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The Ultimate Guide to Changing Time Speed in Minecraft

You can change how quickly or slowly time passes in Minecraft by modifying the "tick speed" – the number of ticks or tiny fractions of a second that occur every second. The basic command is /gamerule randomTickSpeed [number]. Higher tick speeds make time move faster, lower ticks make time move slower. Keep reading and I‘ll explain everything you need to know!

What Are Ticks and Tick Speed in Minecraft?

Time in Minecraft is measured using "ticks." A tick represents 0.05 seconds or 50 milliseconds – the smallest unit of time in Minecraft.

The tick speed determines how many ticks occur every 1 real-life second. By default, the tick speed is 20 ticks per second. So at normal speed, 20 ticks = 1 second of real time.

Tick speed controls the passage of time itself. At higher speeds, everything happens faster – plants and mobs move quicker, machines operate faster. Lower tick speeds slow down time.

Here‘s a table comparing some example tick speeds and how they affect gameplay:

Tick Speed Gameplay Speed
500 ticks/sec Extremely fast – time in fast forward
100 ticks/sec Very fast – time moves 5x faster
50 ticks/sec Fast – time moves 2.5x faster
20 ticks/sec (default) Normal gameplay speed
10 ticks/sec Slow – time moves 2x slower
2 ticks/sec Very slow – extreme slow motion
0 ticks/sec Frozen – time completely stopped

As you can see, higher tick speeds dramatically accelerate time, while lower speeds slow it down or even freeze it entirely!

Using the /gamerule Command to Modify Tick Speed

In Minecraft, you can change the current tick speed using the /gamerule command. The syntax is:

/gamerule randomTickSpeed [number]

Simply replace [number] with your desired tick speed. For example:

/gamerule randomTickSpeed 30

This sets the tick speed to 30 ticks per second, making time move slightly faster than normal.

The default tick speed of 20 ticks/sec gives a nice natural gameplay pace. But for machines, farms, and experiments, higher speeds like 100 or 500 ticks can be extremely useful.

Lower tick speeds below 20 can also create cool effects like slow motion battles or elongated sunsets. Get creative with time dilation!

Speeding Up Time with Faster Tick Rates

Let‘s talk more about the effects of faster tick speeds above the default 20 ticks/sec:

  • 500 ticks/sec – Extremely fast, almost cartoonish speed. Trees and plants grow in seconds, portals light instantly. Mobs run around hilariously fast. Useful for rapidly testing builds.
  • 100 ticks/sec – Very fast speed, about 5x normal. Automated farms produce at blazing rates. Mobs move quicker. Day/night cycles fly by rapidly.
  • 50 ticks/sec – A nicely accelerated gameplay speed. Redstone ticks faster but not too chaotic. Great for medium-speed testing.
  • 30 ticks/sec – A moderate time increase. Machines like mob farms operate faster without being too overwhelming.

So when might you want to speed up time in Minecraft? Faster tick speeds help:

  • Test builds and redstone rapidly
  • Create high-yield automatic farms
  • Experience frantic mob battles
  • Enjoy accelerated day/night cycles

Just beware going above 100 ticks can get a bit too crazy!

Slowing Down Time with Slower Ticks

What about lowering the tick speed below the default 20 ticks/sec? Here‘s what slower rates look like:

  • 10 ticks/sec – Noticeably sluggish time, about 2x slower. Mob movement and animations seem laggy. Useful for leisurely building.
  • 5 ticks/sec – Very slow gameplay, almost like walking through syrup! Sun rises/sets at a snail‘s pace.
  • 2 ticks/sec – Extreme slow motion. Block breaking is lethargic, mobs barely move. Dramatic time dilation effects.

Some uses cases for slower tick speeds:

  • Build elaborate structures with less rushed time limits
  • Set a longer daytime for exploring
  • Fight epic slow motion battles
  • Admire scenery as sun rises/sets at a crawl

Lower tick speeds create unique gameplay experiences not possible otherwise!

Freezing Time with 0 Tick Speed

Setting the tick speed to 0 via /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 will completely freeze time in your world:

  • Mobs and animations completely stop
  • Plants won‘t grow, leaves won‘t decay
  • Redstone circuits halted
  • Day/night cycle stopped

Freezing time is perfect for building projects or staged scenes. Stopping those bothersome day/night cycles alone makes 0 tick speed invaluable!

Unfreezing Time from 0 Ticks

Once frozen, simply set the tick speed back to a normal value like 20 to resume regular time flow in your world.

Changing the Time of Day with /time Commands

In addition to controlling tick speed, you can instantly change the time of day with these /time commands:

  • /time set day – Set to dawn, 1000 ticks
  • /time set noon – Set to midday, 6000 ticks
  • /time set night – Set to dusk, 13000 ticks
  • /time set midnight – Set to midnight, 18000 ticks

Having total control over the position of the sun/moon is great for custom daylight cycles. You can create worlds with longer days, permanent sunsets, or anything you desire!

Advanced Tick Speed Tips and Tricks

Now that you understand the basics of tick manipulation, here are some more advanced tips:

  • Create environmental tick speeds with command blocks for different areas
  • Make "Matrix-like" ultra slow motion scenes
  • Freeze time during intense battles for tactical advantage
  • Build with natural cycles but condensed timescales
  • Film accelerated machine tutorials by speeding up ticks

The possibilities are endless when you can control the flow of time itself!

When to Use Normal 20 Tick Speed

While modifying ticks can be incredibly useful, 20 ticks/sec provides the default gameplay experience Mojang designed. Stick to normal speed for:

  • General survival/creative play
  • Experiencing natural day/night cycles
  • Default mob behaviors and animations
  • Multiplayer servers (unless agreed on)
  • Most redstone contraptions

So while it‘s fun to experiment with extreme tick manipulation, 20 ticks is usually best for normal play.

A World of Time Dilation Awaits!

Slowing down and speeding up time with tick manipulation gives you almost god-like control over your Minecraft worlds. From ultra-fast farming to sublimely slow sunsets, mastering tick speeds unleashes incredible gameplay possibilities.

I hope this guide has demystified tick speed and equipped you to bend time to your will in Minecraft. Now get out there and enjoy molding your realities! Time is yours to play with.