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How to Find Structures in Minecraft Using Aristois Mod Menu

If you're looking to find structures like Villages, Strongholds, or Woodland Mansions in Minecraft, but you're having trouble, there's a solution for you. Aristois, a mod menu, can help you track down these structures without the need for cheats or external websites.

To start using the Structure Finder feature in Aristois, you need to download and install the mod for your version of Minecraft. Once installed, launch Minecraft, and you will have access to the Aristois mod menu. This menu offers various features, including the Structure Finder.

With the Structure Finder in Aristois, you can easily locate Strongholds, Ocean Monuments, Woodland Mansions, and Buried Treasures in your Minecraft world. For each structure, there are different steps to follow using the mod.

To find a Stronghold, craft two Eye of Enders and throw one in front of you. Move more than 100 blocks away and throw the second Eye of Ender. Open the mod menu, activate Waypoints, and a visible waypoint will be created with the distance to the Stronghold displayed.

To find Ocean Monuments and Woodland Mansions, you can buy or trade for an Ocean Explorer Map or a Woodland Explorer Map from a Cartographer. Activate Structure Finder and Waypoints in the mod menu, and it will show you the directions to these structures.

For Buried Treasure, locate a shipwreck and retrieve the Buried Treasure Map from the chest. Activate Structure Finder and Waypoints, and you will see the real-time direction to the Buried Treasure.

Using the Structure Finder in Aristois is not considered cheating as it still requires effort in obtaining the necessary items or maps. It simply adds a GPS-like feature to help you locate structures more easily.

So, if you're tired of searching aimlessly in Minecraft, give Aristois and its Structure Finder a try. Happy exploring!