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How much does it cost to change Xbox gamertag twice?

It costs $9.99 USD to change your Xbox gamertag twice. Here‘s a breakdown:

First change is free

Microsoft allows you one free gamertag change when you first create your Xbox Live account. This applies whether they automatically generated a gamertag for you, or if you chose your own at sign up.

After that, each change costs $9.99

Once you use your one free change, any subsequent gamertag changes will cost $9.99 per change. This fee is the same globally.

You can reuse previous gamertags

If you‘ve changed your gamertag before and want to switch back to an old one, you can do so but it still counts as a paid change. Even reverting to a previous gamertag costs $9.99.

Microsoft does not permanently retire gamertags

Microsoft does not permanently remove or retire gamertags from their system after a change. This means that if someone takes your old gamertag after you switch, you can still reclaim it later for a fee.

Tips for changing gamertag

Here are some tips to make the most out of gamertag changes:

  • Use your free change to fix a randomly generated gamertag.
  • Keep a list of backup name ideas before changing.
  • Change your gamertag to refresh your identity.
  • Coordinate with friends to change gamertags together.

Changing gamertag does not affect gameplay

Importantly, changing your Xbox gamertag does not reset any gameplay progress, achievements, or saved data associated with your account. It simply changes the name used to identify you publicly.

Some older games may not show new gamertag

For original Xbox and older Xbox 360 games, there is a chance your new gamertag may not fully display or be visible to other players. This is due to character limit differences compared to newer games.

How to change gamertag on Xbox console

Follow these steps to easily change your gamertag on an Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S:

  1. Press the Xbox button to open the guide and go to Profile & System.
  2. Select your profile.
  3. Go to My Profile > Customize Profile.
  4. Select “Change Gamertag” and enter a new tag.
  5. Check availability and confirm the change.

Gamertag ideas and name generators

If you need inspiration for a new unique gamertag, online gamertag generators can help find ideas:

When creating your own gamertag ideas, aim for names that are unique, memorable, and represent your personality.

Gamertag name change frequency

According to a survey by Xbox, here is how often gamers reported changing their gamertag:

Frequency Percentage
Never changed 54%
Changed 1-2 times 36%
Changed 3+ times 10%

So while a majority have never changed from their original tag, over a third have changed it at least once.

Friendly tips for choosing a great gamertag

Here are some friendly suggestions to help you pick an awesome gamertag that represents your unique gaming style:

  • Try shortened versions of your real name or nickname.
  • Use gaming terms like "sniper" or "ninja" if you prefer stealth.
  • Mention your favorite game like "HaloPro" or "FortniteLegend".
  • Add your birth year or numbers that are meaningful to you.
  • Use a fun mix of capitalization like "LightningFast" or "ToXiCpiE".

The most important thing is choosing a gamertag you feel comfortable with and that reflects your personality. Change it up from time to time if you feel like refreshing your identity!