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The Ultimate Guide to Fixing Error Code WC 40378 2 on PlayStation

You need to wait one full hour when you see Error Code WC 40378 2 on your PlayStation. This comprehensive guide by tech expert Wendell Barlow will explain what causes this error, how to fix it quickly, and tips to avoid it happening again.

What Triggers Error Code WC 40378 2?

As your friend who loves gaming, I want to start by explaining what causes Error Code WC 40378 2. This error happens when you attempt an action too many times on PlayStation Network within a short period.

For example, it can occur if you:

  • Try to redeem multiple PlayStation gift card codes in fast succession
  • Make purchases in the PlayStation Store too frequently
  • Sign in and out of your PSN account repeatedly

Basically, PlayStation has implemented this error code to protect accounts from potential fraud or abuse. It limits how fast you can perform certain activities as a security precaution.

How Long Should You Wait to Fix Error WC 40378 2?

Now that you know what causes it, how long do you need to wait to make Error Code WC 40378 2 go away?

The message itself says to wait an hour. I recommend waiting a full 60 minutes before trying to redeem codes or access PlayStation Store again.

This gives PlayStation Network sufficient time to reset your access on their end. Rushing through actions again in less than an hour will likely just re-trigger the same error over and over. So be patient!

Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing Error WC 40378 2

When you see Error Code WC 40378 2 on your PlayStation, follow these steps to fix it:

  1. Exit the PlayStation Store app if you were trying to access it.
  2. Go to Settings > Account Management > Sign Out of your PSN account.
  3. After signing out, sign back into your PSN account.
  4. Restart the PlayStation Store app.
  5. Wait 60 full minutes before attempting to redeem codes or purchase content again.

Signing out and back in again helps reset your access. But waiting the full hour is crucial to allow PlayStation Network to lift the restrictions on your account.

Why You Shouldn‘t Try to Bypass the Waiting Period

I know waiting an hour can be really annoying! But attempting to bypass the waiting period will only lead to frustration.

Even if you reboot your console or sign in and out, the error will keep occurring until the hour passes. PlayStation imposes this limit internally, so there is no way around it.

Have patience and occupy yourself with another activity while you wait. Then try accessing PlayStation Store or redeeming codes again after 60 minutes. It should work!

How to Avoid Error Code WC 40378 2 in the Future

Let‘s go over some tips I‘ve learned to help you avoid seeing this pesky error code again down the road:

  • Only redeem one PlayStation code at a time, spacing them out.
  • Limit store purchases to one transaction per hour.
  • Take your time and double check code entries to prevent mistakes.
  • Avoid the PlayStation Store during peak traffic periods.
  • Spread out your code redeems over multiple days if you have several.

These precautions can prevent you from hitting the usage limits that trigger Error WC 40378 2. Rushing through too many redeems or purchases is what causes Sony‘s frequency restrictions to kick in.

Contact PlayStation Support if Issues Persist

In most cases, waiting an hour resolves the error. But if you still see it after signing out and back in, contact PlayStation Support. Describe when the error began and your recent troubleshooting steps.

PlayStation can investigate for any underlying issues with your account or console that may require additional fixes. Support may be able to expedite the wait period as well if you have an urgent issue.

How to Get Refunds for Expired Codes

One frustrating scenario is getting Error Code WC 40378 2 when trying to redeem a PlayStation code, only for the code to expire before you can enter it again after the wait period.

If this happens to you, contact the retailer who sold you the PlayStation card and request a refund or replacement. Since the error prevented you from redeeming the code in time, they should assist to make it right.

Just provide details on the error occurrence and expiration. Most major retailers will issue a credit or swap expired codes for new ones.

Why PlayStation Imposes This Error Code

I know Error Code WC 40378 2 seems restrictive, but PlayStation actually implements it to protect their users. By limiting rapid transactions and code redeems, they can:

  • Prevent cyber attacks that try to hack accounts by brute force.
  • Reduce unauthorized purchases made through compromised accounts.
  • Lessen server strain from excessive contiguous requests.
  • Avoid glitches caused by processing too many transactions from one account.

So while the hour wait is an inconvenience, keep in mind it helps keep your account and PlayStation Network safe overall!

The Bottom Line

I hope this comprehensive guide gives you a better understanding of Error Code WC 40378 2 and how to resolve it quickly. The key takeaways are:

  • Wait the full 60 minutes before trying your transaction again.
  • Sign out and restart PlayStation Store to reset your access.
  • Take precautions in the future to avoid hitting usage limits.
  • Contact PlayStation Support if issues persist after an hour.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help fellow gamers and share tech knowledge.