If you're looking for tools and ways to check how much time you'd spend playing LOL, this article is for you.

League of Legends, also known as LOL, is a main strategic game first released 12 years ago. Since it became so popular, most people would have problems remembering how much time they spent enjoying the game.

The game pits two teams of five formidable champions against each other. The goal is to demolish the enemy team's base. Players can pick over 140 characters for their formidable heroes. It would help if you cleared these lanes in Nexus games to reach the opponent team's Nexus. To keep advancing through these lanes, you'll have to face various enemies.

All in all, League of Legends is a fun team game that may help you unwind after a long day. On the other hand, a single session takes a long time to complete.

Let's look at a few tools and methods for figuring out how long one spends playing League of Legends.

1. LOL, game port query

The LoL Game Port Query is the quickest way to determine how much time you've spent playing LoL. After launching the game, all you have to do is press the ‘Stats' button.

The biggest weakness is that data before 2018 isn't taken into account. Generally, it does not count data before 2018. Below is the Step by step description of how to confirm the time an individual takes playing this game.

Step 1: Log into your PC and launch League of Legends.

Step 2: Navigate to your Profile in League of Legends. You will find the Stats button here; click on it.

Navigate to your Profile in League of Legends

Step 3: In the bottom-left corner of the screen, you'll see the total number of games you've played. This is the total time you've spent playing League of Legends.

2. Wasted on LOL

Calculating how much time you spend playing League of Legends is simple. Wasted can cover all accounting entries on Riot Games' servers on LoL. Accounts from China, whose territory is hosted by qq and a large portion of Southeast Asia, are excluded.

With minimal links and clutter, Wasted on LoL is easy to use. Besides, this website has more to it than meets the eye.

On the downside, Wasted on LoL still does not have a precise total of hours played because it is a third-party app. However, it's the closest you'll see the total hours spent playing. Follow these steps to check how much time a gamer spends on LOL.

Step 1: The First Step is downloading and installing the Wasted on LoL Software.

Wasted on LoL Software

WOL Step 2: Scroll down until you reach the box labeled “Summoner's Name.” The results will not appear until you pick the correct area. Additionally, it would be best if you chose a region.

Search Device

Step 3: Select ‘How Much Time I Wasted on LoL' from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: You'll see the quantity of logged-on days and minutes after you're directed to a new page. There's also a grading based on your location. Finally, you'll discover all of the tasks you might have completed inside that time frame.

Page Details

3. Game Record query

Step 1: Go to op. gg, which is the initial Step in this process.

op gg Homepage

Step 2: In the Search Bar, put in the username of your LoL profile. Even if you're looking for a different Summoner, it'll appear in your favorites or recent searches.

Step 3: After being taken to the new website, look for the avatar associated with your profile. Select ‘How Many Hours Did You Watch League of Legends?' from the drop-down menu.

How Many Hours Did You Watch League of Legends

Step 4: You ought to be able to see how much time you've spent playing LoL on the new redirected page. You'll also receive a variety of requirements you may have accomplished in this period.

Use this site to check the most recent game history (to describe the selected region, the same as above clearly).

Other Ways to Determine How Much Time You've Spent on LOL

Other Ways to Determine How Much Time You've Spent on LOL

If Wasted on LoL isn't available in your location, there is another way to figure out how much time you've spent playing the game. Utilize websites that collect player statistics and data, such as the Chinese Laoyuegou.com, to calculate your total games and average playing duration, then multiply the two amounts.

There aren't many other websites like Wol.gg that take a more accurate approach. Legends.ai used to provide a precise overview of the hours you spent playing during the most recent season and an average for all previous seasons. So, simply adding those figures together might give you an idea. Legends.ai has been inactive since November of this year.

Doing the math yourself is another alternative.

Sites like op.gg can help track how many games you've played. Then multiply that number by 30 (the average time for low-rank matches is 30 minutes) or 25. This will give you an estimate as to how many hours you've spent in-game.

How Long Does it Take A Person to Complete League of Legends on Average?

Person to Complete League of Legends

As per Riot Games ‘ data, the typical League of Legends player devotes about 832 hours to play the game. This equals over 35 days of nonstop activity. Given that this figure includes new players, masters of the game playing for hundreds of days are likely to exceed this figure.

What was the Amount of Money Spent Playing LOL?

Amount of Money Spent Playing LOL

Follow this link to see how much money you've invested in League of Legends. Sign in here to see the balance of your spent money in your current region – Because it's a Riot support link, all of the information is correct, and only you have access to it via your account.


Q. How many LOL matches have I played?

There are normal and ranked LOL games. To find out the ranked LOL games you have played, log in to your account and click the stats tab. You will get all the information there.  

However, to check for normal LOL games, you can use the op. gg website, put your summoner name in the input box, locate & click the champions tab and the normal option. It will show you the number of normal game matches you have played.

Q. How do I check my hours played on riot?

The Riot Games don't offer a straightforward way to check your playtime. It keeps your playtime private. However, there are third-party ways that you can use to check the hours played on RIOT.

First, log in to the tracker.gg website, choose the specific RIOT game that you want to check. Click the red icon that displays your Gamer ID. You will get information on your statistics and playtime.

Spend your time doing things you enjoy

A die-hard online gamer may sometimes wonder how much time they spend playing virtual games like League of legends. For this reason, they seek tools to check for the time and resources put in the line.

Overall, it would be incorrect to conclude that League of legends is a waste of time and resources. The game is, obviously, quite appealing. However, you must take care not to develop an addiction. Take frequent pauses and complete other tasks in your life.

Spending time on something you enjoy is not a waste of time because you enjoy it.