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How Much is Minecraft PE Now?

As of February 2023, Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) is currently priced at $6.99 USD on the App Store and Google Play Store. This one-time purchase provides full access to the complete Minecraft experience on mobile devices.

A Brief History of Minecraft PE Pricing

Minecraft PE first launched in August 2011 exclusively on the Sony Xperia Play for $6.99. The initial mobile release was called Minecraft: Pocket Edition Alpha and only had a fraction of current content, but laid the groundwork for the game we know today.

When PE moved beyond just the Xperia Play to other Android devices and eventually iOS, the $6.99 price point remained constant. Here‘s a quick overview of major pricing milestones:

  • August 2011 – Minecraft PE Alpha launched for $6.99 on Xperia Play
  • October 2011 – Expanded to more Android devices, still $6.99
  • November 2011 – Launched on iOS for $6.99
  • 2013 – Officially renamed to Minecraft Pocket Edition, pricing unchanged
  • 2016 – Renamed again to just Minecraft with Better Together Update, still $6.99

Mojang has kept the PE edition at the same affordable $6.99 price point over a decade later, despite adding tons more content and features. This speaks to Minecraft‘s commitment to accessibility.

By the Numbers: Minecraft Sales and Player Statistics

Minecraft has grown from humble beginnings into one of the best selling video games of all time with staggering sales, revenue, and player figures:

  • 200+ million copies sold across all platforms (PC, mobile, console)
  • 126 million monthly active users in 2020, rising every year
  • $2.5 billion USD in total lifetime revenue as of 2021
  • 35 million copies sold of Minecraft Pocket Edition
  • $110 million USD earned from just mobile versions in 2020

Peaking at nearly 1 million concurrent players online, Minecraft has retained its popularity due to constant updates and new content. Minecraft PE helps drive those massive mobile revenues.

iOS vs Android: Key Differences in Editions

On both iOS and Android, Minecraft PE offers the full game experience. However, there are some differences between the mobile editions worth noting:

  • Updates – iOS updates must pass App Store approval, so Android gets new PE updates about 1 week earlier
  • Controllers – iOS has native support for MFi controllers like PS4/Xbox. Android requires third party apps.
  • Mods – iOS does not allow modified game clients. Android has more permissive mods.
  • External servers – Android can join external servers. iOS can only play on featured servers.

For most players, both platforms provide the core Minecraft experience. But Android offers a bit more customization options for technical users via quicker updates and mods.

How Minecraft PE Compares to Java Edition

Minecraft originally launched on PC as the Java Edition in 2009 before expanding to mobile and consoles. Here is how the original Java version differs from newer Pocket Edition:

  • Release date – Java Edition came first (2009), PE released 2011
  • Price – Java costs $26.95, PE is $6.99
  • Mods – Java has massive modding community, PE has limited mods
  • Multiplayer – PE has crossplay, Java limited to other Java users
  • Performance – PE optimized to run smooth on mobile, Java needs good PC
  • Redstone – Redstone mechanics work slightly differently
  • Version – Java on 1.19, PE still on 1.18 as of early 2023

While price and crossplay make PE more accessible, Java Edition offers richer mods, customization, and the latest updates. Both deliver that core creative Minecraft experience.

Key Game Features and Modes

Minecraft PE provides endless gameplay possibilities through its many features and modes:

  • Survival mode – Explore, gather, craft and build to survive against hunger, monsters, and environmental hazards.
  • Creative mode – Unlimited resources and flying to build whatever you can imagine unhindered.
  • Hardcore mode – Permadeath variation on Survival with just one life.
  • Redstone circuits – Create automated machines, switches, traps, farms, and more using Redstone.
  • Enchanting – Imbue weapons, tools and armor with magical enchantments for bonuses.
  • Potions – Brew potions to heal, gain powers, or throw as weapons.
  • The Nether – Travel to the nightmarish Nether realm with unique biomes and materials.
  • The End – Reach this dimension and defeat the Ender Dragon boss.

From crafting to farming, mining, brewing, building, fighting mobs, exploring infinite worlds, playing with others on Realms or third-party servers, there are endless possibilities to experience.

Incredible Builds Showcase Potential

With enough time and skill, the potential for amazing creations in Minecraft PE is limitless. Players have constructed mind-blowing builds on mobile devices.

  • Replicas of famous landmarks like the Taj Mahal or Notre Dame cathedral
  • Sprawling medieval cities with detailed castles and plazas
  • Pixel art masterpieces of popular characters or designs
  • Automated farms powered by Redstone to gather massive yields
  • Imposing pixel perfect statues of mobs or players
  • Maze-like adventure maps with parkour courses and secrets

Though playing solo is fun, joining massive projects on multiplayer Realms or servers opens up even more incredible possibilities. Minecraft PE lets you build anything you can imagine.

Getting Started Tips and Tricks

For newer players just getting started in Minecraft PE, here are some key tips to progress and thrive:

  • Move with left thumb – No WASD, you look and move with the left thumbstick.
  • Add buttons – Customize HUD buttons for essentials like inventory, map, crafting.
  • Craft tools – Your first pickaxe and axe should be wood, then upgrade to stone.
  • Build a shelter – Construct a small shelter or dugout to protect from night monsters.
  • Light it up – Use torches or other light sources to ward off hostile mob spawns.
  • Mine intelligently – Don‘t dig straight down but create spiral staircases to safely descend.
  • Cook food – Raw meat and potatoes restore less hunger than cooked versions.
  • Explore caves – Dig or find cave systems early on for vital minerals like iron and coal.
  • Enchant wisely – Apply appropriate protection, damage or utility enchants to gear.
  • Start farms – Build farms to generate infinite food, resources and XP efficiently.

With these tips, you‘ll be well on your way to mastering Survival mode. Then get creative and build the Minecraft world of your dreams!


For only $6.99 on the App Store or Google Play Store, Minecraft PE provides practically infinite world exploration, creation, adventuring, and multiplayer experiences. With constant version updates adding new biomes, mobs, and features, it just keeps expanding.

Over 35 million copies of Minecraft PE have been sold to date, showing its immense popularity. While free trials or demo versions exist, purchasing the full game is more than worth it for unrestricted building and survival fun. Just be sure to download from official sources rather than unofficial sites.

With versatile game modes catering to all playstyles, jaw-dropping player creations, and cross-platform multiplayer support, Minecraft PE is easily one of the best values in mobile gaming for just $6.99. Download it today and step into an endless blocky sandbox!