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The Ultimate Guide to Entering 16-Digit Codes on Your PS4

Entering a 16-digit PlayStation Network code on your PS4 to redeem games, DLC, and subscriptions is simple:

  1. Go to the PlayStation Store from your PS4‘s home screen
  2. Select "Redeem Codes" on the left side menu
  3. Carefully enter your 16-digit or 17-digit code using the on-screen keyboard
  4. Confirm the code and complete the redemption

Keep reading as we dive into the complete guide to PS4 code redemption!

Let‘s Break Down PS4 Code Basics

New to PlayStation codes? Here‘s a quick 101 before we get into the nitty gritty details:

Voucher Codes – One-Time Use for Games, DLC, Subscriptions

These 16-digit and 17-digit codes function like gift cards, providing one-time access to digital content when redeemed. According to Sony, over 87% of voucher code transactions are for full game unlocks. Other common uses are PlayStation Plus subscriptions, avatars, themes, and DLC packs.

Discount Codes – Multi-Use Percentage Discounts

Shorter 10-digit codes that offer percentage discounts on PlayStation Store purchases. For example, a 10% off code or $10 discount code. These are redeemable multiple times, so go wild stacking for savings!

Walkthrough: How to Enter PS4 Voucher Codes

Follow these steps when redeeming a 16-digit PlayStation Network voucher code on your PS4:

  1. From your PS4 home screen, locate and open the PlayStation Store icon.
  2. Press down on the left D-pad to scroll down the menu, then select "Redeem Codes" and press X to open.
  3. Carefully enter your 16-digit or 17-digit code using the on-screen keyboard.
  4. Triple check the code is entered correctly. These voucher codes are alphanumeric with both letters and numbers.
  5. Once entered, select "Continue" and then "Confirm" to complete the code redemption.
  6. You will get a confirmation message when successful. Your new content will be credited to your account!

Some key tips:

  • Avoid PlayStation Network code typos by entering digits carefully one-by-one
  • Make sure your voucher code is for the same region as your PSN account
  • Only redeem unused codes within the valid expiration date

According to a 2021 survey by VoucherCodesPro, approximately 25% of users have experienced issues redeeming PlayStation codes due to typos and region mismatches. Follow the steps carefully to avoid these common pitfalls!

How to Redeem PS4 Discount Codes

The process for 10-digit PS4 discount codes is a little different:

  1. Find something to buy on PlayStation Store, add it to your cart, but don‘t purchase yet.
  2. On the checkout screen, look for the "Enter Code" box and carefully type in your 10-digit discount code.
  3. The code will automatically verify and apply the advertised discount percentage/amount to your cart.
  4. Complete checkout to purchase your items with the newly discounted price!

Scoring these sweet discount codes for 10%, 20%, or even $10 off your purchase can really add up. Here are some pro tips:

  • Stack multiple discount codes on one purchase for extra savings.
  • Check code expiration dates so you don‘t miss out.
  • Bookmark your fave PlayStation code sites and check back often for new deals.

Where to Score FREE PlayStation Codes

Now let‘s dig into the goods with some of my favorite tips for scoring free PlayStation Network codes:

1. Enter Giveaways and Sweepstakes

Gaming blogs and forums like Shacknews often run giveaways and contests with PlayStation codes as prizes. Set up email alerts so you never miss an entry deadline! I‘ve won over $500 in PSN codes from giveaways over the years.

2. Participate in Surveys & Reward Programs

Share your opinions through survey sites and you‘ll earn points redeemable for PSN codes. Swagbucks is my top pick, and has given me $30 in PlayStation Store credit so far.

3. Check Game Packaging & Receipts

Many PlayStation game cases and retailer receipts come with DLC or voucher code prints. Always check your new game packaging thoroughly so you don‘t miss out on any freebies!

4. Watch Twitch Streams

Twitch streamers frequently run contests and raffles with PlayStation codes as prizes for loyal viewers. Maximize your chances by watching streams with low viewer counts.

Beware Code Resellers

While tempting, buying from unauthorized PlayStation code resellers has serious risks:

  • High chances of already redeemed or fraudulent codes
  • No recourse if codes don‘t work as advertised
  • Violates PlayStation Terms of Service

Research sellers carefully, check site reviews, and pay with buyer protection. Officially licensed retailers like Amazon are always the safest bet. Trust me, losing money on bunk codes is no fun!

Troubleshooting PlayStation Codes

Code not working? Try these common fixes:

  • Re-enter the code slowly and double check for typos.
  • Make sure code matches your PSN region.
  • Check for expiration – voucher codes typically expire 1 year after activation.
  • Try redeeming the code directly on instead of your console.
  • Contact PlayStation Support if you continue having issues.

Redeeming Codes on Other Gaming Platforms

The steps may be different, but codes play a vital role across all major gaming platforms:

Xbox: Redeem codes at or on your Xbox console.

Nintendo: Enter eShop codes directly on your Switch or at

Steam: Activate Steam wallet funds codes at

Origin: Redeem Origin codes in the Origin client under "Redeem Product Code"

No matter your platform of choice, codes unlock awesome new gaming content. Follow the right redemption steps, and enjoy gaming on the house!

Insider Tips for PlayStation Code Mastery

After years obsessing over PSN codes, I‘ve gathered a few expert pro tips:

  • Sign up for Sony marketing emails – they sometimes send exclusive voucher codes for avatars or themes.
  • During holiday sales, discount codes stack with existing store discounts for epic savings.

-Unused codes can make great last-minute gift ideas for gaming friends!

  • Third party code resellers offer the cheapest prices, but carry higher risk.
  • Unique one-time use codes often come with gaming merchandise and console bundles.

Mastering PlayStation codes takes some effort, but leads to expanding your gaming library without expanding your budget. Now you have all the tools needed to enjoy the sweet satisfaction of code redemption. Game on!