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How to Find and Explore an Ancient City in Minecraft

Finding an Ancient City in Minecraft can be a challenging task, but the rewards are well worth the effort. These mysterious cities were introduced in the Wild Update of Minecraft version 1.19 and are known to contain valuable items. In this article, we will guide you on how to find an Ancient City, how to explore it, and how to avoid disturbing the fearsome Warden.

To find an Ancient City, you must first understand the signs that indicate its presence. They are located in the Deep Dark Biome, which can be recognized by Sculk items such as Sculk blocks, Sculk caverns, Sculk Veins, and Deepslate blocks. Look out for structures like Soul lanterns, Wool, and Dark Oak structures, as they often indicate the presence of an Ancient City.

Ancient Cities are typically found around the 50th layer of the world. The best way to reach this level is by mining until you come across the Sculk blocks and Sculk environment of the Deep Dark Biome. However, not every 50th Y-level will have an Ancient City, and they cannot be found under bodies of water. They are most commonly found under mountains, so it's advisable to mine in those areas.

Once inside an Ancient City, you will notice distinct features such as a giant Warden Deepslate statue, an altar with candles, and an unusable portal. However, not all Ancient Cities will look the same. It's important to explore cautiously and be prepared for the dangers that lie within.

If you prefer to skip the process of searching for an Ancient City, there are alternative methods. You can use cheat codes to locate the structure by typing “/locate structure minecraft:ancient_city” in the command section. Another option is to use a tool like Chunkbase, which allows you to input your seed number and find the closest Ancient Cities.

Before venturing into an Ancient City, it's essential to prepare yourself. Falling through the roof is a common issue, so having an Elytra to reduce fall damage is recommended. Stock up on food, water, armor, and various tools to navigate the Deep Dark Biome and the Ancient City safely.

While exploring the City, it's crucial to avoid disturbing the Warden. This fearsome mob can be activated by the noise produced by Sculk Shriekers and Sculk Sensors. Remain quiet and avoid any unnecessary sounds to prevent the Warden from detecting you. If you do come face-to-face with the Warden, it's best to run and avoid a confrontation.

Bringing potions such as Night Vision can enhance visibility in the low-light areas of the Deep Dark Biome and the Ancient City. Additionally, using Wool to muffle sounds can help you avoid setting off alarms. Place Wool or Carpet on the ground to dampen vibrations and wrap it around anything that may produce noise, such as chests.

Remember to crouch while moving to minimize noise and avoid alarming the Sculk sensors and Shriekers. Being cautious and prepared will increase your chances of successfully navigating and plundering an Ancient City in Minecraft.

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