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How to Download Minecraft 1.20.31 on All Bedrock Edition Platforms

Summary: Learn how to update Minecraft to version 1.20.31 on different platforms such as consoles, Windows-based PCs, and mobile devices. The steps may vary slightly depending on the device, but the end result is the same.

Minecraft's latest update, version 1.20.31, brings bug and crash fixes as well as a network optimization for villagers. Though no major features have been added or altered, it's still important for players to update to this version to avoid issues in the future.

To download Minecraft 1.20.31, follow the necessary steps for your specific device. Here's how it is done on different platforms:

Xbox Consoles

Accessible through the Microsoft Store or Xbox Game Pass, updating Minecraft on Xbox consoles is quick and easy. Simply go to your game library, add version 1.20.31 to your download queue, and complete the installation with a stable internet connection.

PlayStation Consoles

PlayStation consoles typically update Minecraft automatically when connected to the internet. However, if you want more control over updates, you can manually check for updates by highlighting the game on your dashboard or library, pressing the options button, and selecting “Check for Updates.”

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch also handles updates automatically, but if an auto-update is missed, you can manually update Minecraft. To do this, highlight the game on your dashboard or library, press either the + or – button, choose “Update Software,” and select “Via the Internet” to begin the download.

Android/iOS Mobile Devices

Minecraft is available on both Android and iOS devices, and the updating process is similar for both operating systems. Typically, updates are done automatically, but you can manually update the game by opening the Minecraft app and following the prompts, or by going to the respective app store, searching for Minecraft, and selecting the “Update” button.

Windows 10/11 PCs

The Minecraft Launcher on Windows-based PCs does not automatically update Bedrock/Windows 10/11 Edition. To manually update, open the Microsoft Store app, select your library, click the games button, and press the “Update” button for Minecraft for Windows. Once the download is complete, reopen the launcher, run the Windows version of the game, and press “Play” to launch Minecraft with the latest update.

While these manual steps ensure you have the latest version of Minecraft, it is recommended to enable automatic updates whenever possible to simplify the updating process.

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