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How to Find and Claim the Floating Loot Island in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4

Fortnite Week 5 challenges in Chapter 4 Season 4 include reaching the floating Loot Island and claiming the Capture Point on it. This unique location is not displayed on the map, making it an interesting challenge to undertake. In addition, the floating Loot Island offers amazing loot, making it worth exploring whenever you come across it.

The floating Loot Island is not specific to a particular location in the game. The island spawns through a rift during the later stages of a match, although it may also appear during the early game. To reach the island, players can use the ziplines next to it or climb up, although climbing may attract attention from other players.

The Capture Point on the floating Loot Island is another source of good loot. To claim it, players need to scale the island and approach the pole with a flag. Standing inside the glowing circle surrounding the area, a notification will appear on the screen along with a slowly filling meter. Players should remain inside the circle, but can move around. Once the meter is filled, the flag will reach the top of the pole, and the player will be rewarded with loot.

Claiming the Capture Point on the floating Loot Island rewards players with approximately 15,000 XP for completing a weekly challenge. It is advisable to attempt this challenge with two or more players to fill the meter faster. However, it is important to note that standing in the Capture Point leaves players vulnerable to enemy fire, so it is crucial to clear out any enemies in the area before claiming it.

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