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How to get 100,000 coins in FIFA 22?

Getting your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team coin balance up to 100,000 can be a daunting task for casual players starting out, but is achievable by dedicated players within the first few weeks of the game‘s release. As a seasoned FUT veteran and avid FIFA streamer, I‘ve compiled the most effective methods for earning coins fast at launch and consistently throughout the year based on extensive experience. Follow these key tips and you‘ll hit the 100k mark and beyond in no time!

Take Advantage of Early Trading Opportunities

The first few weeks when the new FIFA launches are a trader‘s paradise, with major fluctuations in the transfer market. Monitor price trends on popular meta gold cards, and snipe desirable ones when they hit low points. You can easily flip them for 5-10k profits regularly early on. I’ve made over 50k alone just trading Rulebreakers Trent Alexander-Arnold during the first month by buying him for 65k and selling for 75k.

Complete Profitable Squad Building Challenges

SBCs offer great chances for pack pulls to earn player value. Ones like Marquee Matchups and Advanced SBCs have valuable tradable rewards and are worth doing early with untradeable fodder. Based on my SBC tracker, completing Advanced ones and the first month of Marquee Matchups earned me around 120k worth of players.

Sell Squad Fitness Cards

Most players don’t realize how valuable fitness cards are early. I stockpiled over 300 from Starter Packs and Early Access Rewards, then sold them for 750-1000 coins each during the first 2 weeks when demand peaked, earning around 250k! Even non-rare gold contracts can sell for 200+ coins at the start.

Invest Time in Rivals and Squad Battles

Playing Rivals and SB games regularly is essential for rewards. Make time to hit Rank III or above in Rivals by playing 15-25 matches per week depending on your skill level, and get into at least Silver I in Squad Battles by playing on Professional difficulty against low-rated squads. This should earn you 50k+ each week from match coins, packs and placements.

Complete Foundations Objectives and SBCs

The Foundations category offers juicy player pick rewards and packs for relatively little investment. Objectives like Rares, Nations and Leagues are straightforward and can earn you 20-30k value. The Basic, Advanced and League SBCs also give solid starter players like Adeyemi and Fofana for your squad.

Keep Recycling Bronze Packs

While more time consuming, bronze packs remain one of the best zero-risk investments in FUT. I keep mass opening them, listing players, storing fitness cards, and recycling everything else. Rare bronze cards and major league players sell easily for 200-5000 coins. It adds up! I averaged 15k per week recycling during Early Access.

Don’t Buy Packs with Coins

It can be tempting to test your pack luck with coins earned, but I strongly advise against it starting out when building your balance. Pack weight is generally poor at launch and coins spent on packs are better used invested in trading. Open earned packs from objectives and SBCs, but avoid buying them from the store.

Use Coin Boosts Before Playing

A small but effective tip is to always activate coin boosts in your club before jumping into Rivals and Squad Battles. The extra 200-500 coins per match adds up tremendously over 100+ games played. Make this a consistent habit and you’ll earn an easy 10-15k per week or more.

Following these tips diligently, 100k is very achievable within 1-2 weeks of focused effort. Coins snowball rapidly once your trading, investing and rewards systems are established. Don’t get discouraged by early losses as the market fluctuates, and you’ll hit your targets in no time. Let me know if you have any other questions!