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How Much Does It Cost to Buy Every Destiny 2 DLC?

Hey friend! As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I know it can be tough to keep up with all the Destiny 2 expansions and figure out what you need to buy. Don‘t worry – I‘ve crunched the numbers and have a detailed breakdown for you on the cost of getting all the Destiny 2 DLCs.

The total cost is around $150 if you buy everything at full price. But with some savvy shopping, you can get it down to around $100 for all the current major expansions. Let me walk you through the details.

Destiny 2 Expansion & DLC Price Breakdown

Here‘s a quick table showing the current pricing on all the main Destiny 2 DLCs and expansions:

DLC / Expansion Price
Destiny 2: Legacy Collection $59.99
The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition $79.99
Lightfall Deluxe Edition (releases 02/28/2023) $99.99
Total $239.97

As you can see, buying everything at full price comes out to just under $240. But like I said earlier, you can get that down to around $100 if you shop smart and catch some deals.

Let‘s take a closer look at what‘s included in each of these purchases:

Destiny 2: Legacy Collection – $59.99

This bundle includes 3 previous expansions:

  • Forsaken
  • Shadowkeep
  • Beyond Light

So for $60 you get a ton of new destinations, story campaigns, exotics, raids, dungeons, and more from those 3 expansions. Definitely the most cost-effective way to pick up that older content.

The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition – $79.99

This includes the latest Witch Queen expansion plus 4 future season passes for Year 5 seasonal content. You‘ll get:

  • The Witch Queen campaign
  • Weapon crafting
  • New raid – Vow of the Disciple
  • 2 new dungeons
  • New exotics
  • 4 season passes (Seasons 16-19)

Lightfall Deluxe Edition – $99.99 (releases 02/28/2023)

This upcoming expansion includes:

  • New destination
  • New darkness subclass
  • Lightfall campaign
  • New raid
  • New exotics
  • 4 season passes (Seasons 20-23)

So as you can see, each expansion delivers a ton of new content and gear to extend your Destiny 2 experience.

Do You Really Need All the Expansions?

An important question is – do you really need every single expansion? Honestly, you don‘t. With the free-to-play New Light experience you get the core Destiny 2 gameplay loop plus a bunch of destinations, strikes, Crucible, and more.

Many players stick with just picking up the latest 1-2 expansions each year. This allows you to play all the newest content and gear for $40-$80 per year. Much more affordable!

However, if you want to experience everything Destiny 2 has to offer and don‘t mind the higher cost, then grabbing all the DLCs ensures you have full access.

Here are a few pros and cons of buying all the expansions:


  • Play all story campaigns and witness the full narrative
  • Access every destination, raid, dungeon, and activity
  • Acquire all exotics for full collection
  • Experience every subclass (stasis and future darkness ones)


  • Very expensive, especially buying at full price
  • Older content is less relevant in current endgame
  • Can be overwhelming jumping into everything

So consider what type of player you are. Completionists who want the full experience will appreciate having it all. But more casual players can stick to the latest expansions and save money.

Tips to Save on Destiny 2 DLCs

If you do want to pick up all the DLCs, here are some tips to keep the costs down:

  • Wait for sales. Older expansions like Forsaken and Shadowkeep go on sale for 50% off or more frequently.
  • Buy Legacy Collection bundle. Much cheaper than buying individually. Goes on sale too.
  • Buy deluxe editions when on sale. Includes future season passes valued around $10 each.
  • Game sharing. Split costs with a friend you trust by doing PlayStation, Xbox, or Steam sharing.
  • Key resellers. Sites like Eneba often sell Steam keys at 20-50% off. Reliable way to save.
  • Upgrade when possible. If you own older DLCs already, upgrade options to newer expansions are usually discounted.

Following a strategy like this allows you to buy each expansion at a discount and eventually get everything for around $100 total.

Will Destiny 3 Ever Happen?

I get this question a lot – will there ever be a Destiny 3? Bungie hasn‘t made any official announcement yet. They seem focused on keeping Destiny 2 alive and expanding it for years to come.

But the Destiny franchise is hugely successful, so a third core installment is very likely at some point in the future. My guess is 2024 or later. Some key stats on the franchise success:

  • Destiny 1 & 2 have sold over 22 million copies combined
  • Destiny 2 made $300 million in revenue in 2021 alone
  • As of 2021, Destiny 2 had around 1.7 million daily players

With numbers like that, Destiny 3 is surely in the cards eventually. But Bungie seems committed to avoiding another content drought like between Destiny 1 & 2.

My expectation is we‘ll continue to see meaningful expansions to Destiny 2 every year or so until they are ready to announce Destiny 3 as the next evolution for the franchise.

The Bottom Line:

While collecting every Destiny 2 expansion and season pass is expensive at full price, you can get everything for around $100 or less with smart shopping and patience.

I‘d suggest most players only grab the latest 1-2 expansions each year to stay current. But if you want the complete Destiny 2 experience, it‘s achievable for $100-$150 with the right strategy.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy looting, Guardian!