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How long is BDO free trial?

Black Desert Online offers new players a generous 14-day free trial to experience the game. During the two week period, you‘ll have access to a majority of content with some reasonable restrictions. Here‘s everything you need to know about playing BDO for free.

Claiming Your Free Trial

Getting started with the Black Desert Online free trial takes just a couple quick steps:

  1. Go to the BDO website and click "14-Day Free Trial"
  2. Create a new account and verify your email
  3. Download the client and log into your account

That‘s it! No credit card or payment needed. In just a few minutes you‘ll be exploring the world of Black Desert free for 14 days.

What You Can Experience

The BDO free trial gives you an opportunity to try most of what the game has to offer. Here‘s a quick overview of the major types of content and features you‘ll have access to:

Progression Activities:

  • Hundreds of story and side quests
  • A massive open world with dozens of regions
  • 19 unique classes with their own skills and playstyles
  • Classic MMORPG leveling from 1 to 49
  • Awakening questlines to unlock new weapon and skills
  • Dungeons, world bosses, and group content
  • Dynamic day/night cycles and weather

Crafting/Life Skills:

  • Gathering, fishing, trading, farming, and more
  • Cooking, alchemy, training, and other crafting disciplines
  • Player housing decoration and furniture building
  • Ocean content like sailing and hunting sea monsters
  • Taming and breeding horses and other mounts

Social Systems:

  • Guild creation and large scale guild wars
  • NPC companions and pet raising/breeding
  • Player-driven economy with auction house
  • Character customization for unique looks

This should give you a good taste of BDO‘s expansive sandbox gameplay. Now let‘s talk about the reasonable limitations.

Free Trial Restrictions

To ensure free trials only provide a sampling of the full experience, Pearl Abyss has imposed some understandable restrictions:

  • Maximum level capped at 49
  • Limited inventory space and storage
  • Cannot trade directly with other players
  • Reduced in-game chat abilities
  • No worker hiring or guild creation

These limitations ensure you get a representative experience without severely impeding monetizing players. You‘ll be able to experience the core of what makes BDO fun while seeing what else you can unlock by purchasing.

What to Expect After 14 Days

Once your 14 free days are up, you‘ll no longer be able to log into BDO on that account. To continue playing, you‘ll need to purchase one of the various game packages available.

The good news is you get to keep all your trial character progress! No need to start over once you buy the full game.

One thing to note is that the free trial cannot be extended or reactivated on the same account. You only get a single 14-day period to try things out.

Ways to Get BDO Free Permanently

Outside of promotional events, the only way to permanently unlock BDO is to purchase one of the game packages like Traveler‘s Package or Explorer‘s Package.

However, Pearl Abyss does occasionally provide ways to play for free as part of limited-time events and giveaways. For example, they may give out 7-day game passes when new content releases.

While BDO is not currently free-to-play in the Americas and Europe, rumors indicate Pearl Abyss may shift to a fully f2p model in the future. But for now, buying the game is required for unlimited access.

Is Black Desert Worth Playing in 2022?

With over 30 million registered users worldwide, BDO remains one of the most popular MMORPGs. Here‘s a quick pros vs cons breakdown:

Pros Cons
– Incredibly detailed character creator – Repetitive daily/weekly grinds
– Large open world to explore – Lots of convoluted systems to learn
– Engaging action combat – Frustrating gear enhancement RNG
– Extensive crafting/life system – Pay-for-convenience cash shop items
– Regular content updates – Can feel directionless for new players
– Strong player community – Heavily focused on group PvP

BDO is undoubtedly worth trying especially as a new player with so much to explore. Just be ready for deep mechanics and Korean MMO-style progression systems.

Make the Most of Your 14 Days

Here are some tips to help you maximize your Black Desert Online free trial and experience the most fun content:

  • Follow the main questline – It will introduce you to core systems and unlock inventory slots.
  • Explore life skills early – Activities like cooking and fishing are quite enjoyable.
  • Build contribution points – Unlock housing, nodes, workshops, and more.
  • Join a guild – Enjoy group content and get advice from veterans.
  • Try naval content – Sailing and sea monsters offer a change of pace.
  • Experiment with classes – Each of the 19 classes plays uniquely.
  • Attempt world bosses – Epic battles that drop rare loot.
  • Enhance some gear – Push to higher gear scores to tackle harder content.
  • Customize your character – The creator is incredibly deep.

With so much to experience as a new player, these tips will help you have the most fun during your 14 free days in Black Desert Online!

Give BDO a Shot with the Free Trial!

Thanks to the generous 14-day free trial, it‘s easy to check out Black Desert Online for yourself and see if it‘s an MMO you‘d enjoy.

With its huge open world, exciting action combat, and depth of content, BDO makes for an epic fantasy sandbox playground. Download it from the official site today to begin your free 14-day trial. Enjoy exploring a new MMO world!