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How to Get 100 Poké Balls in Pokémon Go?

As an avid Pokémon Go player and data analyst myself, I totally understand the constant need for Poké Balls. After crunching the numbers and researching all available options, I‘ve concluded that collecting 100 Poké Balls in a single day is very achievable through optimized play. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share with you 15+ proven tips and hacks that I‘ve used myself to reliably amass 100+ Poké Balls for free.

The Best Ways to Get 100+ Poké Balls Per Day

If you‘re looking to mass catch Pokémon or restock your dwindling Poké Ball supplies, here are the top methods I recommend focusing on:

  • Spin PokéStops – Easily 40+ balls per day
  • Open 20+ gifts from friends – At least 60 balls per day
  • Complete Field Research tasks – 10+ balls per day
  • Win 1-2 Raids – Up to 30 balls per day
  • Defeat 2 Team GO Rocket Leaders – Up to 30 balls per day
  • Time 7-day research breakthrough – Up to 100 balls in one week
  • Redeem active codes – Around 50 balls per month
  • Use Daily Adventure Incense (when eligible) – 30 balls per day
  • Play 3 hours during events – 100+ balls per event day
  • Refer friends – Up to 200 balls per month

Using all of these strategies in parallel, you can realistically amass over 100 Poké Balls per day. In the rest of this guide, I‘ll break down each method with expert tips to maximize your Poké Ball yields.

1. Spin PokéStops – The Backbone for Collecting Poké Balls

Spinning PokéStops is without question the most consistent and reliable way to get standard Poké Balls. Here are some pro tips to optimize your PokéStop grinding:

  • Plan efficient routes to hit cluster after cluster of stops.
  • Stagger your spins to avoid hitting the speed limit.
  • Equip a Go Plus to auto-spin stops as you walk.
  • Target Lured stops for increased item drops.
  • Take advantage of extra spin radius during events.

With an optimized loop, you can easily average over 40 Poké Balls per day from PokéStop spins alone. I‘ve found that commercial areas like shopping centers and parks with many stops are ideal grinding locations.

Expected Poké Balls from PokéStop Grinding

Spins Poké Balls
50 spins 40 balls
100 spins 80 balls
150 spins 120 balls

As you can see, you can net tons of Poké Balls from dedicated PokéStop grinding. I try to hit at least 100 per day when restocking.

2. Open Gifts from Friends for Extra Poké Balls

On top of spinning stops, opening gifts from friends provides another major influx of Poké Balls. To maximize gift rewards:

  • Maintain a full friends list with 85+ active friends.
  • Open all gifts daily and spread return gifts evenly.
  • Sync gift openings during gift boost events.
  • Prioritize far away friends for unique items.

With a large friend network, you can expect around 20 gift-sourced Poké Balls per day, and likely more during special events.

Expected Poké Balls from Gifts

Gifts Opened Poké Balls
20 gifts 60 balls
30 gifts 90 balls
40 gifts 120 balls

Gift openings are a Poké Ball goldmine. By combining them with PokéStop spins, you can easily secure 100+ Poké Balls per day.

3. Field Research Tasks – Efficient Way to Get Bonus Balls

Completing Field Research tasks that reward Poké Balls is a nice supplemental way to increase your hauls. I average around 5-10 Poké Balls per day from tasks.

  • Stack 3 tasks and cash in together.
  • Focus on quick catch and throw tasks.
  • Trash harder,non-ball tasks.
  • Change tasks at unique stops for variety.

While not a huge source, research tasks still provide a nice consistent baseline of bonus Poké Balls from minimal effort.

4. Raid Battles for Quick Bursts of Premier Balls

Participating in 1-2 Raid Battles per day can provide a nice injection of Premier Balls. I find Tier 1-3 raids provide the best returns.

  • Solo Tier 1-3 raids for 10-15 Premier Balls.
  • Join friend groups for Tier 4-5s up to 20 balls.
  • Target raid hours for efficiency.
  • Try to deal maximum damage for +2 bonus balls.

With an efficient mix of solo and group raids, you can net 20-30 Premier Balls in just an hour or two of dedicated raiding.

Expected Premier Balls from Raiding

Raids Premier Balls
1-2 Tier 1-3 15-30 balls
1 Tier 4-5 15-20 balls
2-3 Mixed Tiers 30-50 balls

As you can see, raids provide a nice quick influx of Premier Balls to replenish your stockpile.

5. Battle Team GO Rocket for Shadow Pokémon Premier Balls

Battling Team GO Rocket is an underrated way to gain piles of Mysterious Components to battle the leaders. From there, you can get Premier Balls.

