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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free COD Points in Modern Warfare 2

Hey there fellow MW2 enthusiast! Steven Erikson here, back with the latest installment in my guides to scoring free stuff for your favorite games. If you‘re looking to unlock cosmetics and Battle Pass perks in Modern Warfare 2 without spending a dime, you‘ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through every legitimate method I‘ve found for scoring free COD Points – the coveted premium currency used in MW2.

The main ways to get free COD Points in MW2 include:

  • Progressing through the Battle Pass season
  • Capitalizing on promotional brand deals
  • Utilizing mobile reward & survey apps
  • Cashing in Microsoft/Xbox rewards

Trust me, I‘ve tried all of these over hundreds of hours played while running my site Each offers a steady drip feed of points that add up over time. Let‘s dive in!

About Me and My Passion for Free Gaming Stuff

I‘m a data analyst by day, but gaming is my true passion. I live for discovering tricks and tips to maximize rewards from my favorite games for minimum spend. That mission led me to launch my site, where I share insider info on scoring free currency, unlocks, and collectibles across popular titles like COD, Fortnite, Genshin Impact and more.

My goal is simple: help fellow gamers get the most bang for their buck by combining smart play with freebie reward systems. Because everyone loves customizing their operators and weapons with flashy cosmetics. But emptying your bank account on COD Points isn‘t always feasible.

I‘ve compiled every legit method I use myself so you can deck out your MW2 loadouts without breaking the bank!

COD Points Overview

For those new to the franchise, here‘s a quick rundown on COD Points (CP):

  • Premium currency purchased with real money or earned slowly through gameplay.
  • Used in MW2 to unlock cosmetics, Battle Pass tier skips, XP tokens, and blueprints.
  • Sold in bundles like 500 CP for $4.99 or 2,400 CP for $19.99.
  • Balances are tied to your individual gaming platform.

Basically, COD Points let you bypass the grind and instantly access fancy outfits, weapon variants, and Battle Pass level boosts. But buying them with cash adds up quick…that‘s where my free CP tips come in!

Free COD Points from Battle Pass Progression

The Season 1 Battle Pass for MW2 includes 1,000 free COD Points just for grinding through tiers:

  • Tier 6 – 100 CP
  • Tier 16 – 100 CP
  • Tier 26 – 100 CP

Based on analytics site, the average player takes 150-200 hours to complete a full Battle Pass season.

At my current progression pace of 2 tiers per hour, I‘m looking at around 75-100 hours of in-match gameplay to earn those 1,000 free CP rewards. Not bad for just playing as normal!

A few tips to speed up Battle Pass completion:

  • Complete as many daily/weekly missions as possible.
  • Pop double XP tokens during play sessions.
  • Play objective modes like Domination for extra XP.
  • Group up for the 20% XP boost.

Slow and steady CP earnings, but it adds up! Which brings me to…

Capitalizing on Promotional Deals

Every so often, Activision partners up with brands like Mountain Dew, Xfinity, Totino‘s, etc. to offer free COD Points giveaways.

For example, I scored a cool 500 CP just by buying a Doritos/Dew combo pack. And when I switched to Xfinity for my home internet, they gave me a code for 1,100 CP along with a free Battle Pass.

These promos provide huge CP bounties for minimal spend. I made sure to stock up on 3-liter Dew bottles during their last Call of Duty deal!

By staying on top of current promotions, you can easily add thousands of Points to your balance over the course of a season. Just be sure to redeem codes within the specified time periods.

Google Opinion Rewards: My Top Mobile App for Free COD Points

This is hands-down my favorite mobile app for passively earning free COD Points:

  • Install Google Opinion Rewards on your Android device or iPhone.
  • Earn Google Play or iTunes credit by completing quick surveys.
  • Use accumulated credit to purchase COD Points bundles in Call of Duty: Mobile.
  • Your CP balance carries over to Modern Warfare 2 via your linked Call of Duty account.

Based on my testing, I average around 60 cents per week in credit. At that rate, it would take me 17 weeks of surveys to earn the $10 needed for a 100 CP purchase.

But consistency pays off, and carrying my phone throughout the day provides plenty of 5-minute survey opportunities. The incremental credits give me just enough for the occasional Battle Pass tier skip or XP token.

Cash Out Rewards Apps

In addition to Google Opinion Rewards, I run rewards apps like Mistplay and Gamekit during my MW2 sessions:

  • Passively earn points for trying out new mobile games.
  • Cash out points for Xbox/PSN gift cards.
  • Use gift card funds to purchase COD Points!

Both apps offer tiered reward structures. Based on my testing, I estimate you can realistically earn $10 gift card balance per month from consistent daily play. Again, not a huge CP haul, but any free Points are welcome.

Pro Tip: Run these apps in the background while you game on console for completely passive earnings.

Paid Survey Sites

Now we‘re getting into more active free CP generation methods. I regularly use survey sites like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Survey Junkie, and more.

The routine is simple:

  • Provide opinions/feedback on brands, products, ads, etc.
  • Accumulate points for completing surveys.
  • Cash out points for gift cards or direct bank deposit.
  • Spend gift card funds on COD Points!

But surveying isn‘t necessarily fast or fun. From my data, expect to spend 30-60 minutes per day on surveys to earn a respectable $10-15 weekly, translating to about 100-150 COD Points.

Again, slow but steady income. Take advantage of double point events and referral bonuses when possible to boost your earnings rate. Just don‘t burn yourself out!

Microsoft Rewards: Earn Free CP for Xbox Gaming

Fellow Xbox gamers should leverage Microsoft Rewards to turn gameplay into COD Points:

  • Earn points for Bing searches, weekly sets, game purchases, etc.
  • Accumulate points for entries into sweepstakes and monthly giveaways.
  • Redeem points for Xbox gift cards.
  • Use gift cards to purchase COD Points!

Microsoft makes it easy to rack up points from your normal gaming habits. Based on their rewards structure, I earn around $10 per month in gift cards for consistent daily participation. That‘s 100 free CP to spend in MW2!

Responsible COD Point Hacking: Don‘t Do It!

A quick note on free COD Points – stay away from illegal hacking/exploiting methods! Unlock tools and generators that promise instant free CP may drop malware or get your account permanently banned.

Stick to legitimate sources like the ones I‘ve outlined above. Patience and persistence pay off in small doses over time. Don‘t risk account theft or termination for quick payouts.

How I Spend My Free COD Points

Now for the fun part – how I actually use all that slowly accumulated free CP from the methods above:

  • Battle Pass Tier Skips: Instantly unlock the coolest new operator skins and blueprints.
  • Bundle Discounts: Seize limited-time sales on awesome cosmetic packs.
  • XP Tokens: Boost weapon leveling during double XP events.
  • Operator Finishing Moves: Flex on foes with flashy fatalities.

My goal with each CP redemption is maximizing value from current seasonal content. I‘ll never have enough free Points for everything, so choosing wisely is key!

Final Thoughts

Well there you have it folks – the definitive guide to scoring free COD Points through legitimate gameplay, promos, mobile apps, surveys, and rewards programs.

At the end of the day, patience and persistence are vital. None of these methods will make you CP rich overnight. But collectively they provide a steady stream of Points to help unlock the cosmetics you want without draining your bank account.

Stay safe out there on the virtual battlefield. And happy free CP hunting! Let me know on my site if you have any other great tips to share.

Your friend in frugal gaming,

Steven Erikson