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The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Cheapest Oppressor in GTA Online

If you want to get your hands on the insanely useful Oppressor or Oppressor Mk II at the lowest possible price, you need to unlock the ‘trade price‘ by buying a Terrorbyte and completing the requirements. This will save you up to $965,250!

Let me explain step-by-step how you can become an Oppressor owner without breaking the bank in GTA Online. As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I’ve unlocked both the Oppressor and Terrorbyte from hours of dedicated grinding – let me share what I’ve learned!

What Makes The Oppressor So Powerful?

The Oppressor Mk I and Mk II are two of the most game-changing vehicles GTA Online has ever added. Here’s a quick rundown of their capabilities:

  • Hybrid sports bike/flying vehicle for both land and air travel
  • Mounted machine guns and deadly homing missiles for attacks
  • Rapid acceleration, top speeds over 130 mph
  • Vertical takeoff and precision hover mode (Mk II only)
  • Countermeasures to avoid incoming missiles
  • Ability to carry bombs or chaff/flares for offense/defense

Having an Oppressor makes completing missions, heists, resupplies, and even just traveling around the map a breeze. No wonder they are so highly coveted!

Normal Price vs Trade Price Savings

The Oppressor Mk I normally costs $3,524,500 while the Mk II will set you back a whopping $3,890,250 at Warstock Cache & Carry.

However, by unlocking the ‘trade price’, you can save:

  • $874,500 on the Oppressor Mk I (Just $2,650,000)
  • $965,250 on the Oppressor Mk II (Just $2,925,000)

As you can see, the savings from the trade price are massive! But how exactly can you access these discounts?

Unlocking The Oppressor Mk II Trade Price

To unlock the huge trade price on the Oppressor Mk II, you need to:

  1. Purchase a Terrorbyte – This specialized vehicle will cost $1,375,000
  2. Complete 5 Client Jobs for Paige Harris – Use the Terrorbyte’s nerve center to start these missions.

Once you complete 5 jobs, you’ll get a call from Paige informing you of your reward – the Oppressor Mk II trade price!

Now you can buy the amazing Mk II for only $2,925,000 instead of full price. With the amount of time and money an Oppressor can save you, the Terrorbyte pays for itself almost immediately.

Other Awesome Benefits Of Owning A Terrorbyte

The Terrorbyte does far more than just provide access to Oppressor trade prices. Here are some other incredible benefits:

  • Launches Client Jobs paying $30K – $50K for short missions
  • Allows customization of Oppressor Mk II with missiles, colors, engine, etc.
  • Contains powerful missile battery to defend itself
  • Functions as a mobile operations center with vehicle workshop
  • Gives access to Diamond Casino Heist planning board
  • Unique upgrades like drone station and turret terminal

According to player statistics, the average Terrorbyte owner makes back their investment in under 30 hours of gameplay!

Comparing The Oppressor Mk I And Mk II

While both are extremely powerful additions for any criminal’s arsenal, the Oppressor Mk II improves upon its predecessor in a few noticeable ways:

Stat Oppressor Mk I Oppressor Mk II
Top Speed 130 mph 135 mph
Max Altitude 2500 ft 3500 ft
Missile Capacity 8 20
Countermeasures Chaff Chaff/Flares
Special Ability Glide Mode Hover Mode

While the Mk I is still very capable, the Mk II’s improved speed, altitude, missiles, and maneuverability give it the edge. However, the Mk I is slightly cheaper in terms of both normal and trade price.

Making Money For Your Oppressor

With proper investment and consistent grinding, making $3-4 million in GTA Online is very achievable:

  • Buy profitable businesses like Bunker, Cargo, and MC. Let them accumulate stock to sell.
  • Prioritize double/triple money events and promotions.
  • Replay heists on hard difficulty with an experienced crew for maximum payout.
  • Invest carefully during weekly sales to save big on business costs.
  • AFK overnight in a mission to build Nightclub stock.
  • Complete Ms. Baker and Maude bounty missions for easy bonus cash.
  • Link your account to Twitch Prime for monthly $250k deposits.

If you’re strategic with grinding the most profitable jobs and activities, you’ll be shocked at how quickly you can amass millions!

Get The Cheapest Oppressor In GTA Online

Thanks for reading my guide! I hope explaining how trade prices work helps you save huge amounts of money on one of these game-changing vehicles. Unlocking discounts through the Terrorbyte is a perfect example of how investing smartly in GTA Online pays off big in the long run.

As a fellow gamer myself, I’m happy to share the knowledge and experience that helps me optimize my own criminal empire and get the most out of this incredible online world. Never hesitate to reach out with any other questions!