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The Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Ghost of Tsushima from PS4 to PS5

Upgrading Ghost of Tsushima from PS4 to PS5 is easy and gives you the definitive version with enhanced graphics at up to 60fps, 4K resolution, faster loading, new haptics, and more content. Here‘s how:

  1. First, upload your PS4 Ghost of Tsushima save files to the PlayStation Network cloud storage.
  2. Then purchase the PS5 upgrade through the PlayStation store for $29.99 if you own the original version or $9.99 if you own the PS4 Director‘s Cut.
  3. Finally, download the PS5 Director‘s Cut and your saves, then launch the game on PS5! All your progress and stats will carry over.

Follow those steps, and you‘ll be all set to experience Ghost of Tsushima on PS5 with buttery smooth frame rates and visuals that really shine in 4K HDR. It only takes a few minutes to complete the upgrade process. Now let‘s dive deeper into all the enhancements and improvements you can look forward to!

Stunning Visual Upgrades with 4K/60 FPS

As a streaming and tech enthusiast, I‘m blown away by how great Ghost of Tsushima looks and performs on the PS5 hardware. The PS4 version was already one of the most gorgeous open world games ever at a locked 1080p/30fps. But the PS5 upgrade takes things to the next level with:

  • Native 4K resolution – Crisp and ultra-sharp on 4K displays.
  • 60 FPS target frame rate – Gameplay has never felt smoother.
  • Enhanced draw distance – See more detail farther into the horizon.
  • Higher density foliage and enhanced shadows
  • Higher resolution textures and more particle effects.

I‘d say the jump to 4K and 60 FPS makes just as big an impact as going from 30 to 60 FPS does in many games. Swapping back and forth, the PS4 version felt choppy and blurry by comparison. The world takes on this wonderful new clarity and fluidity on PS5 that has to be seen first-hand.

According to Sony‘s official specs, the PS5 version of Ghost of Tsushima renders at a native 4K versus upscaled 4K on PS4 Pro. And the frame rate hits 60 FPS way more consistently than the occasional "Highestframerate" dips into the 40s on PS4.

Fast loading from the SSD is the icing on the cake! I can fast travel across Tsushima Island in literally 5 seconds instead of 15-30. Overall, the PS5 enhancements help immerse you in the tranquil, sweeping landscapes like never before. It‘s an amazing upgrade!

DualSense Haptics and Adaptive Triggers

The PS5 DualSense controller‘s advanced haptics and adaptive triggers bring gameplay to life with amazing tactile feedback:

  • Drawing the bowstring has dynamic resistance
  • Rain, wind, and footsteps feel more immersive
  • Attacks and impacts have varied rumble effects
  • Razor sharp tension when using Resolve strikes

These subtle effects go a long way towards making you feel connected to the environment and actions on-screen. For example, you can clearly feel the direction footsteps are coming from based on the haptic vibrations.

According to designer Jason Connell, the team worked hard to implement DualSense features in creative ways that suit Ghost of Tsushima‘s grounded, cinematic combat:

"Our approach was to make the feeling subtle yet impactful. It had to enhance the experience, but not be a distraction."

Everything from stringing your bow to the clash of swords has this added visceral pop now. And using your samurai skills with Resolve feels super powerful when the triggers kick back with an intense burst.

It brings another layer of immersion without being overbearing. I‘d rank it as one of the best integrations of DualSense features yet!

Full Iki Island Expansion and More

Along with the graphical enhancements, upgrading to the PS5 Director‘s Cut also gets you full access to the excellent Iki Island expansion:

  • Whole new island area to explore with fresh villages, landmarks, and panoramic views
  • 10+ hour storyline confronting a traumatic chapter in Jin‘s past
  • New armor sets, mini-games, quests, characters and mythic tales
  • Expanded Legends multiplayer mode with more co-op story missions, survival maps, and custom gear to unlock

I spent 15 hours on Iki Island alone. Its flowing grassy hills and picturesque beaches contrast nicely with Tsushima‘s forests and bamboo groves. The truly touching story of Jin dealing with the trauma of an earlier failed invasion gives his character a lot more depth too.

And Legends receives a great mix of new competitive and co-op missions that are worth revisiting if you already enjoyed it on PS4. Between the two islands, you‘re looking at over 60 hours of gameplay easily!

Plus, there are fun bonuses just for upgrading, like new armor dyes, a Hatchling vanity title in Legends, and a bronze trophy. It‘s a meaty expansion at an awesome value.

Transfer Your PS4 Saves to Pick Up Where You Left Off

The ability to transfer over your existing PS4 save data is really handy for continuing your adventure on PS5:

  • All progression, stats, gear collected, locations discovered, etc. will carry over
  • Upload saves to the PlayStation Network cloud storage from your PS4
  • Download saves from the cloud on your PS5 and load up!

I was relieved I could pick up with my original maxed out character and that Sony made the transfer process so simple. Just be sure to manually upload any new PS5 saves to the cloud if you ever jump back to PS4.

Sony has confirmed that Ghost of Tsushima supports full cross-gen multiplayer too. So you can still play Legends with friends who own it on PS4. Great to see from a cross-play perspective!

Is the PS5 Upgrade Worth It?

At only $30 USD for existing owners, the Ghost of Tsushima PS5 upgrade is absolutely worth getting in my opinion as an avid gamer.

Here‘s a quick rundown of the enhancements again:

Native 4K Resolution Up to 60 FPS
Much Faster Loading PS5 DualSense Features
Enhanced Visuals Iki Island Expansion
Cross-Gen Multiplayer Transfers PS4 Saves

Those improvements create a clearly elevated experience compared to PS4. It feels like the definitive way to enjoy an already phenomenal game.

As a bonus, purchasing any version of Ghost of Tsushima Director‘s Cut also grants you access to the PS5 upgrade down the road if you own both consoles. So there‘s flexibility in when you choose to make the leap.

For fans eager to replay one of the best PS4 exclusives at its best, I‘d call the PS5 upgrade a no-brainer. Hope this guide helps you get it set up and enjoy all the benefits!