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How much does Destiny 2 cost with all DLCs?

As of February 2023, the total cost to purchase all current Destiny 2 expansions, season passes, and DLC content is approximately $220. This includes everything from the Legacy Collection to the upcoming Lightfall expansion. Let‘s take a deep dive into what‘s included in each piece of content and analyze whether it‘s worth it for you as a new or returning player.

Destiny 2‘s Ever-Expanding Universe

As an avid Destiny player myself, I‘ve loved watching this franchise grow from a fledgling new IP in 2014 into the evolving MMO-inspired sci-fi universe it is today. Over the years, Bungie has taken community feedback to heart and dramatically improved upon existing systems while introducing awesome new weapon archetypes, subclasses, and expansive end-game activities with each yearly release.

According to Bungie‘s latest player statistics, Destiny 2 now boasts over 200,000 concurrent PvE players on Steam alone as of February 2023. This passionate player base keeps coming back thanks to Bungie‘s expanding vision. Let‘s examine what content and features you get access to at each pricing tier.

Free-to-Play – Limited but Generous Sampling

Bungie made a smart move by making the base Destiny 2 experience free-to-play in 2019. This allows any new or returning player to dive in and experience the core of what makes this franchise so appealing without spending a dime. The free content includes:

  • Original Destiny 2 campaign & quests
  • Gambit & Crucible PvP modes
  • 5 starting subclasses for Warlock, Hunter, Titan
  • 4 exotic weapons and 2 exotic armor pieces per class
  • 5 explorable destinations & patrol zones

This sampling covers the basics of Destiny‘s FPS gameplay and abilities system. But free players will quickly run out of accessible end-game activities and unlockable gear compared to those who purchase expansions.

Current Expansion – Unlocks Full Experience ($40)

To really get the full Destiny 2 experience, you‘ll want access to the current expansion. This is considered the "entry point" to all the relevant end-game activities like raids, dungeons, and questlines.

As of this article, The Witch Queen expansion is current. Here‘s everything you unlock by purchasing it:

  • Full Witch Queen campaign & Throne World destination
  • Weapon crafting system
  • Void 3.0 subclass reworks
  • Vow of the Disciple Raid & Duality Dungeon
  • Seasonal activities for Year 5
  • Exotics like Osteo Striga, Parasite, Dead Messenger

You gain a ton of new destinations, activities, gear, and progression systems for around $40. This is the best value for brand new players.

Previous Expansions – Beef Up Your Content Library ($25-$40 each)

While no longer current, past expansions like Beyond Light and Shadowkeep still offer worthwhile content that significantly expands your options.

The Beyond Light expansion alone unlocks an entirely new elemental subclass – Stasis – across all character classes. This adds a bunch of new abilities and build diversity.

The table below shows what you gain by purchasing each legacy expansion:

Expansion New Destinations New Activities Signature Features
Forsaken Tangled Shore, Dreaming City Last Wish, Shattered Throne New subclass trees
Shadowkeep Moon Garden of Salvation, Pit of Heresy Armor 2.0 system
Beyond Light Europa Deep Stone Crypt, Empire Hunts Stasis subclass

Having access to this old content will give you way more options and flexibility in activites compared to only owning the latest expansion.

Season Passes – Temporary Content Drips ($10 each)

Destiny 2 is updated every ~3 months with new seasonal content. This includes activities, exotics quests, cosmetics, and storylines that expire at the end of each season.

If you want to experience every bit of Destiny 2, purchasing these seasonal passes is worthwhile. But unlike expansions, they are temporary. If you take breaks from Destiny, you may want to skip seasons and just purchase the big expansions.

Here is a breakdown of what you get with each season purchase:

  • New seasonal activity (6 player matchmade)
  • 10-25 new legendary weapons
  • 2 exotic weapon quests & 2 new exotic armor pieces
  • 100 Season Pass ranks with cosmetics/materials
  • Evolving weekly storyline quests

For hardcore players, the low $10 price point makes it a no-brainer to get the seasonal content. But more casual players may not find the temporary activities worthwhile.

Upcoming Lightfall Expansion – Strand Subclass & Neptune Destination ($50)

As if Destiny 2 didn‘t already offer enough content, the upcoming Lightfall expansion releasing on February 28th, 2023 looks incredibly enticing. For all us Destiny addicts, Lightfall is an instant pre-order. Here‘s what you‘ll get:

  • New Neptune destination to explore
  • Brand new Strand subclass for all classes
  • Legendary campaign mode
  • New Exotic gear to chase
  • Launch of next massive raid

I can‘t wait to wield the Strand subclass with its transformative grapple hook-like abilities. And exploring the neon-drenched streets of Neptune looks incredibly atmospheric. For $50, Lightfall should deliver a stellar amount of new content.

Recommendations for Getting the Most Out of Destiny 2

So in summary, here are my top recommendations on getting the best bang for your buck with Destiny 2 as either a new or returning player:

  • Try the generous free-to-play content first to get a feel for Destiny‘s gameplay and progression systems.
  • Purchase the current expansion (The Witch Queen) to get access to all relevant end-game activities like raids for $40.
  • If desired, pick up older expansions (Forsaken, Shadowkeep) to get access to their exclusive subclasses, destinations, and gear for $25-$40 each.
  • Consider the $10 seasonal content if you plan to play for long stretches and don‘t want to miss out on temporary activities and rewards.
  • Pre-order the upcoming Lightfall expansion if you want to stay current and experience the next evolution of Destiny 2 for $50.

Let me know if this helps provide an expert overview of the complete Destiny 2 ecosystem and how to approach it as a new or returning player. I‘m happy to answer any other questions you have as well!