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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Rooms and Comps at Casinos

Let‘s get right to it – how much do you need to gamble before casinos start comping free rooms? Based on experience, here are the typical targets:

  • Basic Room: $50 average bet, 10 hours played
  • Standard Strip View: $100 average, 15 hours
  • Luxury Suite: $500+ average, 50+ hours

Of course, there are many factors at play, which I‘ll explore in detail below. Consider this your insider‘s guide to unlocking the secrets of casino comps!

An Introduction to Casino Comps

Casinos provide complimentary ("comp") rewards to incentivize gamblers to play more. This includes free rooms, meals, shows, and other gifts. The fancier the gift, the more you must gamble to earn it.

This benefits casinos by encouraging more play. According to the University of Las Vegas Gaming Studies department, the average comped casino guest gambles 3 times longer than non-comped guests.

Comps are tracked based on a player‘s "average bet" and "theoretical loss" – how much a player bets and is expected to lose over time, typically measured in hours played. Players don‘t actually have to lose money – it‘s about casino win potential.

Typical Gambling Requirements for Common Comps

Here are the estimated gambling thresholds needed for popular comps:

Free Room:

  • Basic Room: $50 average bet, 10 hours played
  • Standard Strip View: $100 average, 15 hours
  • Luxury Suite: $500+ average, 50+ hours

Free Buffet:

  • $75 average bet, 5 hours played

5-Star Restaurant Credit:

  • $150 average bet, 12 hours played

Show Tickets:

  • $100 average bet, 8 hours played

Spa Credit:

  • $300 average bet, 25 hours played

These are general guidelines – your exact offers will depend on your tracked play and host discretion.

Getting Your Play Tracked for Comps

To earn comps, the casino must track your play. Here‘s how to get rated:

  • Sign up for a player‘s card. Use it whenever playing slots, tables, sportsbook, etc.
  • Hand your card to table game dealers when buying in. Request they rate your play.
  • Ask pit bosses to track your rating if gambling large amounts.
  • Check-in with casino VIP hosts when on property and introduce yourself.

Note that first-time visitors likely won‘t receive major comps. You need to demonstrate an ongoing history of play.

Real World Example

Jane signed up for a player‘s card on her first Vegas trip. She used the card while playing $25 minimum slots for 8 hours across two casinos. On her next visit 6 weeks later, she played blackjack averaging $50 bets for 10 hours with lots of rated play. She was rewarded a comped 2 night stay in a basic room on her upcoming trip.

Maximizing Your Comp Earnings

Once established in the casino‘s system, use these advanced strategies to boost your comps:

  • Increase your average bet – $100 blackjack earns more than $25 slots.
  • Extend play into longer sessions – 6 hours is better than 2 hours.
  • Play on busy weekends – your rated play stands out on holiday weekends.
  • Get to know the VIP hosts – their discretion helps loyal players.

Also employ these pro tips:

  • The "24 Hour Rule" – Ask for a comp reevaluation within 24 hours of checkout. Your recent play can help.
  • "Double Dipping" – Earn comps from multiple casinos on the same trip.

Secret and Underused Comp Opportunities

Take advantage of these overlooked comp opportunities:

  • Match play rewards – essentially free bets that help your rating.
  • Birthday offers – hosts often give free play, gifts, or meals.
  • First-time visitor deals – new players may get preferential treatment.

Real World Example

Jim signed up for the Harrah‘s players card before his first Vegas trip. For his birthday trip 6 months later, he received a special VIP offer from Harrah‘s: $100 free slot play and a $100 dinner credit. He used those rewards toward earning his first ever comped 2 night stay.

Earning Other Common Freebies

Beyond rooms, common casino freebies include:

  • Buffet or restaurant credits
  • Free drinks while gambling
  • Show and entertainment tickets
  • Spa credits
  • Merchandise gifts

You can even earn airline miles, avoiding loyalty program fees. Last year I scored 50,000 miles for being a VIP high roller at Wynn!

Negotiating Comps Effectively

Don‘t be shy about inquiring about available comps:

  • Ask the pit boss for a rating update during hot streaks.
  • Visit the VIP host desk before checkout to ask about comps.
  • Politely negotiate at checkout if needed – push for freebies available.

Having casino executives advocate for you makes a huge difference. An insider tip: bring a gift or write a grateful follow-up note to hosts when you get comped.

Real World Comp Success Stories

To see these techniques in action, here are some true comps earned by myself and other savvy gamblers:

  • Chris scored 2 free nights in a luxury suite at Bellagio for averaging $100 bets for 15 hours.
  • Jane received a basic room comp at Paris after playing $25 slots for just 5 hours.
  • Brian got a 5 night stay at the Aria Sky Suites with $1,000 food credit based on his VIP high roller history.
  • For my birthday, the Wynn sent me 2 free nights in a tower suite, $500 free play, and dinner for two at SW Steakhouse.

Enjoy the Perks, But Gamble Responsibly

While comps can increase your casino value, always gamble responsibly:

  • Set a budget and stick to it – don‘t overspend just to earn perks.
  • View comps as a bonus, not an expectation.
  • Never chase losses hoping to earn comps.
  • Have fun and enjoy the casino atmosphere!

Put these tips and tricks to work for you. Before you know it, you‘ll be enjoying the high roller treatment with free rooms, meals, credits and more! But ultimately gamble at levels you can afford and stay disciplined – the math ensures that the house always wins in the end.