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How to Complete the “Destroy Weakened Walls and Security Gates” Quest in Fortnite

Fortnite's Chapter Four, season four is here, and players will need to complete weekly quests to unlock free rewards. One of the initial challenges is to destroy weakened walls and security gates. In order to do this, players must visit specific locations on the map: Eclipsed State, Relentless Retreat, and Sanguine Suites.

From our experience, we chose to go to Relentless Retreat for this quest since it was far away from the bus route. However, upon landing, we struggled to find a wall or security gate that matched the quest's description. It turned out that destroying the first walls we encountered didn't count towards the quest. But eventually, we discovered the correct method to destroy weakened walls and security gates in Fortnite.

So, where can you find these weakened walls and security gates? As mentioned before, the locations are Eclipsed Estate, Relentless Retreat, and Sanguine Suites. Demolishing any of these structures will fulfill the requirements of the “Destroy weakened walls and security gates” challenge for week one.

To destroy them, players should look for lasers that block corridors. In our case, we found one on the ground level of Relentless Retreat. After clearing out the NPCs and security cameras, we walked into the lasers. As we did, two doors closed behind us, trapping us inside the corridor. We then used our harvesting tool to destroy these doors, successfully completing the quest.

In Relentless Retreat, specifically, two cage doors closed us into the corridor, as shown in the images provided. Destroying these doors was enough to complete the first stage of the quest.

By following these steps, players can easily complete the “Destroy Weakened Walls and Security Gates” quest in Fortnite's Chapter Four, season four.

Source: Gökhan Çakır, Strategical Content Writer and Fortnite Lead for Dot Esports.