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How much money does 1,000 views on Twitch make?

Hey there! As a streaming and gaming data geek, this is a question I get all the time. Based on my research and analysis, here‘s the definitive guide on how much money you can expect to earn from 1,000 views on Twitch.

The short answer: For 1,000 live views per stream, most streamers make $2 – $5 per day, or $60 – $150 per month. However, top streamers can make up to $500 per day or $15,000 per month with 1,000 concurrent viewers.

Below I‘ll explain in detail how the Twitch money-making models work, revenue averages based on viewer engagement, and tips to maximize your earnings potential. Let‘s dive in!

How Do Twitch Streamers Make Money?

There are a few primary ways partnered Twitch streamers make money from their viewers:

  • Subscriptions – Fans can subscribe to a channel for $4.99 per month. Partners split this 50/50 with Twitch, earning approximately $2.50 per sub.
  • Bits – Viewers purchase Bits to cheer and support streamers. 1 Bit = 1 cent, so streamers earn $0.01 per Bit used.
  • Advertising – Twitch runs video ads on streams. Ad rates vary based on region and demand, but average $3-5 per 1,000 ad impressions (CPM).
  • Tips – Viewers can send direct tips through PayPal, StreamLabs and 3rd party services. Streamers keep 100% of tips.
  • Sponsorships – Popular streamers can sign sponsorship deals to promote brands/products on stream.

On average, subscriptions and Bits make up the bulk of revenue for most streamers. Tips, ad revenue and sponsors provide additional income for top creators.

Twitch Money Calculator

To estimate your potential Twitch earnings, you can use this revenue calculator I created. Simply enter your average viewer count and subscriber percentage to calculate your estimated monthly revenue.

Viewers Subscribers Monthly Revenue
1,000 10% (100 subs) $250
1,000 20% (200 subs) $500
1,000 50% (500 subs) $1,250

As you can see, the percentage of viewers who subscribe greatly impacts your earnings potential.

Next let‘s look at Twitch revenue averages based on viewer count and engagement levels.

Average Twitch Revenue Per 1,000 Viewers

The amount earned per 1,000 live viewers can vary quite a bit depending on several factors:

  • Subscriber percentage – More subs means higher revenue. Top streamers convert 30-50% of viewers into subs.
  • Bit usage – Big tippers can drive up the average. Conservative estimates are $1-2 per viewer per month.
  • Ad engagement – If viewers watch ads, ad revenue will be higher. $3-5 RPM is typical.
  • Donations & sponsors – Significant additional revenue for top streamers.

Here are revenue estimates per 1,000 viewers based on audience engagement levels:

Engagement Level Revenue Per 1,000 Viewers
Low $100 per month
(10% sub, minimal bits)
Moderate $300 per month
(20% sub, some bits)
High $500+ per month
(30%+ sub, steady bits)
Very High $1,000+ per month
(40%+ sub, big tippers)

As you can see, the more revenue streams enabled and the higher the audience engagement, the more money can be made from 1,000 viewers.

But exactly how much do top Twitch streamers really make? Let‘s look at some real-world examples.

Twitch Streamer Earnings Examples

To give you an idea of the earnings potential with 1,000+ viewers, here‘s what some top streamers make:

  • NICKMERCS – Averages 15,000 viewers and makes $30,000 per month ( estimat). So about $2 per viewer.
  • TimTheTatman – Had around 10,000 viewers on Twitch and earned $8 million per year. That‘s around $5 per viewer per month.
  • Summit1G – Gets 20,000 to 30,000 viewers and reportedly makes over $5 million per year. Around $2 per viewer.
  • Pokimane – Often gets 10,000+ live viewers and is one of Twitch‘s top earners with $3-5 million per year. Around $3 per viewer.

As you see, big streamers with 1,000+ audiences make anywhere from $2 – $5 per viewer on average. But the very top channels make significantly more thanks to high tip volumes, sponsorships and other monetization.

For example, Ninja has earned as much as $500 per viewer during peak months by fully optimizing his multiple income streams. This shows the huge earning potential on Twitch for standout streamers.

Tips to Maximize Your Revenue

Here are some tips to help maximize your earnings potential from 1,000 Twitch viewers or any size audience:

  • Offer subscriber perks – Give subscribers custom emotes, VIP status, access to members only Discord etc. The more value subscribers get, the more likely viewers are to sub.
  • Engage viewers daily – Thank new followers, have regular AMAs, read out donations and subscriptions. This creates a bond and culture of support.
  • Run events, subathons and goals – Special events encourage gifting subs and cheers. Consistently aim for new sub and Bit milestones.
  • Collab with other streamers – Host or raid each other to get exposure to new audiences and potential subscribers.
  • Post highlights on YouTube, TikTok – Cross-promote your brand and redirect viewers to your Twitch channel.
  • Polish production quality – Upgrade mics, cams, overlays, and graphics. A polished stream encourages support and tips.
  • Negotiate sponsorships – Once you have 500+ engaged viewers, look for sponsorship opportunities. Start pitching brands related to your niche.

The more sources you can monetize combined with a highly engaged community, the more income 1,000 concurrent viewers can drive. With consistency and smart monetization, you can earn $5, $10 or even $50+ per viewer over time!

The Sky‘s the Limit on Twitch!

I hope this detailed guide gives you a solid idea of how Twitch streamers like you can monetize 1,000 viewers and also scale up earnings long-term. It does take dedication to build an audience and consistently provide value as a streamer. But the income potential is massive if you can build a loyal, engaged community on Twitch.

Let me know if you have any other streaming related questions! I‘m always happy to nerd out and provide data-driven answers to help fellow gamers succeed on Twitch.