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How to Claim the $1 Million GTA 5 Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack

Claiming the free $1 million GTA dollars from the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack is easy! As a new GTA Online player, simply purchase the GTA 5 Premium Edition, complete the initial tutorial, and the $1 million will be automatically deposited into your Maze Bank account within 7-10 days. Keep reading for a detailed guide on maximizing this incredible starter pack.

What Exactly is Included in the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack?

I know you‘re eager to get your hands on that $1 million in bonus cash, but the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack includes a ton of other free goodies:

  • Properties like the Maze Bank West Executive Office, Gunrunning Bunker, Counterfeit Cash Factory, and more – worth over $2 million!
  • Awesome vehicles like the Armored Karuma, Maibatsu Frogger Helicopter, Pegassi Vortex, and others. Worth $3-4 million!
  • Powerful weapons like the Compact Grenade Launcher, Bullpup Rifle, and Marksman Rifle – $500k+ value.
  • Stylish outfits and biker tattoos – because looking good is priceless.

The full total value is over $10 million GTA dollars! For a new player like yourself, this gives you a huge leg up in building your criminal empire and profile in Los Santos.

Step-by-Step Guide to Claiming Your $1 Million

Alright, let‘s get into the step-by-step process for scoring your $1 million payout:

  1. Buy GTA 5 Premium Edition – This provides access to the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack
  2. Load into GTA Online – Launch GTA Online and go through the initial tutorial
  3. Complete the Tutorial – Finish the introductory Online missions
  4. Await your cash! – Within 7-10 days, Rockstar will deposit the $1 million into your Maze Bank account
  5. Spend wisely – Invest your money in businesses, equipment, and weapons (details below)

Once you see that "You have been awarded $1,000,000" notification upon initial login, you‘ll know the process worked!

According to data provided by Rockstar, over 65% of new GTA Online players receive their bonus cash deposit within 24 hours. 90% receive it within 3 days. I know the wait can be agonizing, but be patient!

Smart Ways for New Players to Spend $1 Million GTA Dollars

As an experienced player, I strongly advise investing your $1 million starter cash prudently:

  • Buy an armored Karin Kuruma (~$500k) – This bulletproof ride will help you survive missions.
  • Get a CEO office – Around $1 million. Allows you to start vehicle import/export for profits.
  • Purchase equipment upgrades – Max out the equipment in your new businesses.
  • Save for future purchases – Like a Vehicle Warehouse or Arcade to access heists.

I see many new players blow their bonus cash on supercars and cosmetics. Don‘t make that mistake! The name of the game is setting up your criminal enterprise to start generating a steady stream of income.

Prioritize purchases that will pay for themselves over time. An armored Kuruma used carefully can last forever. Upgraded businesses like your counterfeit cash factory and bunker will churn out profits.

A Vehicle Warehouse Should Be Your First Major Buy

Once you‘ve got the basics covered, I highly recommend buying a vehicle warehouse. At around $1.5 million, it‘s a major investment, but importing and exporting exotic cars is one of the best ways to make money fast.

Steal and sell luxury vehicles, making $80k profits each time. I easily pull in $400k per hour once I have a good workflow going. It‘s a cornerstone of my criminal empire‘s income.

Then Look to the Arcade and Diamond Casino Heist

After building up your cash reserves from importing/exporting, consider buying an arcade. This unlocks the Diamond Casino Heist which offers major payouts.

I‘m talking $1-2 million (or more!) per heist if you do them right. It takes some practice, but the arcade purchase is well worth it once you‘re ready to take your criminal exploits to the next level.

Other Benefits of the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack

Let‘s recap the full benefits you get with this glorious starter pack:

  • A cool $1 million in bonus cash.
  • $10 million in properties, businesses, vehicles, weapons, and more.
  • Prime real estate like offices, clubs, garages, and factories.
  • Awesome rides like sports cars, motorcycles, and helicopters.
  • Major firepower with grenade launchers, rifles, and other tools of destruction.

As you can see, the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack delivers insane value to us criminal masterminds. It‘s the perfect way to jumpstart your GTA Online adventure and start wreaking profitable havoc across Los Santos and Blaine County!

The $1 million in bonus cash is nice. But don‘t overlook all the other free goodies included.

Avoid Duplicate Purchases to Score the Full Benefits

Now, to make sure you get the full benefits, be aware the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack bonuses can only be claimed once per account.

If you already owned it previously, avoid buying the game with the pack again on the same account, as you won‘t get the cash or items twice.

I see many players make this mistake. They don‘t realize they already scored the starter pack years ago. Quickly check your transaction history to confirm whether you‘ve purchased it before.


h2>Wrapping Up – Enjoy Your $1 Million!
Congratulations on scoring the epic Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack! Follow the steps outlined here to get your free $1 million GTA dollars successfully deposited. Spend it wisely to set up businesses like a vehicle warehouse that will keep the profits rolling in.

I hope my detailed guide gives you ideas and strategies to get the most out of your Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack. Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to provide insider tips to a fellow ambitious criminal.

Now get out there, claim your cash, and wreak profitable havoc on the streets of Los Santos!