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How to Add Cars to Cyberpunk 2077 on Console

As an expert gamer and vehicle enthusiast, the first question I get asked a lot is how to add more cars to your Cyberpunk 2077 garage on consoles like PS4/PS5 and Xbox One/Series X. Unlike PC, you can‘t just download mods or use cheat engine commands to spawn vehicles. But don‘t worry – with the right methods you can still expand your collection. Here‘s how:

Buying Vehicles from Fixers

The core way to permanently add new vehicles to V‘s garage is by purchasing them from Fixers around Night City. As you gain Street Cred and complete jobs, you‘ll receive text offers on your phone for new rides ranging from affordable everyday cars to supercars costing 6 figures.

To collect all 26 vehicles in the game, you‘ll need to reach Street Cred level 50 and have around 1.7 million Eurodollars ready to spend. It takes time, but buying from Fixers is the only way on console to officially own new vehicles long term.

Cost to Own Every Vehicle

Cheapest Car Free – Nomad Avenger
Most Expensive Car $156,000 – Rayfield Caliburn
Total Cost for all 26 Vehicles $1,672,000

As you can see in the table above, collecting every car in the game is an expensive endeavor. My advice is to focus on 2-3 reasonably priced vehicles you like early on while saving up eddies from jobs. Wait until around Street Cred level 40+ before splurging on the ultra rare supercars.

Recommended Affordable Cars

  • Quadra Turbo-R (Level 18): A great starter sports car with speed and style.
  • Thorton Galena "Gecko" (Level 25): Rugged & durable 4×4 SUV.
  • Archer Hella EC-D I390 (Level 29): Electric car with great handling.

These vehicles offer great performance and won‘t break your bank account. Prioritize upgrades like armor and engine boosts to get your money‘s worth.

Nomad Starter Car

Choosing Nomad as your starting lifepath nets you the rugged Quadra Type-66 Avenger. It‘s not pretty, but gives Nomads an early vehicle while other lifepaths are limited to stealing cars.

Downside – the Avenger performs poorly and really needs upgrades. I recommend Nomads save up to buy a nicer ride after 10 hours or so. The Avenger will get you from A to B, but you‘ll eventually crave more speed and style.

Free Hidden Vehicles

While buying is the main option, there are also two free hidden vehicles to unlock:

Caliburn Supercar

Found in a cave south of the Aldecaldo Camp after completing Panam‘s "Ghost Town" side job in Act 2. The Caliburn is the fastest car in the game and costs over $150k to purchase – making the free version invaluable.

Alvarado‘s Vato Rat Rod

This unique rat rod can be stolen from 6th Street gang member Alvarado during Panam‘s "With a Little Help from My Friends" quest. While not the fastest vehicle, the Vato rod stands out for its scrappy Mad Max style.

These two hidden gems are must-grabs for their free supercar performance and unique visuals.

Is Glitching Vehicles Banned Risky?

Some players attempt to use wall breaches or garages with glitched access to spawn rare cars like the Aerondight or MaiMai. However, I strongly advise against abusing these unintended mechanics. CD Projekt Red has already banned players for exploiting glitches, so it‘s not worth jeopardizing your account. Play it safe and earn vehicles through intended methods.

Waiting for DLC Content

While the current selection of 26 vehicles provides a decent garage, many fans hope for expanded car rosters via upcoming DLC expansions. Addition of new regions like Pacifica or the Badlands could justify introducing more rare vehicles. Based on CDPR‘s impressive post-launch support for The Witcher 3, I expect meaningful Cyberpunk expansions will include fresh rides.

Personally I‘d love to see DLCs add:

  • More hypercars & exotics
  • Off-roading vehicles
  • motorcycles and alternative vehicles liketrikes or hoverbikes.
  • Flying cars

CDPR would be smart to integrate new vehicles alongside any new quests or areas. Overall, purchasing from Fixers is your main option right now, but deeper car customization and expanded rosters may come down the road.

Customizing Your Rides

Once you acquire a new set of wheels, you‘ll want to personalize them visually and boost performance:

Visual Customization

For cosmetic changes like paint, decals, lights, and interiors visit a Ripperdoc and select “Vehicle Customization.” This lets you customize your car to look unique.

Performance Upgrades

To improve speed, handling, braking, etc. visit a Tuner garage. Invest in quality tires, engines, brakes and suspension to really amplify your ride‘s capabilities.

Engine Adds top speed and acceleration
Brakes Improves braking time and control
Suspension Upgrades handling and cornering
Armor Increases durability and protection

Don‘t neglect defensive upgrades like armor – they can be the difference between life or death during dangerous driving.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

While building your perfect ride in Cyberpunk 2077, steer clear of these errors:

  • Spending all money on one dream car too early. Wait until higher Street Cred levels to splurge.
  • Forgetting to manual save after finding a rare free vehicle. Save often!
  • Upgrading vehicles before buying essential cyberware and weapons.
  • Using mods/glitches/cheats online and risking a ban.

Patience and smart money management are key to amassing your perfect collection. Don‘t blow your cash too fast!

The Vehicle Future is Bright

Even with its flaws, Cyberpunk 2077 still has best-in-class vehicle gameplay. CD Projekt Red would be smart to keep building on these systems by providing players more options to find, purchase, customize, and connect with their rides. DLCs that incorporate new vehicle acquisition and deeper tuning/customization mechanics into the core gameplay loop would be very well received by fans.

Night City is the perfect playground for exotic cars. Let‘s hope CDPR takes notice of the community‘s passion and continues expanding the garage. There is so much potential still untapped – the future is bright for vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077!