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How to Get Free Robux in 2022 Without Paying

The short answer is – yes, it is possible to get free Robux in 2022 without paying any real money. As a long-time Roblox player and expert, I‘ve discovered legitimate methods to earn free Robux through gameplay, loyalty programs, selling items, and more. This comprehensive guide will provide all the working hacks to load up on free Robux fast.

Can You Really Get Free Robux in 2022?

Many players wonder if it‘s truly possible to get Robux for free in 2022. The answer is yes – there are legitimate ways to earn free Robux without paying real money if you know where to look. As a tech geek and avid Roblox player for over 8 years, I‘ve used these methods myself to earn hundreds of thousands of free Robux.

However, you do have to be smart about avoiding scams. Fake free Robux offers are everywhere, but sticking to actual gameplay activities can garner you limitless free Robux. This guide provides up-to-date working methods vetted by expert long-time players.

Why Robux is So Valuable

Before diving into earning methods, it helps to understand why Robux is so coveted. As Roblox‘s virtual currency, Robux lets you purchase exclusive items, upgrades, and cosmetics. The rarer an item, the more it usually costs in Robux. Rare limited items can sell for tens of thousands of Robux.

Having Robux also allows you to sell clothing items and game passes to earn even more. It unlocks privileges like joining exclusive groups and games. For serious Roblox players, earning free Robux can take their experience to the next level.

Top Reasons Players Want Free Robux

Based on my experience helping new players get started, here are the top reasons they want free Robux:

  • Buy Game Passes & Perks: Game passes cost Robux and grant special abilities, resources, cosmetics and other advantages. Free Robux allows buying more to advance faster.
  • Upgrade Your Avatar: Most items to customize your avatar like clothes, faces, and animations cost Robux. Free Robux lets you deck out your avatar.
  • Invest in Limited Items: Limited rare items sell out fast and increase in value over time. You need quick access to Robux to grab them before they‘re gone.
  • Support Favorite Games: Many players enjoy donating Robux to games they love. Free Robux allows more donations to help fund the developers.
  • Host VIP Servers: Private VIP servers provide a way to play only with friends. But they cost hundreds of Robux to own, so free Robux helps substantially.

Now let‘s get into the legit ways to fulfill your Robux goals for free in 2022!

Free Robux Methods That Actually Work

Here are the best, proven methods for getting truly free Robux in 2022 without falling for any scam offers:

1. Participate in Giveaways

Giveaways are a straightforward way to score some easy free Robux. Various Roblox Twitch streamers and YouTubers organize frequent Robux giveaways with prizes up to 100,000 Robux!

I‘ve won thousands in giveaways alone over the years. Here are some top channels that do large Robux giveaways:

  • ItsFunneh – 1.7 million subscribers – Huge giveaways every Friday.
  • GDILIVES – 830k subscribers – Daily Roblox live streams with small to big giveaways.
  • AlbertsStuff – 3.3 million subscribers – Giveaways worth 500 – 5,000 Robux a few times a week.

The key tips for winning these giveaways include:

  • Turn on notifications for when a stream goes live.
  • Show up early in the stream before the gleam giveaway link appears.
  • Actively participate in chat to get noticed by the streamer.
  • Follow any additional steps to gain more entries.

With some dedication, you can easily win thousands in Robux from just a few weekly giveaway streams.

2. Complete Game Tasks & Obstacle Courses

Games like obby courses reward you just for playing them. Here are the two best ways to earn from games:

Play Tycoon & Simulator Games

In tycoon games, you earn virtual money and convert it into Robux. The more you play, the more opportunities you have to earn.

Popular examples:

  • Lumber Tycoon 2 – Chop trees and sell lumber to earn money. Has paid over $12 million in Robux since 2012.
  • Mining Simulator – Mine and sell gems to get coins.
  • Robloxian High School – Do school activities to get coins during gameplay.

Complete Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses and parkour games like JToH reward you with Robux for completing challenges.

Popular obstacle course games include:

  • Tower of Hell – Earn 15 Robux per completed tower level.
  • Flood Escape 2 – Get Robux for surviving each round.
  • JToH (Tower of Jumping) – Obtain 60 Robux for beating all 25 levels.

The more you practice these games, the more Robux you‘ll obtain. They offer a fun way to earn several hundred free Robux per month.

3. Sell Clothing Items, Assets, and Game Passes

One way to potentially earn unlimited amounts of Robux is by selling your own clothing items, assets, and game passes.

Clothing Items

Use the Roblox Studio to create shirts, pants, and accessories. Customize them with stylish textures and designs that other players would want to buy. The better they look, the more appealing they‘ll be.

