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How much does the Shadows of Rose DLC for Resident Evil Village cost?

The Shadows of Rose DLC acts as a new story expansion for Capcom‘s 2021 survival horror game Resident Evil Village. Released on October 28th 2022, the paid DLC aims to wrap up the Winters family storyline that has spanned multiple Resident Evil games. This comprehensive guide will break down exactly what is included in the DLC, how much it costs through different purchase options, whether it‘s worth the price tag from a gaming expert‘s perspective, and provide a final verdict on if the Shadows of Rose expansion is recommended.

What‘s Included in the Shadows of Rose DLC

The Shadows of Rose DLC includes:

  • A new story campaign following Rose Winters, set 16 years after Resident Evil Village‘s main story. Estimated completion time is around 3-5 hours of gameplay.
  • The entire main Village campaign can now be played in third person perspective, allowing a fresh way to experience the survival horror gameplay.
  • Additional content for The Mercenaries mode including new stages, characters, weapons and armor. This provides extra replayability.
  • New unlockable cosmetics and concept art for fans to discover.

The DLC provides meaningful new narrative content that continues the Winters‘ family storyline many Resident Evil fans have followed over the years. As a long-time fan myself, I‘m intrigued to see Rose‘s story play out 16 years later.

The third person mode is also a big addition, enabling the terrifying gameplay to be experienced from an over-the-shoulder camera angle. This is a fan-requested feature that provides a new perspective on the expertly crafted village and castle environments.

For players like myself who put dozens of hours into The Mercenaries arcade-style mode, the DLC is a must-buy for the new stages, enemies, scoring mechanics and unlockables. There‘s so much potential for experimenting with builds and perfecting high score runs.

How Much Does the Shadows of Rose DLC Cost?

Unlike some minor DLC releases, the Shadows of Rose expansion is a premium piece of content that must be purchased separately to access the new content. Here are the pricing details for different platforms and editions:

  • Shadows of Rose DLC purchased standalone: $19.99
  • Resident Evil Village Gold Edition (base game + DLC bundle): $49.99
  • Upgrade for existing Village owners: $19.99

The DLC can be bought as standalone content even if you already own Resident Evil Village. However, Capcom has packaged a great value proposition for new buyers with the Gold Edition, bundling the base game and DLC for just $10 more than the original Village release price.

Speaking as a bargain hunting gamer, the Gold Edition is a terrific way for Resident Evil fans yet to play Village to get all the content in one package.

Is the DLC Worth the $20 Price Tag?

At $19.99, is the Shadows of Rose expansion worth picking up? Here are some key factors to consider when determining the value proposition:

New Story Content

The DLC provides an estimated 3-5 hours of fresh narrative content, continuing Rose Winters‘ story. For a DLC episode, this represents a decent amount of storyline to play through. While short compared to the 10-12 hour main Village campaign, Rose‘s new chapter is equivalent in length to many standalone DLC releases.

As an invested fan of the intricate Resident Evil fiction, I‘m pleased to get several hours of new story content and cutscenes advancing the lore. It‘s quality over quantity when it comes to narrative DLC.

Production Values

As expected from a AAA publisher like Capcom, the production values in Shadows of Rose meet the same high standards as Resident Evil Village itself. The creepy village environments have been expanded with eerie new areas. Detailed character models, slick cinematics and atmospheric audio design pull you into Rose‘s haunting quest.

Everything I‘ve seen indicates Capcom leveraged the RE Engine to deliver a visually stunning package on par with the main game. This high level of polish ensures a seamless experience for fans.

Third Person Mode

In my opinion, the addition of third person gameplay is the most substantial new feature in the DLC. Being able to experience the entire Village story campaign from an over-the-shoulder perspective is a complete game changer.

As an avid RE gamer dating back to the early titles, I‘m thrilled to be able to revisit the game in the classic third person style. The camera angle shifts the tension and scope of every encounter. I‘ll definitely be replaying the full story in third person after completing Rose‘s chapter.

Extra Mercenaries Content

The Mercenaries additional stages, characters and weapons also add plenty of replay value according to the DLC details revealed so far. This mode‘s arcade-style action was already addictive to master, and the incoming content provides incentive to dive back in.

As someone who put in around 20 hours chasing high scores, I‘m extremely excited to take on the new challenges. The DLC is a must-buy for anyone who wants to invest more time perfecting their Mercenaries play.

Reception and Reviews

In the weeks since release, the Shadows of Rose DLC has earned generally positive reviews from Resident Evil experts and fans:

  • IGN – 8/10 – "A short but sweet expansion"
  • GameSpot – 7/10 – "An eerie epilogue for Resi 8"
  • Steam Reviews – Very Positive (86% approve)

The expansions narrative, gameplay additions and overall production values have impressed seasoned Resident Evil veterans. As a long-time fan myself, this feedback reaffirms my opinion that the DLC meets the high quality bar expected.

Achievements and Trophies

For completionist gamers like myself who want to 100% everything, the DLC provides an expanded list of unlockable achievements and trophies. Having more goals to work towards gives ample motivation to thoroughly explore all the content.

Between the new narrative chapter, Mercenaries stages, unlockables and third person mode, I anticipate spending 10+ hours with the DLC – making the $20 pricing feel like a steal.

Final Verdict – Is the DLC Worth Buying?

Overall, as a passionate Resident Evil fan, I give the Shadows of Rose expansion a full endorsement as a must-buy DLC release. It delivers an eerie new story chapter advancing the lore, excellent production values matching the base game, the long-requested third person gameplay mode, and extra content expanding the replayability.

The new narrative provides closure to Ethan and Rose‘s storylines over a satisfying 3-5 hour experience. The ability to revisit Village in third person is game changing. And the new Mercenaries content will add dozens of hours of replay time for high score chasers like myself.

At $19.99, or even better as part of the Gold Edition bundle, Shadows of Rose provides outstanding value. Resident Evil Village owners should absolutely pick it up to support Capcom‘s impressive post-launch support. And for new fans yet to enjoy Village, the complete Gold Edition including the DLC is highly recommended.