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How much does it cost to download WoW Classic?

The upfront cost to download World of Warcraft Classic is $0 – the download itself is free. However, an active WoW subscription at $14.99 per month is required to play beyond level 20.

So while Classic is free to install, you need an ongoing subscription to enjoy the full game experience past the early levels.

Breaking Down the Costs

Let‘s take a detailed look at the various costs, options, and tips around playing WoW Classic:

1. WoW Subscription Options

1 month $14.99/month
3 months $41.97 ($13.99/month)
6 months $77.94 ($12.99/month)

As you can see, the longer your subscription term, the lower your effective monthly cost.

The 6 month plan at $12.99/month offers good savings compared to month-to-month. But even the monthly rate is on par or cheaper than other MMOs.

2. Expansions

WoW Classic does not require purchasing any expansions. The subscription fee gives you full access to all Classic WoW content up to level 60 and end-game raids like Molten Core and Blackwing Lair.

However, you‘ll need to purchase expansions to access modern WoW content beyond the initial 60 levels.

3. In-Game Purchases

Everything in WoW Classic is unlocked with a standard subscription. But modern WoW offers in-game purchases for character services, mounts, pets, and cosmetics. These are optional but can add up over time.

Is it Worth Paying for WoW Classic?

At roughly $15 per month, is WoW Classic worth the subscription cost? For the complete experience, yes – here‘s why:

Limitless Gameplay

$15 unlocks an enormous amount of content. With 8 races, 9 classes, and a 60 level cap, you‘re looking at hundreds of hours of questing, dungeons, and end-game to fully experience it.

Plus yearly seasons and fresh servers restart the journey.

Active Community

Over 1 million active players keeps the world feeling alive. The community makes questing, dungeon groups, economy, and guilds a vibrant social experience.

High Production Values

Classic utilizes modern Blizzard‘s polished graphics, combat, and stability – recreating the originalfeel with improvements under the hood.

MMORPG Cornerstone

WoW Classic shaped the entire MMORPG genre. Reliving seminal raids like Molten Core or Blackwing Lair is a gaming history lesson.

Difficulty & Accomplishment

The challenging leveling, group interdependence, and epic gear grind means your accomplishments feel truly earned.


For original players, WoW Classic captures the magic of early WoW in a way that sparks nostalgia.

Is WoW Classic Worth it for New Players?

With so many modern MMO conveniences, is Classic‘s old-school design still worth playing for new gamers?

If you enjoy:

  • A challenging leveling journey
  • Meaningful social interaction
  • Community interdependence
  • Slower progression with a sense of reward

Then yes, WoW Classic offers a refreshingly different MMORPG experience worth trying.

The world feels massive and perilous. Your reputation matters. Your guild and friendships feel impactful. While the mechanics are dated, the spirit is timeless.

Tips to Get the Most from Your Subscription

To maximize your enjoyment per dollar spent, here are some tips:

Take Your Time

WoW Classic isn‘t a sprint to end-game. Slow down and savor the journey – that‘s where the magic lies. Don‘t feel rushed to hit 60.

Group Up

Playing solo is possible but challenging. Finding friendly players to group with makes everything more fun and efficient.

Try Roleplaying

On RP servers, acting in-character takes immersion to the next level. Get creative with your character‘s story!

Join a Guild

A good guild provides camaraderie, help, group activities, and a sense of community. Make friends!

Limit Play Sessions

Avoid burnout. Spread your playtime out. A few hours 3-4 days a week is sustainable long-term.

Take a Break

When it starts to feel like a grind, step away for a few days or play another game. Returning will rekindle the spark.

Set Goals

Give your gameplay direction by setting goals like: completing certain quests, getting a new piece of gear, or increasing your reputation with a faction. Checking off goals provides a sense of accomplishment.

So while WoW Classic isn‘t free, its world-class production values, endless gameplay, and vibrant community make it well worth the subscription cost. Follow these tips to get the most from your time in Azeroth.