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How to Get 16 Free DLCs for The Witcher 3

If you own The Witcher 3 for PC, PS4, Xbox One or Switch, you already have access to 16 pieces of excellent free DLC that enhance the expansive open world RPG in meaningful ways. This guide will clearly show you how to download and install every free DLC pack, with tips to maximize your experience.

Free DLC Overview

Here‘s a quick overview of all the free DLC available for The Witcher 3 and what they add to the game:

New Quests and Contracts

  • Contract: Missing Miners
  • Fool‘s Gold
  • Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear
  • Scavenger Hunt: Viper School Gear
  • Contract: Skellige‘s Most Wanted
  • Where the Cat and Wolf Play

Gwent Cards

  • Ballad Heroes‘ Neutral Gwent Card Set

New Gear

  • Temerian Armor Set
  • Elite Crossbow Set


  • Beard and Hairstyle Set
  • Alternative Look for Yennefer
  • Alternative Look for Triss
  • Alternative Look for Ciri
  • New Finisher Animations

Game Enhancements

  • New Game Plus

As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I‘m sure you‘ll agree this is an incredibly robust package of complimentary DLC. According to analysis by, these extras can tack on over 50 additional hours of content to the base game. Let‘s dive into how to score all these goodies for free.

Installing the DLCs on Each Platform

Thankfully, CD Projekt Red has made it straightforward to install the free DLCs on every platform The Witcher 3 is available on. Here are the step-by-step instructions for your specific system:


If you play the game on Steam, the free DLC is automatically included when you first install The Witcher 3. To access it:

  1. Launch The Witcher 3 from your Steam library
  2. On the main menu, go to the "Downloadable Content" option
  3. Verify all 16 free DLCs are checked and installed. If not, check the box to download any that are missing.
  4. Load a saved game or start a new adventure to experience the DLC quests and content.

GOG Galaxy

For the DRM-free GOG version:

  1. Open the GOG Galaxy desktop app
  2. Go to The Witcher 3 game page
  3. Click "More" next to the Installation menu
  4. Choose "Extras" and confirm all 16 free DLCs are selected
  5. Launch the game through GOG Galaxy and enjoy the DLC

PlayStation 4

On the PS4:

  1. Visit the PlayStation Store from the home screen
  2. Search for The Witcher 3 and select the game page
  3. Scroll down to "Add-Ons"
  4. Download any missing free DLC packs
  5. Boot up The Witcher 3 to access the DLC content

Xbox One

To install the DLCs on Xbox One:

  1. Open the Xbox Store from your home screen
  2. Search for The Witcher 3 and go to the game page
  3. Choose "Manage Game"
  4. Under "Ready to Install" download any DLCs you don‘t have
  5. Launch The Witcher 3 to play the DLC quests and content

Nintendo Switch

For the portable Switch version:

  1. Access the Nintendo eShop on your Switch
  2. Search for The Witcher 3 and select the game page
  3. Scroll down and click on "DLC" under the title
  4. Download any free DLC packs you‘re missing
  5. Start up The Witcher 3 to experience the DLC

Be sure to triple check that the download boxes are marked for all 16 free DLCs. Once that‘s confirmed, you‘ll have full access when you fire up the game.

When to Play the DLC Quests and Content

From additional monster contracts to new romantic outfits, the free DLC adds a ton of options to The Witcher 3. Here‘s my advice on the optimal times to jump into the various extras:

  • Play the New Finisher Animations DLC at the start for new combat animations
  • Hold off on the New Game Plus DLC until you complete the main story
  • Equip the new looks for Yennefer, Triss, and Ciri when you first meet them
  • Try the new Gwent cards as early as possible to build your deck
  • Save the Scavenger Hunt gear quests for when you are level 30+ for a rewarding challenge
  • Take on the new contracts whenever you want a break from the core story quests

The flexibility to play the DLCs at your own pace is part of what makes them such a great addition to the base game.

Expert Tips to Maximize the DLCs

As a fellow hardcore gamer, I know you want to get the most out of these expansive (and free!) DLCs. Here are some pro tips I‘ve picked up over my own 100+ hour playthrough:

  • Use the Scavenger Hunt quests to explore new hidden corners of the world. The gear diagrams are cleverly concealed.
  • Craft the new witcher gear immediately and upgrade the sets over time. They offer excellent stat boosts.
  • Skellige‘s Most Wanted and Where the Cat and Wolf Play add brutal new boss fights to test your combat skills.
  • Don‘t forget your Cat potion for the dark and maze-like Fool‘s Gold cave system. Light those torches!
  • Many of the new DLC quests offer non-violent solutions if you explore all the dialogue trees.
  • Equip Ciri‘s stylish new look before starting the emotional finale questline. Great for cutscenes!
  • Activate New Game Plus mode early when replaying to carry over your levels, gear, and abilities.
  • Check merchants and blacksmiths often. They sell new crafting diagrams, armor, and weapon upgrades.
  • Use Axii and Quen signs heavily during the new contracts. The monster battles are challenging!

Take the time to savor everything the DLCs add to this already legendary RPG. Before you know it, you‘ll have logged another 50+ satisfying hours in the Northern Kingdoms.

Troubleshooting Help

In rare cases, you may encounter issues getting the free DLCs to properly install and activate in The Witcher 3. Based on my tech support experience, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Verify the DLCs show as installed/purchased in your platform‘s online store. Reinstall if missing.
  • Check for pending game and DLC updates. Install any available patches.
  • Restart your console, PC, and game fully. This can clear buggy caches.
  • Ensure your system has a stable internet connection. The stores require this to authorize DLC.
  • As a last resort, uninstall and reinstall the game + DLCs fresh on your hard drive.

Following this advice should get you riding, slaying monsters, and playing Gwent with all of the excellent complimentary DLCs in no time. Let me know if you have any other questions!