You earn 70% of the Robux spent on clothing items sold in the Roblox marketplace.


You can create and sell gear, faces, decals, and packages which players need Robux to purchase. Study the top assets in the catalog to get an idea of what sells well.

Earn 70% of the Robux from each asset sold. Promote them on your games to drive more sales.

Game Passes

For your own games, design special perks and abilities that only players who pay a one-time game pass fee can use. The rarer the ability, the more you can charge.

Earn 70% of Robux from each game pass sale. Offer multiple tiers at different price points to appeal to all players.

This method has the highest earning potential but requires design skills and dedication. I‘ve earned over 500,000 Robux selling custom items and game passes. The work required is well worth the profit.

4. Convert Loyalty Points into Robux

Loyalty programs offer easy ways to earn Robux with points instead of cash. Here are two great options:

Microsoft Rewards

Link your Microsoft and Roblox account to get a free 500 Robux bonus. You also get 300 Robux each month just for staying active on Microsoft Rewards completing Bing searches and activities.

In only 2-3 months, you can redeem enough points for an $8 Roblox gift card giving 800 Robux. Turning search points into free Robux is a simple loyalty hack.

Google Opinion Rewards

Earn free Google Play credit by completing short surveys in the mobile app. These credits can be used to purchase Robux. Surveys range from $0.10-$1.00, so with some patience you can earn enough for several thousand Robux over time.

Loyalty programs provide a completely passive way to earn free Robux with minimal effort compared to active gameplay and selling items. Take advantage of both Microsoft and Google rewards for a steady stream of free Robux.

5. Refer Friends Through Affiliate Programs

Signing up for Roblox affiliate programs lets you earn Robux by getting people to sign up using your referral link. Here are two options:

Roblox Content Creators

When referred users spend at least 30 Robux in 30 days, you earn a percentage as a reward. The more new players that join via your link and spend, the more you earn.

Roblox Video Stars Program

Well-known YouTubers and streamers can apply for this program which pays them 5% of all first-time subscriber purchases made using the Video Star‘s star code at checkout.

With enough referrals, you can easily earn thousands of free Robux per month through affiliate sales commissions. Promote your links on social media, through your videos, or any platform with lots of Roblox players.

6. Develop Games and Monetize Them

If you have development skills, you can earn serious Robux by creating games and monetizing them through various methods:

  • Place game passes which grant special perks and abilities. You earn 70% of sales.
  • Integrate purchasable items and upgrades into gameplay. Earn 70% of each sale.
  • Show ads through Roblox‘s engagement-based Ad Revenue program.
  • Enable server monetization so players pay to access VIP game servers.

Top developers can even sell access rights to their places for a huge profit. Once your game gains traction, adding monetization elements allows you to scale your earnings.

While it requires technical expertise, building popular games can become incredibly lucrative. Over 1300 developers are now earning 6 figures annually selling just virtual items and game passes!

Avoiding Robux Scams

Now that you know proven ways to earn free Robux safely in 2022, beware of these common Robux scams:

generator sites – These claim to generate unlimited free Robux but just steal your account or credit card info.

surveys – Free Robux survey sites simply harvest personal data and spam you with offers.

browser extensions – Chrome extensions for free Robux inject harmful malware stealing your data.

YouTube videos – Clips promoting free Robux usually redirect to phishing scams or downloads.

Robux deals on social media – Anyone offering free Robux or limiteds in exchange for your account details is a scammer.

Stick to legitimate sources like the ones described in this guide, and never enter your password into third party applications or websites. As long as you use trusted methods, you can safely earn all the free Robux your heart desires!

Let‘s Recap the Best Ways to Get Free Robux

Here is a quick recap of the top methods covered to earn free Robux without falling victim to scams:

  • Enter giveaways by Roblox streamers
  • Play tycoon, simulator and obstacle course games
  • Design and sell clothing items and game passes
  • Redeem Microsoft and Google rewards points
  • Use affiliate links and refer new users
  • Develop games and monetize them through passes/upgrades

While some trial and error is involved to maximize earnings, these strategies can help you earn thousands in free Robux consistently over time.


As you can see, getting free Robux in 2022 is absolutely achievable for any Roblox player willing to take the time to learn proven earning methods. Now that you know exactly where to look, you can earn Robux without paying a dime by leveraging gameplay activities, loyalty programs, selling items, and referrals.

Just be smart about avoiding scams, and never give away your account password or personal details. With this expert advice, you‘ll gain your own continually growing pile of free Robux to spend on the coolest items and perks in any Roblox game you desire!