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How to bypass region lock on PS3?

The quick answer is that you can bypass region locking on PS3 by installing custom firmware like CFW or PS3HEN, and using homebrew apps to play out-of-region Blu-ray movies, DVDs, PS1 and PS2 games. The PS3 itself is region-free for playing PS3 games from any region.

Why Bypass PS3 Region Locking?

As an avid gamer and streaming enthusiast like myself, you want access to media from all over the world. Bypassing region locks means you can play games originally released in Japan or Europe, watch Blu-rays from across the globe, and experience media as the creator intended.

I love experiencing other cultures through their films, shows, and games. Region locking stops us from appreciating media as the artists wanted us to. Thankfully on PS3 we can get around these restrictions with some tweaking.

PS3 Region Information

Sony has divided their PlayStation consoles into 4 major regions:

  • Region 1 – North America and South America
  • Region 2 – Europe, Japan, Middle East, South Africa
  • Region 3 – South Korea, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan
  • Region 4 – Oceania, Central America, Caribbean

The PS3 will have a specific region coded during manufacturing. You can find your PS3‘s region in the model number:

01-09 – Region 1
10-19 – Region 1
20-29 – Region 2
30-39 – Region 2
40-49 – Region 2
50-59 – Region 3
60-69 – Region 4
70-79 – Region 4
80-99 – Region 4

So a PS3 CECH-2501 for example would be region 2. Good to know when bypassing region locks!

PS3 Games are Region Free

The good news is that all PS3 game discs are region free. Any PS3 game bought anywhere in the world will play on any PS3 console. Sony made this decision to allow easier access to software.

So you can import Japanese exclusives or PAL format games from Europe and enjoy them, even if your PS3 is from a different region.

Playing Import PS3 Games

To play import PS3 games:

  1. Purchase PS3 games from international sellers and import them to your country.
  2. Insert the import PS3 disc into your console as normal.
  3. The game will play just like any title from your PS3‘s home region.

No modification or homebrew software needed. Enjoy your imported PS3 games!

Bypassing PS3 Blu-ray Region Locks

While PS3 games are region free, Blu-ray movie discs do contain region coding. Blu-ray has 3 regions:

  • Region A – North America, Central America, South America, Japan, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia.
  • Region B – Most of Europe, Greenland, French territories, Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand.
  • Region C – India, Nepal, Mainland China, Russia, Central Asia, South Asia.

To play Blu-rays from outside your PS3‘s home region, you will need to modify the system to be region free. This requires installing custom firmware.

How to Play Other Region Blu-rays on PS3

  1. Install Custom Firmware like Rebug or PS3HEN on your console.
  2. Install a region-free Blu-ray homebrew app or plugin like Multiman.
  3. Set the app‘s region to match the region code of the Blu-ray movie.
  4. Insert the out-of-region Blu-ray and enjoy!

CFW gives you the ability to use homebrew tools for bypassing region coding. Make your PS3 Blu-ray region free with just a bit of tweaking.

Bypassing DVD Region Coding on PS3

Like Blu-ray, DVD movies also contain region locks to restrict playback. There are 6 DVD regions:

  • Region 0 – No region coding, region free.
  • Region 1 – USA, Canada, Bermuda, U.S. territories.
  • Region 2 – Europe, Japan, Egypt, South Africa, Middle East.
  • Region 3 – Southeast Asia, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong.
  • Region 4 – Latin America, Oceania, the Caribbean.
  • Region 5 – Eastern Europe, Russia, India, Africa.
  • Region 6 – China.

To play DVDs from outside your PS3‘s home region:

  1. Install Custom Firmware or PS3HEN.
  2. Install a region-free DVD homebrew app or plugin.
  3. Set the app region to match the DVD movie‘s region.
  4. Play your out-of-region DVDs!

Again CFW gives you the power to use homebrew tools for playing any DVD.

Play Import PS1 and PS2 Games on PS3

Your PS3 can play original PlayStation (PS1) and PlayStation 2 (PS2) game discs. However, these discs maintain their original region coding when played on PS3.

So to play imported PS1 and PS2 games, you will need CFW or PS3HEN installed, along with homebrew tools to bypass region coding. The steps are the same:

  1. Install CFW or PS3HEN custom firmware.
  2. Get a PS1/PS2 region-free homebrew app or plugin.
  3. Set the app region to match your imported disc.
  4. Insert the PS1 or PS2 import game and enjoy!

This will allow you to play any PS1 or PS2 game from any territory. A great way to revisit classics and hidden gems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know how to bypass region locks on PS3, you may still have some questions:

Is region unlocking safe for my PS3?

Yes, following trusted guides for installing CFW and using homebrew is safe, with minimal ban risk. Avoid bugs by keeping your CFW up to date.

Can I switch regions whenever I want?

Yes, homebrew apps let you change region coding on the fly based on the disc inserted. Very convenient!

Do I need a modchip to region unlock PS3?

No modchip required! CFW can be installed directly to the PS3‘s internal memory without any hardware mods.

Will region unlocking affect my PS3‘s performance?

No, your PS3 will run exactly the same. Bypassing region locks just removes artificial restrictions.

Can I download regional content from the PS Store?

Unfortunately game downloads are still locked. You‘ll need to import physical disc copies.

So in summary, with custom firmware and homebrew apps you can enjoy media from any region on your PS3. Import away and expand your gaming horizons!