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How to Find and Deploy a Pizza Party at Thorne’s Strongholds in Fortnite

In the latest update of Fortnite, a new set of Quests has been introduced. One of these quests, called Piper Pace's Snapshot quests, requires players to deliver pizzas across the island, collect car parts, and more. One of the trickier quests in this set involves deploying a Pizza Party at one of Thorne's Strongholds. Completing this challenge is no easy feat, especially while fending off opponents.

To begin this quest, players will need to track down a Pizza Party item in Fortnite. This can be quite challenging, as the item is of Epic rarity and may not be easily found. However, there is a guaranteed location where players can purchase the pizza party: Slappy Shores, located on the northern side of the map. Here, players can speak to Piper Pace, who sells Pizza Party items. This location is conveniently located next to a Thorne Stronghold, making it an ideal route for completing the quest quickly.

Once players have obtained the Pizza Party item, they will need to deploy it at one of the six Thorne Strongholds scattered around the island. The nearest stronghold is recommended for those who did not start at Slappy Shores. It is important to make sure to enter the stronghold and be inside the building before using the Pizza Party item. Players will know they are in the right place when they encounter NPC enemies.

By equipping the Pizza Party item and pressing the shoot button, players can throw it down inside the stronghold, completing the quest. This accomplishment rewards players with 25,000 XP and unlocks the next Piper Pace Snapshot Quest.

Finding a Pizza Party and deploying it at a Thorne Stronghold in Fortnite can be a challenging endeavor. However, by following these tips and utilizing the guaranteed location of Slappy Shores, players can increase their chances of success. Good luck on your Fortnite quest!

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