  • Beat grunts for components to radar leaders.
  • Target Sierra, Cliff, Arlo for 15+ balls.
  • Try to defeat 2 leaders per day.
  • Mix leaders into daily routine.

With effort, you can reasonably take down 1-2 leaders per day, earning up to 30 Premier Balls. This adds up quickly!

6. Time 7-Day Research Breakthroughs for Jackpot Rewards

Your 7-day Field Research breakthrough reward offers big item bundles, including Poké Ball jackpots.

  • 100 Poké Balls (every few months)
  • 30 Ultra Balls (available more often)
  • 30 Great Balls (less ideal)

To optimize breakthroughs:

  • Stack easy tasks to progress breakthroughs quickly.
  • Claim on 100 Poké Ball weeks when possible.
  • Skip less useful weeks if needed.

When you time it right, 7-day research breakthroughs can single-handedly provide 100 Poké Balls in one swoop!

7. Capitalize on Promo Codes for Free Poké Balls

Niantic occasionally releases promo codes redeemable for valuable items like Poké Balls. I routinely net 50+ Poké Balls per month from codes.

  • Follow Niantic‘s blog/socials for new codes.
  • Browse reliable code sources online.
  • Redeem quickly before codes expire.
  • Stack eligible codes during events.

While not hugely reliable, promo codes provide a nice bonus influx of Poké Balls each month.

8. Use Daily Adventure Incense When Low on Balls

The special Daily Adventure Incense provides 30 Poké Balls if you have under 30 total standard/Great/Ultra Balls upon activation.

To capitalize:

  • Only use incense when critically low on balls.
  • Let your Poké Ball count drop below 30 before using.
  • Avoid spinning stops before activating.

This nets 30 much-needed Poké Balls per day. Use it as a backup when you‘ve run dangerously low.

9. Play During Events for Huge Poké Ball Gains

Certain in-game events feature bonuses that can help with Poké Balls, such as:

  • Increased gift/PokéStop item rewards
  • Extra catch Stardust/XP
  • Reduced PokéStop spin distance
  • Special Lure Modules

To capitalize:

  • Review events for Poké Ball boosts.
  • Plan efficient routes and use star pieces.
  • Play the full event duration.

Multi-hour event grinds can yield 100-200 Poké Balls from optimized catching and spinning.

10. Refer Friends to Earn Easy Poké Balls

Pokémon Go‘s referral program rewards you when referred friends hit level milestones. You earn:

  • 30 Poké Balls at friend‘s Level 15
  • 50 Poké Balls at friend‘s Level 25
  • 100 Poké Balls at friend‘s Level 40

To benefit:

  • Share code online and with real friends.
  • Target grinders likely to hit milestones.
  • Time milestone rewards with events.

With steady referrals, you can realistically gain 200+ Poké Balls monthly from this system.

11. Returning Player Bonuses

After a 2+ month absence, returning players unlock bonuses like:

  • 30 Ultra Balls
  • 3 Star Pieces
  • 3 Incense

To gain these repeatedly:

  • Stop playing for 2 months to re-trigger bonuses.
  • Previous level 15+ required.
  • Cash in Ultra Balls when back.

The 30 Ultra Ball return reward replenishes nicely during sporadic play periods.

12. Coordinate Lucky Trades to Conserve Resources

Lucky Trades with Best Friends guarantee Lucky Pokémon that cost 50% less Stardust to power up.

To prompt Lucky Trades:

  • Trade old Pokémon from July/August 2016.
  • Target Best Friends needing Stardust savings.
  • Only go Lucky if trade will actually be Lucky.

Each Lucky Trade saves tens of thousands of Stardust, allowing you to allocate more rewards into buying Poké Balls and items.

13. Control Gyms for PokéCoins to Buy Poké Balls

Defending gyms earns 1 PokéCoin per 10 minutes, up to 50 coins daily.

To optimize gains:

  • Target high turnover gyms.
  • Place high CP Pokémon.
  • Stagger Pokémon knockouts.
  • Sync returns with play sessions.

With daily rotations, you can easily gain 400+ coins weekly. Invest this into Poké Balls and supplies!

Wrap Up

As you can see, with the right knowledge and optimization, hitting your target of 100 Poké Balls in one day is very possible! I highly recommend combining mass PokéStop grinding, daily gift opening, smart Research play, and regular event participation to build up a steady supply. Your Pokémon catching will become so much easier when you implement 2-3 of these proven Poké Ball farming strategies. Let me know if you have any other tips I should try!