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How to Defeat Shadow Zapdos Raid Solo in Pokemon GO

The Adventures Abound season in Pokemon GO has begun, and players have a lot to look forward to in September 2023. One of the major highlights of this season is the arrival of Shadow Zapdos in Shadow Raids. Similar to Shadow Articuno in the past, this Electric-type legendary bird will be available in five-star raids during weekends throughout the season.

Participating in Shadow Raids requires players to be physically present, as the use of Remote Raid Passes is not allowed. This poses a challenge for trainers in rural areas who may struggle to find raiding partners. However, some players may choose to take on the challenge of defeating Shadow Zapdos on their own.

To successfully defeat Shadow Zapdos raid solo in Pokemon GO, preparation is key. Zapdos is a Flying- and Electric-type Pokemon, making it weak to Ice and Rock-type moves while resisting Bug, Fighting, Flying, Grass, Ground, and Steel-type attacks.

The ideal team to counter Shadow Zapdos consists of five Level 50 Shadow Rhyperiors with Smack Down as the Fast Attack and Rock Wrecker as the Charged Attack. The part-Ground typing of these Pokemon allows them to resist most of Shadow Zapdos' moves. Additionally, having a Level 50 Mega Tyranitar with Smack Down and Stone Edge as the Fast and Charged Attacks respectively provides a much-needed damage boost.

When battling Shadow Zapdos solo, it's important to have a stock of Max Revives to quickly revive and heal your team. Keep in mind that your Pokemon may faint multiple times during the battle.

It's worth noting that Shadow Zapdos has the potential to become enraged during the battle, increasing its Attack stat. To calm it down, make use of Purified Gems at strategically timed intervals.

While defeating Shadow Zapdos solo is a difficult task, it's recommended to have at least one other trainer join the battle. However, if you manage to defeat Shadow Zapdos alone, there is a chance to encounter a shiny version of the Pokemon as a reward.

In conclusion, the arrival of Shadow Zapdos in Pokemon GO's Adventures Abound season presents a challenging raid for trainers. With proper preparation, the right team composition, and strategic use of healing items and Purified Gems, defeating Shadow Zapdos solo is a formidable but achievable feat.

– Shadow Raids: Special raids in Pokemon GO where players can battle and capture Shadow Pokemon.
– Remote Raid Pass: A virtual item in Pokemon GO that allows players to join raids remotely without needing to be at the raid location.
– Raid Boss: A powerful Pokemon that appears in raids, requiring multiple trainers to defeat.
– STAB: An abbreviation for Same Type Attack Bonus, which increases the power of moves that match the user's type.

– Sportskeeda