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How Many Zombie Maps are in Black Ops 3?

Black Ops 3 contains a whopping 14 playable zombie maps! This includes:

  • 1 map in the base game
  • 4 maps in DLC packs
  • 8 remastered maps in Zombies Chronicles

As a hardcore zombie mode fan, I was thrilled to see Treyarch deliver so much content for Black Ops 3. In this guide, I‘ll break down each map in detail, share some pro-tips for high round attempts, and analyze what makes each map unique. Let‘s dive in!

Base Game

The standard edition of Black Ops 3 included only 1 zombies map:

Shadows of Evil

Set in the fictional Morg City during the 1940s, Shadows of Evil introduced the Primis crew and featured a very complex main Easter Egg quest. This map excels at bringing an eerie film noir atmosphere to life – you feel like you‘re trapped in a creepy detective story!

Some standout features of Shadows of Evil:

  • Eldritch Lovecraftian monsters like the Margwa and Parasites. These bring fresh life to the standard zombie hordes.
  • Intricate map layout across 3 main districts, with hidden paths and shortcuts to discover.
  • Innovative beast mode, allowing you to transform into a deadly tentacled creature.
  • Star-studded cast of characters and voice actors like Jeff Goldblum and Neal McDonough.

Overall, Shadows of Evil raised the bar for artistic design and Easter Egg quests in zombies maps. It really shows Treyarch taking the mode to the next level.

DLC Maps

Black Ops 3 received 4 DLC packs, each containing 1 new zombies map:

Der Eisendrache

Der Eisendrache brings the Primis crew to a medieval Austrian castle, complete with iron maidens, stone gargoyles, and creepy crypts. This map introduced the Bows, kickass elemental weapons that replace standard Wonder Weapons.

Reasons Der Eisendrache stands out:

  • Amazing castle setting unlike anything we‘ve seen before in zombies.
  • Intense boss fight against a zombie Panzer Soldat to complete the Easter Egg.
  • Addition of Rocket Shield builds on the momentum of Black Ops 2‘s buildables.
  • Epic cutscene advancing the overarching Aether story after the Easter Egg.

Der Eisendrache is commonly regarded as one of the best maps Treyarch has ever designed. It expanded the scope of what‘s possible in zombies and brought cinematic flair.

Zetsubou No Shima

Zetsubou No Shima transports players to a deserted Japanese island, overrun with vines and bizarre plant life. The map‘s atmosphere perfectly encapsulates a creepy "abandoned jungle island" vibe.

Reasons Zetsubou No Shima stands out:

  • Huge open layout with diverse sections like a swamp, waterfall, bunker, and wrecked plane.
  • Introduction of Lab Plants, buildable support items like turrets and traps.
  • Thrashers, a new giant zombie with a extendable vine arm. Provides a tough miniboss fight!
  • Spider boss zombie, the first proper arachnid boss in zombies history.

Zetsubou No Shima took big risks, departing heavily from the usual zombies formula. The sizable map and buildables system added replayability.

Gorod Krovi

Gorod Krovi is set in a war-ravaged fictional Russian city, featuring sprawling streets, apartments, and a prominent dragon statue. It introduced the Mark 3 ray gun and dragon strike weapons.

What makes Gorod Krovi memorable:

  • Dragons! No other map has fire-breathing dragon boss zombies.
  • Riding the trolley around the city adds flair during high-round play.
    -Packed with small details like propaganda posters, bombed-out cars, and an armory room to enhance immersion.
  • Russian characters Nikolai and Groph return to tie into the Aether story.

Gorod Krovi successfully channeled the decimated urban warzone vibe through its art direction and layout. The dragon boss fight during the Easter Egg is one of the most epic moments in all of zombies.


Revelations serves as a "greatest hits" compilation map, featuring prominent areas from previous Black Ops games stitched together.

Why Revelations is a treat for longtime fans:

  • Nostalgic mashup bringing back memorable locations like Kino der Toten and Mob of the Dead.
  • Epic climax to the long-running Aether storyinicated at the time of original purchase will be forfeited.
  • Introduction of the Apothicon Servant, an immensely powerful Wonder Weapon obtained from the Mystery Box.
  • Wide-open layout with diverse training options make it great for high rounds.

Revelations lets players revisit their favorite maps in one place while also pitting the Primis crew against the Shadowman in an epic finale cutscene. It‘s pure fan service and a satisfying capstone.

