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How to Deactivate 2-Step Verification on PS4 Without a Backup Code

If you no longer have access to your 2-step verification details, removing two-factor authentication (2FA) from your PlayStation account without backup codes can be challenging, but is possible by verifying your identity with PlayStation Support or your phone carrier.

Step-by-Step Guide to Removing 2SV Without Backup Codes

Follow this walkthrough to learn the best options for deactivating 2FA on your PS4 or PS5 if you‘ve lost your original verification method and didn‘t save your backup codes:

  1. Contact PlayStation Support via live chat or phone and explain your situation. They‘ll likely require proof of identity.
  2. Submit identity documents like government IDs when requested to verify account ownership.
  3. If PlayStation Support cannot remove 2SV, submit an account recovery request.
  4. Provide as many account details as possible to confirm you own the account.
  5. As a last resort, contact your phone carrier about transferring your old number used for 2SV text messages to a new SIM card.

While the process can be frustrating, following these methods carefully should allow you to regain access to your account and remove two-factor authentication once you‘ve proven your identity.

Why Gamers Should Use 2-Step Verification

Before we dig deeper into the recovery process, let me emphasize why 2SV is so important for securing your PlayStation Network account:

  • Over 110 million PSN accounts exist worldwide as of 2022 according to PlayStation.
  • Verizon‘s 2022 breach report found gaming accounts were the 3rd most targeted by cyberattacks.
  • In 2021, PSN was the most hacked gaming platform with over 22 million attempted account breaches.

As you can see, millions of PlayStation accounts get targeted every year. Two-factor authentication acts like a deadbolt on your account, requiring that second step to get in even if hackers have your password.

My recommendation as an online security analyst is enabling 2SV on all gaming and social media accounts. The minimal extra effort is worth the massive boost to account security.

However, you MUST save your backup codes in a secure location when you set up 2FA. Losing both your verification method and backup codes causes the headache we‘re addressing here.

Let‘s get into the specifics of regaining access when 2SV goes wrong…

Verifying Your Identity with PlayStation Support

The most direct way to remove two-factor authentication without your backup codes is to contact PlayStation Support, explain that you‘ve lost your 2SV credentials, and have them deactivate 2FA after verifying your identity.

Here are tips for successfully doing this:

  • Use PlayStation‘s live chat or call their support line at 1-800-345-7669. Explain you no longer have the verification method or backup codes.
  • PlayStation will likely ask for a scan/photo of your government-issued ID and possibly other proof to confirm you own the account.
  • Provide any details you can like account creation date, recent sign-in times, billing info, console serial numbers, etc. This helps verify your identity.
  • Keep following up politely if Support is initially unable to help. Ask about account recovery steps.

Having Trouble with Support? Try Account Recovery

If PlayStation Support will not remove 2SV without backup codes even after verifying your ID, your next option is PlayStation‘s account recovery process:

  1. Go to Sony‘s account recovery page and select PlayStation Network.
  2. Enter your account sign-in ID (email address) and select a reason for needing account access restored.
  3. Provide as many accurate details about yourself and your account as possible in the form.
  4. Double check all entered info because mistakes will delay or prevent recovering your account.

Sony will review your account recovery request and evaluate the details you provided to determine ownership. The more accurate info you can supply like creation dates, recent purchases, billing/shipping addresses, and specific game activity, the better your chances.

Transferring Your Old Phone Number as a Last Resort

If you used text messages for 2-step verification and no longer have that phone number, recovering the number on a new device can potentially grant access to your verification codes.

Here‘s the process:

  • Contact your cell provider and ask about transferring your old number to a new SIM card and phone.
  • Provide your account info and request the number transfer to your new device.
  • Once successful, attempting to log into your PSN account will send a verification code to the transferred number.
  • Note this process may take up to a few days to fully take effect.

Before attempting this, be sure your old number and SIM card haven‘t been deactivated by your provider. Number transfers can be complex, so check with your carrier on specifics.

Preventing This Issue in the Future

Losing access to your two-factor verification details creates a major but avoidable headache. Once you regain entry to your account, take these steps to prevent it happening again:

Save Backup Codes

When re-enabling 2SV, your PlayStation account will generate 10 single-use backup codes.

  • Write down or print these codes and keep them in a secure place offline.
  • Do not store them on your PlayStation console or in an app that could be compromised.
  • Treat backup codes like valuable passwords and do not lose or discard them.

Use an Authenticator App

Instead of relying on text messages, use an authenticator app like Google Authenticator or Authy to generate verification codes:

  • Codes are generated even without mobile service and sync across devices.
  • Apps offer encryption and backups to prevent losing codes.
  • Downloading the app on a secondary device also provides access if you lose your primary one.

Add a Backup Email and Phone Number

Ensure your PlayStation account has a secondary email address and phone number registered:

  • Provides backup options if your primary 2SV method is unavailable.
  • Allows recovering the account if your main email or number is lost.
  • Can be used by Support to verify identity and confirm ownership.

bolster account security

Along with proper 2SV setup, strengthen your PSN account security:

  • Unique complex passwords changed regularly.
  • Enable login notifications to catch unauthorized access.
  • Limit login attempts to deter hackers.
  • Check recent sign-in history for unfamiliar activity.

In Summary

Losing access to both your two-factor verification credentials and backup codes can be extremely frustrating. But this guide outlined the most viable options for regaining entry to your account, removing 2SV, and securing your account for the future.

The key steps include verifying your identity with PlayStation Support, utilizing Sony‘s account recovery process, transferring your old number as a last resort, and most importantly – saving your backup codes and fortifying your overall security.

Follow this advice and you can enable two-step verification to lock down your account without the risk of getting locked out yourself! Let me know if you have any other questions.