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How do you get your first legendary in raid shadow legends?

The quickest way for a new player to get their first legendary champion in Raid is to fully utilize the starter champion like Kael. With the right build, gear, and masteries, starters like Kael can become powerful damage dealers to clear content and earn sacred shards.

How do you get sacred shards as a beginner?

Sacred shards have a 0.5% – 1% chance to drop legendary champions and are very rare. Here are some ways new players can get sacred shards to try for their first legendaries:

  • Complete monthly quests and missions
  • Login daily for free rewards and check the shop
  • Participate in events and tournaments
  • Clan boss and clan quests rewards
  • Reach Gold tier in the arena for weekly sacred shard
  • Farm dungeons and campaign for random shard drops
  • Clear challenges and advance in faction wars

Why Kael is the best starter champion

Kael is chosen by many experienced players as the best starter because of his strong AoE damage capabilities. His poisons and multiple AOE attacks can destroy bosses and dungeon waves.

Other great starters are Athel for damage and Elhain for buffs/debuffs. But Kael‘s poison explosions combined with his survivability makes him the best early game farmer and dungeon DPS.

How to build starter Kael

To maximize starter Kael, you want to focus on these stats and sets:

  • Offense and Critical Rate for damage
  • Accuracy for debuff landing
  • Speed to cycle turns faster
  • Lifesteal gear for sustain
  • Cruel or Speed sets for nuking

Masteries to prioritize are Key Offensive ones like Keen Strike and Warmaster. For survivability take Shieldbearer and Retribution.

Using Kael to clear content

A well geared starter Kael can help clear:

  • Campaign – Use lifesteal gear and AOE attacks to farm Brutal 12-3
  • Clan Boss – Poisons and multi-hits do huge damage. Get T6 masteries for Warmaster
  • Arena – Build high crit damage to climb to Gold IV for sacreds. Pair Kael with buffer/debuffer champions
  • Dungeons – Use poison explosions on waves and bosses. Partner Kael with decrease defense champion

How to get legendaries from Clan Boss

Legendary drop chance from Nightmare clan boss:

  • 0.5% from Easy
  • 1% from Hard
  • 1.5% from Brutal

Best way to get top NM/UNM chests as a beginner:

  • Build Kael for damage with high HP/DEF to survive
  • Have decrease ATK and increase DEF buffs
  • Get masteries like Retribution and Warmaster
  • Fill other slots with poisoners, debuffer, healer

Getting to 2-3 key NM daily will net sacred shards quickly!

Arena tips to reach Gold tier

Getting to Gold IV weekly gives a free sacred shard. Ideal starter arena team with Kael:

  • Speed booster (High Khatun, Apothecary)
  • Debuffer (Warmaiden, Spirithost)
  • Nuker (Kael)
  • Cleanser or second nuker

Have your booster at 200+ speed and Kael high crit damage. Time your debuffs and nuke properly and you can climb into Gold IV.

Best stages to farm gear and champions

Campaign stage to farm 5 star artifacts:

  • Brutal 12-3 – Best XP and silver per energy. Drops 5* life/speed/cruel sets.

Hard DT stages to farm:

  • Stage 7 for shield set
  • Stage 10 for toxic set
  • Stage 14 for regen set

Prioritize lifesteal/speed sets first. Farm glyphs and banner for extra stats.

Advanced tactics to get legendary champions

Some other tactics used by endgame players to get legendaries:

  • Save shards for 2x events for double legendary drop rates
  • Target fragment/fusion events to get guaranteed legendaries
  • Build unkillable Nightmare clan boss teams
  • Farm Doom Tower hard for sacred shards in top chests
  • Focus on clearing faction wars for legendary books
  • Get Arbiter by completing missions in each area

So be strategic in where you spend resources and shards! Eventually you‘ll get that first amazing legendary champion.


  • Sacred shards from clan boss, events and arena are the primary sources for legendary champions.
  • Starter Kael with masteries and gear can clear content to earn sacred shards.
  • Build Kael with high crit damage and accuracy for poison explosions.
  • Clear Nightmare clan boss daily for the best legendary drop chance.
  • Use speed booster, debuffer, nuker tactics to reach Gold arena tier.
  • Farm campaign and dungeons for good life/speed gear to progress.

Stay determined, be strategic with resources, and that first legendary will come sooner than you think! Hopefully this guide gives you a roadmap to get your first legendary champion in Raid and take your account to the next level. Let me know if you have any other questions!