Zombies Chronicles DLC

Zombies Chronicles blew the doors open by delivering 8 remastered classic maps from previous Black Ops games. These included:

  • Nacht der Untoten
  • Verruckt
  • Shi No Numa
  • Kino Der Toten
  • Ascension
  • Shangri-La
  • Moon
  • Origins

Getting to re-experience these iconic maps on next-gen consoles with Black Ops 3 gameplay, Gobblegums, and improved visuals was a dream come true for veteran players.

Some of my favorites from Zombies Chronicles include:


Fighting on the moon never gets old, plus you get all the signature map elements like flinging zombies in zero gravity with grenades and riding the lunar lander transport. Breaking the windows in the biodome to trigger an explosive decompression sequence is always a thrill!


Origins laid the groundwork for many features that evolved in Black Ops 3 like buildables and customizable elemental staffs. Revisiting the muddy WWII trenches where it all began, now with a fresh coat of paint, is quite special.

Kino Der Toten

While a simple map by today‘s standards, Kino is etched in every zombie lover‘s memory as the classic that started it all. The stage and theater layout still holds up, and who could forget that catchy Damned jingle easter egg song?

Simply put, Zombies Chronicles is mandatory DLC for fans of the mode. It celebrates the last decade of zombies content better than any map pack possibly could.

Black Ops 3 Zombies High Round Strategy Guide

Now that we‘ve covered all 14 maps, let‘s dive into some expert tips and strategy for surviving high rounds on Black Ops 3:

Use Mega Gobblegums Wisely

Mega Gobblegums can easily be abused to give yourself an unfair advantage, but they are perfectly valid for serious high round attempts. Here are the top 3 to equip:

  • Perkaholic – Gain all perks instantly. This will let you survive early rounds easily.
  • Near Death Experience – Revive yourself automatically up to 4 times. Extremely useful if you get trapped in a corner.
  • Shopping Free – All purchases are free for 1 full round. Open doors faster to get your setup rolling early.

Use these Megas sparingly and only when truly needed. You can rely on skill rather than cheesing it.

Train Efficiently in the Best Spots

Training zombies in a circular path is key to minimizing hits during high rounds. Each map has different ideal spots to train, like:

  • Der Eisendrache – Rocket pad or down near Double Tap
  • Gorod Krovi – Department store in the middle of the map
  • Kino – In the theater near the stage

Always keep your escape route or "panic plan" in mind if you get trapped while training. Mobility is everything!

Use Alternate Ammo Types

Certain gumballs like Turned and Blast Furnace can transform your normal bullets into special ammo that damages zombies over time. This can seriously conserve ammo in the high 40+ rounds.

Prioritize guns like the HVK-30, Kuda, and KN-44 that excel at racking up kills when combined with these ammo types. The more zombies you can damage per bullet, the better.

Activate Traps and Special Weapons

When trapped, don‘t be afraid to drop an Lil Arnie or Monkey Bomb to divert the horde‘s attention. Many maps also have deadly traps than can eliminate dozens of zombies at once.

Use these get-out-of-jail-free cards sparingly, but they can really save your hide in dire situations.

Pack Weapons ASAP

Your weapons become ticklers by round 25-30 unless Pack-a-Punched. Prioritize opening the map quickly and packing a wallbuy gun like the Kuda by round 10-12 at the latest.

If playing solo, having the Pack-a-Punch open by round 8 should definitely be the goal.

Complete Main Easter Egg Quests

Each map‘s main Easter Egg quest awards you a special permanent perk for completing it, such as:

  • Der Eisendrache – Perma-Electric Cherry
  • Zetsubou No Shima – Perma-Deadshot Daquiri
  • Gorod Krovi – Perma-Mule Kick

These permanent bonuses can mean life or death on high-round attempts. Be sure to grab them!

Ideal Perk Loadout

While your perk selection should adapt to each map, these 7 perks make up my dream loadout:

  • Juggernog
  • Speed Cola
  • Double Tap
  • Quick Revive
  • Widow‘s Wine
  • Stamin-Up
  • Electric Cherry

Prioritize Jug, Speed Cola, and Double Tap as your "first 3" crutch perks, then mix-and-match the others to counter each map‘s challenges.

And there you have it – an expert guide to dominating high rounds on any map in Black Ops 3 zombies! Let me know if you have any other questions on strategy or need help completing complex Easter Egg quests. The path to round 100 awaits – stay frosty!