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How to Easily Redeem a 14 Digit PlayStation Code on Your PS5

Redeeming a 14-digit PlayStation code on your PS5 is a quick and easy way to add awesome new games, DLC expansions, avatars, themes and more to your account. All you need to do is enter the code on the Redeem Codes page, confirm the content, and download it to start playing!

In this detailed guide, I‘ll walk you through the entire redemption process step-by-step. I‘ll also provide helpful tips to avoid issues and get the most out of PS5 code redemptions based on my years of experience gaming and dealing with PlayStation codes.

Accessing the Redeem Code Page on Your PS5

The first step is accessing the Redeem Codes page on your PS5 system:

  1. From the PS5 home screen, go to Settings (the gear icon)
  2. Select Users and Accounts
  3. Choose Other
  4. Select Redeem Codes

This will open the Redeem Codes page where you can enter your 14-digit PlayStation code.

Carefully Enter the 14 Digit Code

On the Redeem Codes page:

  1. Enter the 14-digit code exactly as it appears on the voucher, receipt, or email you received it from.
  2. Codes are case sensitive so capital and lowercase letters matter.
  3. Avoid adding spaces or dashes while entering the code.
  4. Select Continue after precisely inputting all 14 digits.

Double and triple check that you entered the code correctly before continuing. One small mistake can cause a code not to work properly. I like to enter codes on my phone via the PlayStation app if the code is hard to read to avoid errors.

Confirm the Code Redemption

After entering the 14-digit code, a confirmation page will appear:

  1. Review the details of the content you are redeeming like game title, addons, etc.
  2. Make sure the content matches what you expected to receive from the code.
  3. If correct, select Confirm to complete the redemption process.

This will link the PlayStation code to your PSN account.

Download and Enjoy Your Redeemed Content

For digital games, DLC expansions, avatars, and other digital content:

  1. Go to your PS5 Game Library.
  2. Find the game or add-on content you redeemed.
  3. Select Download to install it on your console.
  4. Once finished downloading, you can launch and play the content!

Redeeming a PlayStation code immediately adds the content to your PSN account. You just need to download it to your PS5 system to actually start playing.

Redemption Tips to Avoid Issues

Here are some handy tips to avoid problems when redeeming PlayStation codes:

  • Only redeem PlayStation codes from trusted retailers and sources. Lots of fake code scams exist online.
  • Avoid sites that offer free or discounted PlayStation codes as these are usually fraudulent.
  • Redeem codes immediately rather than saving them as they often expire if not used quickly.
  • Codes must match the region of your PlayStation Network account to work.
  • Contact PlayStation Support if a properly entered code does not work so they can investigate issues.
  • If buying from a reseller site, ensure codes are guaranteed to avoid invalid codes.
Code Type Typical Digits Use
PlayStation Gift Card 16 digits Redeems funds to PSN wallet
PlayStation Plus 12 digits Redeems PS Plus subscription
PlayStation Games 14 digits Redeems full games
PlayStation Add-Ons 14 digits Redeems DLC expansions
PlayStation Avatars 12 digits Redeems avatars
PlayStation Themes 12 digits Redeems themes

This table outlines the most common PlayStation code types, digits, and how they are redeemed. Gift cards and Plus codes work a bit differently than game, DLC and customization codes.

Why Enter Codes on PlayStation 5 vs PS4?

Redeeming codes directly on your PS5 console has some nice advantages:

  • Faster downloads – PS5 downloads redeemed games and DLC much quicker than PS4.
  • Better performance – Games and apps run smoother on PS5 thanks to the improved hardware.
  • Enhanced graphics – With up to 4K resolution, HDR, ray tracing, etc, redeemed games look incredible on PS5.
  • New features support – Like advanced haptics, 3D audio, adaptive triggers, etc offered by PS5.

While PlayStation codes work across generations, redeeming on PS5 delivers the best experience.

Redeeming PlayStation Codes Online

While I recommend redeeming codes directly on your PS5 console, you can also redeem PlayStation codes online via:

  • The PlayStation website: Sign in to your Sony account and select Redeem Codes.
  • The PlayStation App: Sign in and choose Redeem Codes from the menu.
  • Amazon: Select "Redeem a gift card" during checkout for game pre-orders.
  • PlayStation Email: Click the redeem button in promotional PlayStation emails.

If you have issues reading or entering your code, redeeming online can be easier in some cases.

Why are PlayStation Codes 14 Digits Long?

Sony utilizies a standardized format for PlayStation codes:

  • PlayStation Games – 14 digits
  • PlayStation Add-Ons – 14 digits
  • PlayStation Avatars – 12 digits
  • PlayStation Themes – 12 digits

The 14 digit format allows over 300 trillion possible code combinations! This extremely large number space ensures each generated PlayStation game and addon code can have a unique value.

The first 5 digits represent the content publisher, the next 9 digits identify the specific product, while the last digit is a check sum to validate the code.

While most competing platforms use shorter 5-10 digit codes, Sony wisely implemented a longer 14 digit format to enable massive growth in available codes as the PlayStation platform expanded.

Common PlayStation Code Redemption Issues

While redeeming PlayStation codes is usually quick and simple, here are some common issues to be aware of:

  • Incorrect code – Double check for typos when entering codes.
  • Already redeemed – Each code can only be redeemed once, don‘t reuse old codes.
  • Region mismatch – Codes must match the country/region of your PSN account.
  • Expired code – PlayStation codes expire 6-12 months after activation, check terms.
  • Banned account – Codes can‘t be redeemed if your PSN account is suspended.
  • System errors – Sometimes PSN servers have issues, try redeeming later.
  • Fraudulent code – Fake/scam codes don‘t work, only buy from legitimate sellers.

If you run into any of these common issues when trying to redeem a PlayStation code, your best option is to open a support ticket with PlayStation Customer Service. Provide details on the problem and they can investigate and resolve legitimate code redemption issues.

Contacting PlayStation Support

If you encounter problems redeeming a PlayStation code, contacting PlayStation support is recommended:

  • Live chat from the PlayStation website – Fastest way to get help.
  • Support ticket – Email Sony support with details and get help via email.
  • Phone – Call the PlayStation support line for your country.
  • Twitter/Social Media – Tweet issues @AskPlaystation or on Facebook.

PlayStation‘s customer support team is excellent when it comes to resolving code redemption issues. Make sure to have details on the code type, region, and specific error when you contact them.


Hopefully this detailed guide covered everything you need to know to seamlessly redeem 14 digit PlayStation codes on your PS5 console.

To summarize the process:

  1. Access the Redeem Codes page
  2. Carefully enter the 14 digit code
  3. Confirm the content details
  4. Download to start playing

Following the tips provided, you can avoid potential hiccups that may occur. PlayStation codes provide an easy way to unlock tons of great new gaming content.

Let me know if you have any other PlayStation code questions! Happy gaming!