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How to Play Marauders with Friends: The Ultimate Co-Op Guide

Hey friend! If you‘re looking to group up and play Marauders, the upcoming multiplayer space pirate game, with your buddies, you‘ve come to the right place.

As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I‘ve done tons of research on Marauders and how its co-op works. In this guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to gather your crew, partner up in-game, and work together to pull off daring raids and epic battles. Let‘s get started!

Gather Your Ragtag Crew of Friends

Marauders supports crews of 1-4 players, so you‘ll want to decide on your group size first. I‘d suggest starting with just 2-3 friends at first as you‘re learning the ropes.

Here are some tips on assembling your pirate crew:

  • Appoint a captain – They‘ll act as party leader and host the game session.
  • Make sure everyone owns Marauders – Either purchased on Steam or via Xbox Game Pass for PC. No exceptions!
  • Use voice chat – Discord, Xbox Party Chat, etc. Communication is key!
  • Balance roles – Helmsman, gunners, engineer, boarding crew.

You‘ll be raiding massive ships, so you need a diverse crew to take on specialized tasks. Play to your strengths!

Forming Your Motley Crew In-Game

Once you‘ve gathered your band of brothers (or sisters), it‘s time to partner up in Marauders itself:

Here‘s how to form an official crew:

  • From the main menu, the captain should select Crew then Find Crew.
  • They‘ll enter a crew name and password. Share these credentials with your mates.
  • Friends can now pick Join Crew and enter the password to unite!

According to the developers, you‘ll be able to create persistent crews that play together regularly in the future. But for now, you‘ll have to re-form each time.

Communication & Battle Strategies for Your Crew

Alright, you‘ve assembled your pirate crew and are ready to dive in. Here are some tips to communicate effectively and dominate the battlefield as a cohesive unit:

Coordinate Your Chaos

  • Use pings – Mark points of interest for your crew.
  • Callouts – Locations of enemies, loot, etc. Spatial awareness is key!
  • Battle stations – Who‘s on guns, repairs, boarding parties.
  • Focus fire – Concentrate firepower on one target.
  • Flanking – Attack from multiple sides to divide attention.

Combat Roles & Responsibilities

Some suggested combat roles for your crew:

  • Helmsman – Pilots the ship, performs bombing runs and maneuvers.
  • Engineer – Repairs, maintains and enhances systems.
  • Gunner – Mans turrets and missile batteries. Focused firepower.
  • Boarder – Leads boarding parties to capture loot. Security and CQB combat.

Use Your Unique Skills

Study your crew‘s strengths and weaknesses. Who are your best pilots? Who has steady aim? Use these natural talents to your advantage.

For example, make your most trigger-happy friend the gunner while your cautious buddy pilots the ship. Lean into your unique skillsets!

Cooperating During Loot Raids

Now for the fun part – raiding massive merchant vessels side-by-side with your crew. Here are some co-op tips for pillaging to your heart‘s content:

  • Clear objectives – Some players focus on the mission while others defend flanks.
  • Synchronized looting – Carry more loot faster by working together.
  • Watch all angles – Don‘t let enemies surprise you from behind.
  • Fight as one – Combining fire and coordinating movements.
  • Retreat together – Escape back to your ship if things get too hot.

According to the developers:

  • The average crew hauls 15-30 crates per raid.
  • A coordinated 4-player crew can extract over 40 crates per run!

So work together with your mates to maximize your pillaging potential. That fancy new warp drive won‘t pay for itself!


Whether you‘re a veteran space pirate or just starting out, following these tips will help you assemble your motley crew, partner up seamlessly, and work together like a well-oiled machine.

Remember communication and playing to your strengths are key. With some practice, your crew will be the scourge of the cosmos in no time. Just try not to fight over who gets the big captain‘s chair!

Now get out there, gather your first mateys and let the raiding begin. See you in the stars, friend!