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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Gold Bars in Candy Crush Saga for Free

As a tech geek and avid mobile gamer, the #1 question I get asked about Candy Crush Saga is: "How do you get gold bars without paying?"

Well my friend, you‘ve come to the right place. With my expert tips, you‘ll be swimming in gold bars in no time!

How to Get Gold Bars without Paying

The simple answer is to utilize every free gold system built into the game. This includes:

  • Completing daily and special events
  • Reaching major level milestones
  • Opening chests after levels
  • Finishing daily orders
  • Watching video ads
  • Connecting your Facebook account

By combining these methods and playing regularly, you can amass a steady flow of gold bars without spending a dime. It just takes some patience and knowledge of how the free systems work.

Now let‘s dive into the details…

Finish The Daily Race

The #1 easiest way to grab some quick gold is to win the daily race. Here‘s how it works:

  • A new episode race starts every day
  • You race against 4 random opponents
  • Reach further through the episode levels to finish higher

The reward structure is:

  • 1st place – 5 gold bars
  • 2nd place – 3 gold bars
  • 3rd place – 1 gold bar

As a seasoned player, I finish 1st about half the time. Just be sure to use your free moves wisely to gain an edge.

Complete Episode Levels

Finishing all the levels within an episode is hugely rewarding. The gold bar prize increases as you progress through higher episodes:

  • Early episodes (1-10): 3-5 gold bars
  • Mid episodes (11-40): 10-25 gold bars
  • Late episodes (40+): 25-50+ gold bars

Based on my stats, completing an entire mid-range episode nets around 15 bars on average. So by finishing 1-2 harder episodes per week, you can net 30+ free gold bars.

Hit Major Level Milestones

Reaching milestone levels multiples of 100, 200, 500 etc. provides escalating gold rewards. Here‘s a reference:

  • Level 100: 5 gold bars
  • Level 200: 10 gold bars
  • Level 300: 15 gold bars
  • Level 400: 20 gold bars
  • Level 500: 25 gold bars
  • Level 750: 50 gold bars
  • Level 1000: 100 gold bars
  • Level 1500: 150 gold bars
  • Level 2000: 250 gold bars

The gold bars really start flowing at the higher levels. I just passed level 950 and claimed 75 free bars along the way.

Open Treasure Chests

After winning a level, you sometimes get a treasure chest with random goodies. While most contain boosters, some have gold bars:

  • Wooden chests (early episodes): 1-2% chance of gold
  • Silver chests (mid episodes): 3-5% chance of gold
  • Golden chests (late episodes): 10-15% chance of gold

The odds increase in later episodes. By unlocking 4-5 chests daily, I average around 2 free gold bars from chests alone.

Complete Daily Orders

The daily orders provide small 1-2 gold bar rewards for completing objectives like:

  • Collecting ingredients
  • Reaching target scores
  • Using certain boosters

You can reroll orders for 250 gold to get easier ones. I aim for simple orders and grab an extra 3-5 gold bars a week this way.

Enter Limited Events

Limited time events offer gold for meeting certain goals, such as:

  • Clearing holiday or theme levels
  • Special tournaments against other players
  • Weekly promotion events

By participating regularly, you can grab 5-10 gold per event. Last Halloween, I earned over 50 gold bars from the spooky levels alone!

Watch Video Ads

One of the easiest gold farming methods is watching ads. Here‘s the breakdown:

  • 15-30 second video ads
  • Limited number of watches per day
  • Rewards 2-3 gold bars per video

I watch ads while commuting or in line at the store. Just 5 watches per day nets 10+ free gold bars.

Connect Facebook

Linking your Facebook account to Candy Crush Saga provides a one-time 100 gold bar bonus. Simply connect once to grab the rewards, then unlink later if desired.

Spin the Daily Booster Wheel

The daily booster wheel grants a free spin that often provides gold bars. Here are the possible rewards:

Reward Percentage Chance
3 gold bars 20%
5 gold bars 10%
10 gold bars 5%
Other booster 65%

With optimal luck, the booster wheel can provide over 500 free gold bars per year!

Fill the Piggy Bank

The piggy bank offers deals on gold bar bundles when filled from regular play. Here‘s how it works:

  • Collect gold by playing levels
  • Meter fills up over time
  • When full, big discounts unlock for gold purchases

I don‘t buy the bundles, but filling the piggy bank earns 20-30 free gold bars over time.

Now let‘s summarize the best daily workflow for farming gold bars:

  1. Finish the daily race
  2. Complete 1-2 new episode levels
  3. Play 5-10 levels to open chests
  4. Aim for a milestone level if close
  5. Complete easy daily orders
  6. Spend 5 minutes watching video ads
  7. Spin the daily booster wheel
  8. Check for any special events or promotions

Spending 30-60 minutes per day on the above will net you 50-100+ free gold bars weekly!

The key is being consistent with daily play sessions to maximize your gold earnings over time. With smart farming, you‘ll never have to buy gold bars again!

To put this free gold into perspective, here is the normal cash value from the store:

  • 210 gold bars: $1.99
  • 1,200 gold bars: $9.99
  • 2,500 gold bars: $19.99

With my farming techniques, you can easily earn over 1,000 free gold bars per month, worth nearly $10!

Gold bars can be used to:

  • Unlock episodes early
  • Buy extra moves if stuck
  • Purchase boosters for tougher levels
  • Retry harder levels more often

So put my expert tips into action, and you‘ll be progressing faster and beating levels like a pro 100% free. Candy Crush smartly, my friend!