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How to Get 50 Free Valorant Points

Hey there! If you‘re looking for ways to get some free Valorant Points (VP), you‘ve come to the right place. As a fellow gamer and streaming enthusiast, I‘ve discovered several methods to earn up to 50 VP without spending any cash. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share all my tips to help you unlock new agents, weapon skins, and more in Valorant for free.

Overview of Free VP Methods

Before we dive in, here‘s a quick overview of the various ways you can get free VP:

  • Submitting fan art
  • Participating in giveaways
  • Writing to Riot Games
  • Using reward sites
  • Watching Valorant esports
  • Recruiting friends
  • Checking the Valorant Store

Many of these methods require some effort on your part, but are tried and tested by the Valorant community. With a bit of patience, you can easily rack up 50 VP or more. Now, let‘s explore each method in more detail!

1. Create and Submit Fan Art

One of my favorite ways to get free VP is to flex my creative skills and come up with awesome Valorant fan art. Riot Games is known to gift up to 50 VP to players who submit impressive and unique artworks.

You can share your creations directly with Riot by emailing them to [email protected]. I highly recommend including a note about how much you love Valorant and polishing your art before sending it.

Another option is posting your fan art online and tagging the official Valorant social media accounts in the caption. Riot browses fan submissions on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms. This exposes your work to the broader Valorant community too!

Pro Tip: Study Valorant‘s visual style and polish your skills before creating fan art to boost your chances of getting noticed by Riot. Hand-drawn, digital, and even sculpted/crafted art can all win you free VP!

2. Keep an Eye Out for Giveaways

Giveaways are a popular way to score free VP codes ranging from 10 VP to 50 VP. Here are some tips to find and win Valorant giveaways:

  • Follow Valorant social media and its community figures who often run contests. I highly recommend following @PlayValorant, @ValorantEsports, @ValorantUpdates and popular streamers on Twitter.
  • Join Valorant Discord servers and subreddits like r/Valorant to catch giveaway announcements.
  • Check ValleyGiveaways and other similar sites that aggregate Valorant-related giveaways in one place.
  • Participate in community contests hosted by Valorant fan sites. They may offer VP as prizes.
  • During major esports events like VCT, many watch parties and co-streams run VP giveaways.
  • When you find a giveaway, make sure to thoroughly follow the instructions to enter for a chance to win free VP.

Giveaways offer an enjoyable way to potentially get your hands on VP codes for simply participating in the Valorant community. Plus, it doesn‘t require any financial investment from your end!

3. Write Thoughtful Messages to Riot

If you pen down sincere and creative messages for Riot Games, you might just win their hearts and get rewarded with free VP. Here are some tips:

  • Thank Riot for developing such an amazing and competitive tactical shooter like Valorant. I‘m sure they‘d love hearing about how much you enjoy playing their game!
  • Share your fondest memories and highlights from Valorant so far. Paint a picture of how Valorant has made a positive impact on your life.
  • Offer constructive feedback and suggestions on how Valorant can continue to evolve. Riot is always looking to improve player experience.
  • Create Valorant-themed artwork, poems, stories or any other creative work to accompany your message.
  • Post your message on Twitter and other platforms to increase visibility, then email it directly to Riot as well.

If your message resonates with the Valorant team, Rioters have been known to surprise players with up to 50 VP. So open up your heart through your words and you might just get rewarded for it!

4. Take Surveys on Reward Sites

Reward and survey sites like Swagbucks, PrizeRebel, etc offer small amounts of VP in exchange for completing surveys, downloads, sign-ups and other tasks. Here are some tips to effectively earn VP through these sites:

  • Swagbucks offers 200 SB for $2 worth of VP. Complete surveys, play games, watch videos and more to earn SB points.
  • PrizeRebel provides 240 points for 10 VP. Take surveys and participate in other earning activities to accumulate points.
  • PollPay directly rewards VP for taking surveys and is one of the fastest payout options.
  • Check respective reward sites for the latest VP exchange rates and earning offers. Rates may vary over time.
  • Cash out your earnings for VP codes as soon as you have enough points to qualify. Don‘t lose your hard-earned points!

While reward sites take more effort and time, they offer a relatively steady way to obtain VP over time. In my experience, you can make around 25 VP in a few weeks by regularly using them.

5. Watch Valorant Esports live streams

Valorant esports events like VCT, community tournaments, watch parties etc often drop VP rewards for viewers. Here are some tips to maximize your chances of getting VP drops:

  • Link your Riot account to your Twitch account to be eligible for drops. This is mandatory!
  • Watch live streams of major Valorant tournaments and teams for chance at drops.
  • Drops usually occur 30-60 minutes into a stream, so watch longer for better chances.
  • Interact and participate in chat for higher visibility. Streamers sometimes do giveaways too!
  • Co-streams and watch parties also provide plenty of drop opportunities.
  • Each VP drop is typically 5-10 VP. Collect multiple drops to reach 50 VP.

Watching esports is an enjoyable way to potentially earn VP over time. Plus, you get to witness amazing Valorant action!

6. Recruit Friends and Get Rewards!

Riot Games occasionally offers VP rewards for recruiting new players to Valorant. Here are some tips to get the most out of their referral programs:

  • Referral rewards are often limited time events announced via Valorant social media. So keep an eye out for them.
  • Get your custom referral link during these events and share it with friends who might be interested in trying Valorant.
  • Both you and your referred friend get VP when they reach certain milestones like completing 20 games.
  • The amount is usually around 25-50 VP per successful referral.
  • Target friends who are into tactical shooters to maximize successful referrals and VP earned.

Referral programs offer a very direct way to get guaranteed VP for promoting Valorant. Plus, you get to enjoy the game with more of your buddies!

7. Check the Valorant Store Frequently

This is a long shot, but Riot has been known to surprise players with free VP directly added to their account inventories. The downside is these random VP gifts are very unpredictable. Still, checking the Valorant store frequently improves your chances of discovering free VP.

  • Log into Valorant daily and head to the Store tab to check for any surprises.
  • Gifts are usually a small amount like 10-20 VP. But receiving them regularly can add up over time.
  • Sometimes Riot announces VP gifts on social media when they become available. So follow their accounts.
  • These are likely tied to player milestones and events/holidays. Playing regularly increases probability.
  • If your daily store check surprises you with free VP, be sure to thank Riot!

With some discipline, regularly checking the in-game store can lead to a nice stack of bonus free VP. Definitely worth keeping up with daily.

In Conclusion

Phew, that was a detailed overview of all the ways you can earn up to 50 Valorant Points for free with some time and effort. While difficult, reaching the 50 VP goal is certainly achievable through a combination of these methods.

I hope this guide gives you plenty of helpful tips and motivation to start earning your way to those awesome Valorant cosmetics you‘ve been eyeing without spending any money. Feel free to hit me up if you have any other questions! Best of luck and have fun gaming.