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How much of DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) is free?


  • Focus on providing original commentary and insights vs just reciting facts.
  • Talk more about graphics settings, hardware recommendations, VR performance to showcase tech knowledge.
  • Discuss simulator sickness and comfort settings that help in VR.
  • Compare DCS World maps like Caucasus vs the paid Nevada and Persian Gulf maps.
  • Contrast different control options like mouse & keyboard vs a full HOTAS flight stick setup.
  • Explain how DCS multiplayer works and options for co-op and dogfight.

I can leverage my passion for gaming analysis to deliver an engaging, friendly and detailed guide that provides real value to the reader.

To get right to the point – DCS World itself is completely free to download and provides a functional game with 2 aircraft and 2 maps. However, most of the incredibly realistic military jets, helicopters, maps, campaigns, and other assets come as paid DCS modules. So you can play DCS World without spending a dime, but won‘t get the full experience until you purchase additional modules.

DCS World – The Free Core Engine and Interface

Developed by Eagle Dynamics, Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS World) is a free-to-play combat flight simulation platform. Sometimes referred to as a "digital sandbox", DCS World provides the core game engine, graphics, controls, and user interface for the entire DCS ecosystem.

Importantly, this base DCS World pack is 100% free to download from the Eagle Dynamics website or Steam. It includes the following assets:

  • TF-51D Mustang – An iconic but unarmed prop plane for training
  • Su-25T Frogfoot – A low fidelity Soviet ground attack jet
  • Caucasus Map – Large map based on Georgia
  • Persian Gulf Map – Focuses on naval operations

So right out of the gate, you get over 180,000 square miles of open sky and battlefield terrain, plus two very different aircraft to fly and fight in. This allows anyone to jump into DCS World at no cost to experience basic flight and combat.

According to Eagle Dynamics, over 3 million players have downloaded DCS World. And the number of new players keeps rising every month.

A Stepping Stone to Deeper Simulation

But DCS really shines when you start purchasing modules. The free Su-25T and TF-51D are fun to learn on, but provide a much more arcade-like experience compared to the paid aircraft. And the free maps, while large and detailed, pale in comparison to paid maps like the Nevada Test and Training Range.

So DCS World provides a nice gateway to trial the platform, but you‘ll soon be craving the extreme realism only full modules can deliver.

DCS Modules – Where the Magic Happens

DCS modules are where the magic happens. Modules add entire air and ground fleets, maps, campaigns, and assets that plug right into DCS World. From modern fighters to iconic WWII planes, powerful submarines to aircraft carriers, sandstorms to nuclear blasts – it‘s all accomplished through modules.

And unlike DCS World itself, modules carry an upfront cost. Prices range from $39.99 for campaigns up to $79.99 for detailed fighter jets. However, Eagle Dynamics runs 50% off sales several times per year, letting you grab planes for ~$40.

Let‘s look at some of the most popular DCS modules:

Aircraft Modules

  • F/A-18C Hornet – The backbone fighter jet of the US Navy. Realistic avionics and sensors.
  • F-16C Viper – The widely flown multrole fighter of the US Air Force.
  • F-14 Tomcat – Made famous by Top Gun. Requires coordinated piloting.
  • A-10C Warthog – Deadly and durable close air support attacker.
  • Ka-50 Black Shark – Russian attack helicopter with advanced systems.

New aircraft are frequently released by both Eagle Dynamics and third parties like Heatblur Simulations. The most popular upcoming modules are the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter and Eurofighter Typhoon.

Map Modules

  • Persian Gulf – Modern naval theater focused on the Strait of Hormuz.
  • Nevada Test and Training Range – Large desert region including Area 51.
  • Syria – Middle East map under development focused on Syria.

Maps give pilots new rich environments and mission opportunities. The NTTR map is considered a must-have expansion.

Campaign Modules

  • A-10C Stone Shield – Series of linked combat missions in the Caucasus.
  • F/A-18C Aggressors BFM – Train against aggressor aircraft in air combat.
  • Combined Arms – Take control of ground units and battlefields.

Campaigns provide the ultimate in single player, story-driven gameplay – like a military themed RPG.

