatibility

An important note is that PlayStation Store gift cards are region locked, meaning the card‘s region must match the region of your PlayStation Network account in order to redeem.

For example, a gift card purchased in the US will only work for a PSN account set to the United States region. Cards will not work internationally. The exception is that Canadian gift cards can be redeemed for US accounts.

Make sure to verify your PlayStation Network account region before purchasing a gift card to avoid region compatibility issues. PS4 and PS5 consoles allow you to check or change your account region in the settings menu.

Tips for Redeeming PlayStation Gift Cards

To avoid problems redeeming your PlayStation Store gift card, keep these tips in mind:

  • Carefully enter the 12-character code. Check for typos by comparing each character to the code printed on the voucher.
  • Never scratch off the code with a knife or coin as this can damage characters. Gently rub with your finger or use a pencil eraser.
  • Take a clear picture of the code on the voucher as a backup in case the physical card is lost.
  • Confirm the code has not expired. The expiration date is printed on the gift card.
  • Use gift card funds soon to avoid unused wallet credit expiring after 2 years.
  • If issues persist, contact PlayStation support with details on when and where the gift card was purchased.

Using Gift Cards to Get Hogwarts Legacy for Free

The highly anticipated Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy arrives February 10, 2023. Here are some tips for Potterheads to use PlayStation Store gift cards to get the game for free or at a discount:

  • Hogwarts Legacy standard edition is $59.99, so a $60 gift card would cover the full cost.
  • There will likely be sales around launch. A 20% discount could put the price around $48, affordable with a $50 gift card.
  • Follow WB Games on social media for giveaways. Gift cards can purchase pre-order items required for contests.
  • Set up game sharing with a friend who also wants Hogwarts Legacy. By sharing your primary PS4/PS5, you both get access to each other‘s games.
  • Stack discounts by combining gift cards, promotional vouchers, and PlayStation Store sales prices.
  • Wait for seasonal sales like the Black Friday sale in November or the January Critics‘ Choice sale. Patient gamers get the best deals!

While waiting for Hogwarts Legacy, Potterheads can use gift cards to purchase other great Harry Potter games available now like Lego Harry Potter Collection, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Avoiding Gift Card Scams

With the rise in popularity of PlayStation Store gift cards, unfortunately gift card scams are also increasing. Here are some tips to avoid PlayStation Store gift card scams:

  • Only buy directly from reputable retailers and resellers. Check site security for https URLs.
  • Never redeem a gift card you didn‘t personally purchase. Scammers can record and sell used codes.
  • Ignore crazy deals like $100 cards selling for $20. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Never provide anyone remote access to your PlayStation console or account, no matter what story they tell.
  • Beware free Hogwarts Legacy code generators or offers. These are always fake and designed to steal your personal information.

Stick to trusted retailers and you can avoid gift card scams. For more secure purchasing, buy directly from PlayStation Store website or official gift cards sold in major stores.


With this guide, you can easily activate and redeem PlayStation Store gift cards to unlock funds for purchasing awesome games like Hogwarts Legacy. Follow the tips here to smoothly redeem gift cards, take advantage of discounts and sales, earn free games through sharing, and avoid the pitfalls of gift card scams. Happy gaming!