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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Games with Xbox Live Gold

Hey friend! As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I know how exciting it is to get great games without emptying your wallet. That‘s why Xbox Live Gold is so awesome – it scores you free games every month through Games with Gold!

In this guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to take full advantage of Games with Gold and expand your library with tons of free titles.

What Exactly is Games with Gold?

Games with Gold is a special perk included with an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Every month, Xbox Live Gold members get access to select free games spanning original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One titles.

Typically, the monthly Games with Gold lineup includes:

  • 2 free Xbox One games
  • 2 Xbox 360 games playable on Xbox One through backward compatibility
  • 1 free Xbox 360 game for those still gaming on Xbox 360 consoles

So you can expect around 4-5 free games to download and keep each month, which is an insane value!

The Types of Free Games You Can Get

The free monthly games run the gamut from older classics to recent blockbusters across every genre you can imagine.

Some examples of awesome freebies given away in the past include:

  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Gears of War 4
  • Tomb Raider Definitive Edition
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  • The Division
  • Sunset Overdrive
  • Forza Horizon 2

So you never know what huge hit or hidden gem will be featured next! I like being surprised each month by the variety.

The Incredible Value of Free Games

To put into perspective how much you can save via Games with Gold, take a look at these numbers:

  • Average cost of a new Xbox One game: $59.99
  • Average number of free Games with Gold per month: 4
  • Total value of free games per year: $2,880

So for an Xbox Live Gold subscription costing $60 per year, you‘re getting almost $3,000 worth of free games! That‘s an insane bargain considering a single new release costs $60.

And remember – Xbox 360 and original Xbox games offered through Games with Gold are yours to keep forever, even if you cancel your Gold membership. That‘s a free permanent addition to your game library.

How to Get Started with Free Games

If you don‘t have Xbox Live Gold yet, you‘re missing out! Here are the steps to get set up:

  1. Purchase an Xbox Live Gold membership – $9.99 per month or $59.99 per year. I recommend going for a full year to maximize savings.
  2. Make sure your Xbox One or Xbox 360 is connected online.
  3. On your console, navigate to the Games with Gold section of the Xbox Store.
  4. Select the current month‘s featured free games and click to confirm the downloads.
  5. Once downloaded, you can start playing them immediately!

You can also grab that month‘s free games through the Xbox app on Windows 10 PCs. Just head to the Xbox Game Pass section of the app to find the Games with Gold selection.

Tips to Never Miss a Free Game

To make sure you snag every free Xbox game available each month, keep these tips in mind:

  • Claim new games as soon as they become available, on the 1st and 16th of each month.
  • Even if you don‘t plan to play it now, download any game that looks interesting so you can play later if you want.
  • Set reminders on your phone‘s calendar for the 1st and 16th to prompt you to check out the new games.
  • Follow Xbox on Twitter or Facebook for announcements of each month‘s free game selection.
  • Check the Games with Gold section weekly to confirm you didn‘t miss any new additions.

Maximize Savings with Game Pass Ultimate

For the best value, upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. For $14.99 per month, Ultimate bundles together Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass for access to over 100 games, and additional benefits.

You still get all the Games with Gold freebies, plus tons more Game Pass titles. Ultimately, Ultimate saves you money and nets you more monthly games than Gold alone.

Play Free Games on Other Platforms Too

Games with Gold is exclusive to Xbox platforms, but you can score free games on other systems too:

  • PlayStation Plus – 2 free PS4 games every month.
  • Nintendo Switch Online – Access to classic NES and SNES games.
  • Epic Games Store – Rotating weekly PC game giveaways.
  • Prime Gaming – Monthly free content for PC, mobile, etc. if you have Amazon Prime.

So expand your library across all your gaming platforms and save big with free games!

Build an Awesome Collection with Free Games

As a fellow budget-conscious gamer, I‘m pumped to help you unlock the full potential of Xbox Live Gold and Games with Gold. Follow the steps in this guide and you‘ll be shocked by how quickly your game collection expands without draining your wallet.

Now get ready to enjoy tons of stellar free games! Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy gaming!