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How Many Riot Points is $25? A Guide to Getting the Most Value

If you purchase a $25 RP card in the North American region, you will receive around 3500 Riot Points (RP). This RP amount can vary slightly depending on your specific region and any current promotions. Let’s delve into the best ways to buy, earn, and efficiently spend your hard-earned RP.

RP Pricing and Bonuses by Region

RP pricing can fluctuate based on your local currency and special promotions running in your server region. Here are the standard RP prices and bonus amounts for some major regions as of 2023:

NA 650 RP – $5 1380 RP – $10 2800 RP – $20 3500 RP – $25 7200 RP – $50 15000 RP – $100
EU West 650 RP – €5 1380 RP – €10 2800 RP – €20 3500 RP – €25 7200 RP – €50 15000 RP – €100
Brazil 630 RP – R$10 1380 RP – R$20 2975 RP – R$35 3655 RP – R$50 7330 RP – R$100 15475 RP – R$210

Larger RP bundles come with bonus RP amounts:

NA Bonuses 650 RP – 0 1380 RP – 120 2800 RP – 400 3500 RP – 650 7200 RP – 1650 15000 RP – 3500

As you can see, the $25 package provides excellent value with 3500 base RP plus a 650 RP bonus.

Optimizing Your RP Purchases

When buying RP, you want to maximize the amount of bonus RP you receive. According to player surveys, the $25 and $50 packages are the most popular for balancing cost and bonus RP.

Here is a breakdown of the actual USD value per RP point at each pricing tier:

650 RP 1380 RP 2800 RP 3500 RP 7200 RP 15000 RP
Total RP 650 1500 3200 4150 8850 18500
USD Price $5 $10 $20 $25 $50 $100
USD per RP $0.0077 $0.0067 $0.0063 $0.0060 $0.0057 $0.0054

As demonstrated above, larger bundles like the $25 and $50 packages give you the most RP bang for your buck.

Scoring RP Discounts

Here are some tips to get additional RP savings:

  • Wait for seasonal RP sales that offer 20-50% bonus RP amounts.
  • Buy discounted RP cards on sites like Amazon or PCGameSupply.
  • Utilize first-time RP purchase promotions for extra bonus RP.
  • Buy RP card bundles during retailer sales to save 10-15%.
  • Collect free RP from giveaways and contests hosted by Riot Games.

Checking deal sites regularly can alert you to RP sales and special promotions. Based on analysis of past seasonal sales, optimal times to buy discounted RP are early December and July.

Spending Your RP Wisely

With your newly acquired 3500 RP, you’ll want to spend it efficiently. Here are some tips from RP veterans:

  • Main at least 3 champions so you can buy skins when they are discounted in Your Shop.
  • Wait 1-2 months after skin releases to buy them at lower prices.
  • Disenchant skin shards from loot drops that you don‘t want.
  • Only buy legacy skins if you really love the champion.
  • Don‘t buy champions with RP – use Blue Essence instead.

Many players recommend keeping 25-50% of your RP balance unspent so you can quickly purchase new skins you love on release.

Setting a RP Budget as a Beginner

If you‘re new to League of Legends, you‘ll want to budget your RP spending carefully:

  • Start with a $10 or $25 RP card to test some purchases.
  • Initially only buy cheaper skins on sale that you love.
  • Save bigger purchases for your 2-3 most played champions.
  • Wait for free champion rotation to test different champions first.
  • Learn to earn free skins through loot drops and events.

With your first $25 RP card, focus on 2-3 amazing skin splurges and some discounted accessories like ward skins. This establishes a great foundation for looking awesome in your games!

Now you‘re armed with expert knowledge on how to maximize your RP value from a $25 card. Happy spending, and enjoy all the awesome League cosmetics you can unlock!