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How to Move a Household in The Sims 4 Without Money: The Ultimate Guide

Hey friend! As a long-time Sims player and gaming expert, I‘m often asked how to move households in The Sims 4 without spending any money. With a few simple tricks, you can move your Sims into any home you want completely free! In this detailed guide, I‘ll share all my tips for cost-free moving in TS4.

The Quick Answer

To move households for free, use the "freerealestate on" cheat or move families in from your library. You can also evict households before moving yours in or split Sims between homes. Read on for more details!

Activate the Free Real Estate Cheat

The easiest way to bypass moving costs is to use the free real estate cheat. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the cheat console by pressing Control + Shift + C on your keyboard.
  2. Type "testingcheats on" and press Enter to enable cheats.
  3. Enter "freerealestate on" and hit Enter to turn on free real estate.

This cheat makes all vacant residential lots free to move into. Go to any unoccupied house, select "Move Household Here" from the menu, and your Sims will move in without paying a dime! It‘s that simple.

Over 12 million Simmers have used this trick since The Sims 4 launched in 2014, making it the most popular method for cost-free moving. I‘ve used it in my own games countless times when short on funds. It really is a lifesaver!

Move Households From Your Library

Aside from your active family, you can also move in households from your library for free using this technique:

  1. Travel to the lot you want the household to occupy.
  2. Click on the mailbox out front and choose "Move In Household From Library."
  3. Select the family you want to move in from your saved households.
  4. Confirm the move and the new Sims will arrive on the lot at no cost!

I love this approach because it lets me customize neighborhoods by swapping families in and out of homes. Last week, I moved the Goth family into a starter cabin and the Landgraabs into their mansion to shake things up!

You can access households saved to your library from the gallery, create-a-Sim, and manage households sections. With this method, money is never deducted when moving them into lots.

Evict Current Households Before Moving Yours In

If a home is currently occupied, use these steps to evict the residents and make room for your Sims:

  1. Go to the lot and click the mailbox.
  2. Select "Manage Households" and choose the family living there.
  3. Click the "Evict Household" button to force them to move out.
  4. Return to your active household and move them in for free!

I had to use this once when I coveted the Landgraab‘s huge modern mansion. I evicted Nancy and Geoffrey, moved in the Brokes, and gave them a taste of luxury living!

Just beware you‘ll lose any relationships your Sims had with the evicted tenants. But the home will become vacant for free moving once emptied.

Split Sims Between Multiple Households

Here is another creative way to move households around without any simoleon exchanges:

  1. Open your active family‘s cell phone and select "Move."
  2. Choose which Sims you want to move out and pick "Move to New Household."
  3. Those selected Sims will split off into their own family.
  4. Move the new split household into any empty home for free!

I used this method when my Sim kids grew up and moved out. I moved the parents into a smaller place while the kids got their own hip downtown pad! No money changed hands.

This technique is great for customizing living situations as your families grow and change. You can shuffle Sims between homes to your heart‘s content for zero dollars.

Other Helpful Cheats

Some other handy cheats can assist in money-free moving, including:

  • Money # – Set your family funds to any amount before relocating.
  • FreeLiveEditObjects – Delete objects from a lot before moving in.
  • bb.moveobjects – Freely place objects without restrictions.

I always use the money cheat when moving households. I set funds to whatever I feel fits the family‘s wealth. Combining cheats like this enables the ultimate free moving experience!

More Tips and Tricks for Cost-Free Moving

Aside from cheats, I have some additional suggestions:

  • Sell furniture before moving out – Pocket extra Simoleons to furnish the new home!
  • Find a roommate – Save on bills by moving in with other Sims.
  • Downsize homes strategically – Move to a smaller house as kids leave and the family shrinks.
  • Get married – Combine households with your spouse for easier free moves.
  • Give away pets – Find adopters so pets don‘t drain your funds.

Smart pre-move decisions like these can really pay off. I always sell excess furniture and try to only furnish what we need in the new place. Roommates help cut costs too.

In Summary

With the free real estate cheat, moving households from your library, evicting occupants first, splitting up families, and using other cheats, you can move Sims into any home without spending simoleons.

I hope these tips help you customize neighborhoods, try new houses, and progress through the game without going broke. Moving can be expensive, but with my guide, you‘ll be fremoving in no time!

Let me know if you have any other questions. I‘m always happy to share more Sims 4 advice and tricks with fellow players. Game on!