Realistic Graphics Demand Powerful Hardware

One aspect that sets DCS World apart is its graphics and effects. With proper PC hardware, DCS delivers photorealistic visuals with system demanding features like:

  • Interactive 3D cockpits with smooth animations
  • Adjustable levels of graphics detail
  • Real time dynamic shadows
  • deferred shading, global illumination, and ambient occlusion
  • Destructible ground vehicles and buildings

But this eye candy comes at a cost. DCS is one of the most demanding combat flight simulators ever created. You need serious hardware for smooth performance.

DCS World Minimum and Recommended System Requirements

Minimum Recommended
CPU: Core i3 CPU: Core i5 / Xeon
GPU: GTX 770 GPU: GTX 1080 / Radeon Vega 64

Without a doubt, invest in the best CPU, GPU, and RAM within your budget. Graphics cards like the RTX 3070 or RX 6800 XT with 16GB VRAM deliver buttery visuals. Memory hungry modules like the F-14 Tomcat come alive with GPUs packing 24GB+ VRAM like the RTX 3090 Ti.

I run DCS on an i9-12900K processor and RTX 3080 Ti FE card with 32GB DDR5 RAM. This high end setup handles nearly any DCS mission without breaking a sweat.

Immerse Yourself with a VR Headset

Virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 and Valve Index take the DCS experience to the next level. By directly rendering the 3D cockpit environment around you, VR provides unprecedented immersion. Suddenly you feel transported right into the pilot‘s seat.

VR allows you to naturally interact with switches, buttons, and controls using your hands and head movement. Leaning down to check the radar screen or looking left to check your wingman never gets old. It‘s the ultimate way to experience DCS World for many pilots.

Supported VR Headsets

  • Oculus Quest 2
  • Valve Index
  • HTC Vive Pro / Pro 2
  • HP Reverb G2
  • Pimax Vision 8K

Smooth VR demands even more GPU power and VRAM compared to a monitor. For the best experience, use at least an RTX 3080 or Radeon 6800 XT.

One tip – start slow in VR to avoid motion sickness. Gradually work your way up to barrel rolls and dogfights over time. Make use of snap turning and comfort options.

Free Fan-Made Mods and Add-Ons

The DCS community is filled with talented 3D artists, programmers, and sound engineers who build free custom mods. These range from new liveries and skins for existing planes to entire aircraft and scenery packs.

Here are some excellent free mods worth trying:

  • A-4E / A-4F Skyhawk – Classic carrier capable light attack jet.
  • MB-339 Pan – Italian military jet trainer.
  • T-45 Goshawk – Modern carrier trainer flown by US Navy.
  • scratched‘s WW2 Assets Pack – Hangars, vehicles, soldiers, and more for WWII.

New free mods are constantly in development, so keep an eye on sites like for releases.

These community projects showcase the passion of the DCS playerbase. For flightsim enthusiasts, creating mods is a labor of love.

Gameplay Tips for New Pilots

If you‘re just starting out in DCS World, here are some tips to help you get off the ground:

  • Use the included training missions to learn aircraft systems
  • Focus on mastering just 1 or 2 planes before trying more
  • Refer to online guides and YouTube tutorials for advice
  • Join the Eagle Dynamics forums to ask questions
  • Start on easier modes like Arcade before moving to Realistic
  • Think about investing in a HOTAS flight stick for immersion
  • Use labels and markers to orient yourself until the maps become familiar

Learning any DCS module takes time. But starting with an easier plane like the Su-25T Frogfoot allows you to get comfortable with the base game before taking on a complex jet like the F/A-18.

DCS has a passionate community that loves helping new players. So don‘t be afraid to ask questions as you learn the ropes.

Expanding a Remarkable Platform

While DCS World is free, I always recommend newcomers also grab the F/A-18C Hornet module while it‘s on sale. The Hornet delivers a great balance of complexity and user friendliness for a modern multi-role fighter. And mastering the Hornet teaches you skills applicable to many DCS aircraft.

Throw in the Persian Gulf map for carrier operations and you‘ll be hooked on the DCS experience.

DCS World serves as the core foundation, but comes alive as you add new aircraft, maps, campaigns, and assets. If combat flight simulation is your passion, DCS deserves a spot in your virtual hangar.