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How Long is the Prime Gaming Free Trial?

The Prime Gaming free trial lasts 30 days for new members.

This allows you to access all Prime Gaming benefits completely free for 1 month, including free games, in-game loot, and a free Twitch channel sub.

After 30 days, the trial converts to a paid membership. But you can cancel anytime during the trial to avoid being charged.

Below I‘ll provide everything you need to know to maximize the Prime Gaming trial. I‘ll also share some insider tips and analysis as a streaming and gaming expert to help you decide if Prime Gaming is worth it.

Activating Your Free Trial

Getting started with the free trial only takes a couple minutes:

  1. Go to and click "Try Prime Gaming"
  2. Sign in with your Amazon account or create a new one if you don‘t have one
  3. Enter a valid payment method like a credit card or debit card
  4. That‘s it! Your 30-day free trial will now be activated

Once your trial is set up, you‘ll have full access to all Prime Gaming benefits, including:

  • Free PC games – Download new games every month
  • In-game content – Exclusive items and currency for popular games
  • Free Twitch channel subscription – Subscribe to one channel per month

I recommend browsing the Prime Gaming game catalog and claiming any free loot for games you already own to maximize the value.

For example, this month you can get free skins, currency, and other goodies in Apex Legends, Roblox, GTA Online, and more.

Canceling the Free Trial

Amazon makes it easy to cancel the trial before you get charged any fees.

You can cancel right from the Amazon website or mobile app. Here‘s how:

Cancel on the Amazon Website

  1. Go to "Manage Your Prime Membership"
  2. Click "End Membership"
  3. Follow the prompts to cancel your free trial

Cancel on the Amazon Mobile App

  1. Open the app and go to "Account & Settings"
  2. Tap "Prime Membership"
  3. Tap "Manage Membership" then "End Membership"
  4. Confirm the cancellation

You can cancel anytime during the 30 days. After canceling, you‘ll still have full access to Prime Gaming for the rest of the trial period.

If you forget to cancel, you‘ll be charged $14.99 for your first month of paid membership. But you can still cancel after being charged to avoid future billings.

What Happens When the Free Trial Ends

If you don‘t cancel within 30 days, here‘s what to expect:

  • You‘ll be charged $14.99 for your first paid month of Prime Gaming
  • Your membership will continue month-to-month until canceled
  • You can cancel anytime after being charged to avoid future charges
  • You‘ll immediately lose access to Prime Gaming benefits when you cancel

To avoid being charged, I recommend canceling at least 1-2 days before the 30 days are up. That way you still get the full free trial period.

Extending the Free Trial

Unfortunately there‘s no official way to extend the Prime Gaming trial beyond 30 days.

Amazon only allows new members to start one free trial per 12-month period.

But, you do have a couple options to chain together free trials:

  • Sign up for a separate 30-day Amazon Prime free trial, which includes Prime Gaming access.
  • Use a different payment method or family member‘s account to start a new Prime Gaming trial.

This can essentially let you enjoy Prime Gaming benefits for free for an additional month or two!

Just be sure to cancel each trial membership before the 30 days end so you don‘t get charged.

Getting Prime Gaming for Free

While you can‘t get Prime Gaming permanently for free, there are some legitimate ways to enjoy it without paying:

Amazon Household – Share Prime benefits with two adults and up to four teens or kids. This allows you to access Prime Gaming through a family member‘s account.

Student Deal – Students get Prime for just $7.49 per month, which includes Prime Gaming.

EBT or Medicaid – Qualified low-income customers can get Prime for $6.99 per month and access Prime Gaming.

So if you have a family member or friend already paying for Prime, you may be able to connect your accounts and enjoy Prime Gaming at no extra cost.

Prime Gaming vs. Other Gaming Services

How does Prime Gaming compare to other paid game subscriptions like Xbox Game Pass or EA Play?

Here‘s a quick overview of how they stack up:

Prime Gaming Xbox Game Pass EA Play
Monthly Price $14.99 $9.99 $4.99
# of Games 100+ 400+ 200+
New Games per Month 3-6 10+ 2-4
In-Game Content Yes No No
Twitch Benefits Yes No No

As you can see, Prime Gaming offers some unique perks like free in-game loot and a free Twitch sub.

But services like Xbox Game Pass provide more games month-to-month. So weigh what benefits are most valuable to you when choosing a subscription.

Is Prime Gaming Worth Paying For?

Based on my experience as a gamer and streamer, here‘s my take on the value you get with a Prime Gaming membership:

Free games – You get 3-6 free PC games to keep each month. Recent popular titles include Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Total War: Warhammer II, and Grid Legends. If you play most of the monthly games, it‘s a great value.

In-game content – The free loot and currency you get in popular games like GTA V, Apex Legends, and Roblox can save you 5-20 hours of grinding time. For frequent players, this alone can be worth the $14.99 per month.

Free Twitch sub – You get one free channel subscription each month, worth $5-25. If you actively watch Twitch streams, this negates most of the membership cost.

Other Prime benefits – The included Prime perks like free shipping, photos storage, Prime Video etc. make the $14.99 reasonable for regular Amazon shoppers.

For avid gamers and stream viewers, Prime Gaming provides great ongoing value. But more casual players may find better value in a service like Xbox Game Pass with more monthly game options.

Ready to Try Prime Gaming for Free?

Hopefully this guide gave you a full overview of how the Prime Gaming 30-day free trial works.

Take advantage of free games, exclusive in-game loot, and a Twitch channel sub completely risk-free. Just be sure to cancel before the 30 days end if you don‘t want to continue.

If you do decide to keep the membership, the included games and in-game content can provide great value each month for gamers.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to provide tips to maximize gaming subscriptions and content.