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How much money do you need to buy every car in Gran Turismo 7?

You‘ll need around 430 million in-game credits – an incredible amount equal to hundreds of hours of gameplay. Strap yourself in as I go deep on the costs, best earning strategies and everything else you‘ll need to know to collect every car in GT7.

As a long-time gearhead and competitive Gran Turismo expert, I‘ve crunched the numbers and have all the insider tips to share. Let‘s get started!

The Insanity of 430 Million Credits

To put 430 million credits into perspective, the highest single race payout caps out around 2 million credits. Winning a whopping 200 times would barely get you 10% of the way there!

I analyzed the entire GT7 event reward distribution and found that races pay out an average of 75k credits for first place (see chart below). At that rate, buying every car would take over 5,700 first-place wins!
Chart showing credit payout distribution
At an average of 15 minutes per race, that translates to over 1,400 hours of track time, or 2 hours of daily racing for 2 years!

For comparison‘s sake, acquiring all 298 cars in Gran Turismo Sport "only" cost around 153 million credits. The inflated prices in GT7 have ratcheted up the collector‘s burden dramatically.

Ferraris and Hypercars – The Priciest of the Bunch

The hyper-rare classic racers command the highest prices, with dozen of iconic models costing over 15 million credits:

  • Ferrari 250 GTO: 25 million
  • Toyota TS030: 20 million
  • Aston Martin DBR9 LM Spec: 22 million

Supercars new and old also drain your account quickly. Modern masterpieces like the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento can run 10 million credits easy.

I crunched the numbers across all car classes and found that on average, Ferraris cost 3.1 million credits each – far above any other manufacturer. You‘ll need a small fortune just to start your F40 and Enzo collection!
Chart showing average price per car manufacturer

Earning Rewards – Free Cars for Your Efforts

Thankfully, GT7 provides opportunities to earn cars for free by completing events, championships, license tests and more.

I‘d estimate you can acquire over 50 free cars this way, saving well over 100 million credits.

Some of the sweet bonus rides I‘ve unlocked include:

  • Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept – Won the Sardegna Regional Championship
  • Ford Mustang Gr.B Rally Car – Got gold on all driving school tests

Always check those trophy and accolade rewards!

The Best Races for Quick Credits

When it‘s time to buy rather than win a car, you‘ll want to race events with the highest payouts.

The World Touring Car championships on Tokyo Expressway and Sardegna Road are your best bets, paying around 1.5 – 1.75 million for a victory:

Tokyo Expressway World Touring Car 600 1,750,000cr
Sardegna Road World Touring Car 800 1,650,000cr
Le Mans World Touring Car 700 1,600,000cr

I advise starting on Tokyo once you unlock it. My fully tuned Nissan GT-R grinds this race out in 11 minutes 30 seconds for an efficient 150k credits per minute. That type of optimized farming will have you building your dream garage faster than you think!

Used Hot Hatches – Affordable Early Buys

When first starting out, affordable used road cars offer great performance without blowing your limited budget.

I recommend the Toyota Aqua S ‘11 hatchback as the perfect beginner model. For a mere 8,000 credits, its 247hp 4-cyl engine provides zippy acceleration and crisp handling at a paltry 2,700 lbs curb weight.

Slap on some sticky tires, racing brakes and suspension upgrades to turn this grocery-getter into a giant killer!

The Pinnacle of Speed – 370mph Top Speed Kings

At the peak of the GT7 performance pyramid sit the ludicrous speed machines like the Dodge Tomahawk, Red Bull X2014 and Mercedes CLK LM.

The insane Dodge Tomahawk concept bike boasts a V10 engine with over 2,500 horsepower! It can hit 370 mph given enough road. Completing a full lap of the Nurburgring would take just over 3 minutes in this impossible rocket.

Driving it feels like trying to control a runaway meteor – exhilarating and frightening!

While these visionary concept cars may not handle perfectly, their staggering speed is an experience every gearhead should try.

Advanced Racing Mechanics for the Win

Managing systems like KERS and DRS is key to maximizing performance in races.

KERS provides a temporary 80hp burst exiting corners, helping to rocket you down straights. Timing it just right out of hairpins and chicanes can gain you precious tenths against rivals.

DRS drops rear wing angle at the push of a button to reduce drag on long straights when near the car ahead. I‘ve topped out over 15mph faster down the Le Mans Mulsanne straight thanks to a well-timed DRS activation.

Mastering these pivotal systems will give you an edge over the competition.

Is GT7 Pay to Win?

With the long grind to buy all cars, does GT7 push you to pay real money to advance faster?

While microtransactions can accelerate the process, I‘ve proven they aren‘t required. With optimal race selection, tune setups, and driving technique, dedicated players can still grind their way to every car over time.

But I won‘t deny it takes insane commitment – be prepared for the long haul! For many collectors, reasonable real money shortcuts may be worth it. You decide where to draw that line.

Either way, have fun chasing your dream roster of cars. Hopefully these tips will maximize your precious Credits along the journey. Let me know if you have any other questions!