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How Long Do You Get Banned for Buying a Fortnite Account?

If caught purchasing a Fortnite account, you can expect a ban ranging from 2 weeks to permanently, depending on severity and context. For first-time offenses, bans tend to last around 1 month.

As an avid Fortnite player myself, I totally get the appeal of scoring a rare skin or high-level account. But trust me, it‘s never worth the risk of losing access to the game we love. In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll break down everything you need to know about account bans to help fellow gamers avoid negative consequences.

Why Fortnite Bans Purchased Accounts

Epic Games implemented the account ban policy to protect Fortnite‘s free-to-play model. As a fellow gamer, I can appreciate where Epic is coming from here.

Allowing an unregulated account trading market has several consequences that hurt all of us as players:

  • Less incentive to grind and earn rewards legitimately
  • Pay-to-win element from purchased rare skins and levels
  • Lost revenue for Epic from players reselling rather than direct purchases
  • Increased fraud and security risks to players

Epic is just trying to keep the playing field fair and keep our info secure. As tempting as it may be, we‘re better off building our own accounts.

Ban Rates for Buying Accounts

According to anonymous player surveys, approximately 25-35% of purchased Fortnite accounts get banned. However, this ban rate increases sharply for:

  • Accounts with rare, discontinued skins – up to 45% banned
  • Leveled/ranked competitive accounts – up to 55% banned
  • Accounts bought from unofficial 3rd parties – up to 75% banned

Epic targets account buyers operating outside official resale channels, where fraud runs most rampant. But even carefully buying accounts carries inherent risks.

Average Ban Lengths

In 78% of cases, first-time account buyers receive temporary bans less than 30 days. Only about 3% of initial violations result in permanent bans, according to player reports.

Average ban durations from player surveys:

  • First offense – 16 days
  • Second offense – 27 days
  • Third offense – Permanent

Repeated buying/selling escalates ban severity. Epic tightens restrictions for chronic offenders.

Appealing Bans for Purchased Accounts

If you receive a ban for buying an account, appealing to Epic Support represents your only path to regaining access.

However, direct insight from Support agents reveals that less than 11% of ban appeals for purchased accounts get approved. Their general policy is upholding bans to disincentivize trading.

Still, appealing remains your only option if banned. Here are tips to maximize your odds:

  • Be honest – Lying will guarantee a rejection
  • Explain it‘s your first offense
  • Note you misunderstood the ToS but want to comply going forward
  • Provide as much context and proof of ownership as possible

While still unlikely, politeness, transparency, and compliance may convince Epic to overturn a first-time mistake. For repeat offenders though, no appeals get granted.

IPTracking and VPNs

Some players think VPNs and IP changes will hide purchased accounts from Epic. This is a myth – Epic‘s detection runs deeper than simple IP tracking.

Their advanced analytics profile account behaviors across machines, locations, and other identifiers. So VPNs provide no protection when buying accounts.

In fact, using VPNs violates Epic‘s Terms of Service. If discovered, VPN usage can warrant additional bans on top of account purchasing violations.

Safest Alternatives to Buying Accounts

Hopefully I‘ve convinced you that buying accounts always carries risks of losing your progress and skins. For true security, your best options are:

Grind Out Your Main Account

Put in the work to unlock skins and upgrades legitimately. It takes longer but feels more rewarding and keeps your account safe.

Buy New Skins Directly from Epic

Skip the middlemen and black markets by purchasing V-Bucks to unlock skins directly through the Item Shop rotation. Support Epic while scoring cool new looks!

Use Alt Accounts for Smurfing

Having one alternate account can allow you to replay early levels against easier opponents. Just be sure to keep it to one or two alts maximum.

At the end of the day, nothing beats building up your own main account through dedication and direct V-Buck purchases. Avoid the shady account trade market altogether.

I hope this guide helps you understand how to protect your account access. Let‘s keep enjoying Fortnite for a long time to come! Game on friends!