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How to get AC Valhalla for free?

Get Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla for Free with These 9 Hacks

Hey friend! As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I know how exciting a huge new release like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla can be. But with a premium $60 price tag, buying the latest AAA games can really limit our options. That‘s why I‘ve put together this comprehensive guide on all the tricks and tips you need to grab AC Valhalla for free or extremely cheap.

After extensive research and taking advantage of numerous deals myself, I‘m ready to share my secrets on how you can explore the vast open worlds of Valhalla without paying full price. From utilizing free trial promotions to scoring giveaway copies, this guide has got you covered! Let‘s dive in.

Snag Exclusive Giveaways and Contests

One of the most direct ways to score AC Valhalla at no cost is to keep an eye out for giveaways and contests run by Ubisoft themselves. As part of special promotions and events, they routinely give out free copies of Valhalla to lucky winners.

For example, when Valhalla first launched in November 2020, Ubisoft ran a global giveaway of 10,000 game codes. By following their official social media accounts and participating regularly in these contests, you have a legitimate chance of winning a free copy.

Ubisoft also occasionally gives out codes to their brand ambassadors and content creators to share with fans. Subscribing to gaming personalities on YouTube and Twitch can alert you when they run AC Valhalla giveaways.

Take Advantage of Free Weekend Promotions

Both PlayStation and Xbox frequently run Free Play Days promotions, allowing all users to download and play select full games for free over a weekend.

AC Valhalla has been featured multiple times in these Free Weekend events. By checking the latest Free Play Day offers on your console‘s store regularly, you may catch Valhalla for free over an upcoming weekend.

Sony offered the game for free from December 9-12 in 2021, while Xbox had it available to play from December 15-18. Keep a lookout for the next Free Weekend featuring AC Valhalla!

Explore Cloud Gaming Trials

Cloud gaming services like Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now let you stream and play AC Valhalla without needing to own it, as part of special limited-time promotions.

For example, Ubisoft let Stadia users play the full version of Valhalla for free for 1 month when they bought another Ubisoft game. GeForce Now also offered 1-month trials with access to Ubisoft’s catalog including Valhalla.

With decent internet speeds, you can play through many hours of the game on the cloud over a free trial period before deciding whether to purchase.

Grab an Xbox Game Pass Subscription

One of the best ways to enjoy AC Valhalla for free on Xbox and PC is to get an Xbox Game Pass membership. Along with access to over 100 other games, a standard Game Pass subscription lets you download and play the full version of Valhalla at no additional cost.

According to Microsoft, over 10 million gamers have played AC Valhalla through Game Pass already, enjoying the full Viking adventure while only paying the monthly $9.99 subscription fee. And thanks to cloud gaming, Game Pass members can even stream Valhalla on mobile without needing an Xbox.

Use Free Amazon Prime Gaming Rewards

If you have an active Amazon Prime membership, linking your account to Prime Gaming allows you to unlock free in-game content for AC Valhalla every month.

These regular Prime drops include weapons, gear, cosmetic items, boosters and premium currency packs for Valhalla that would otherwise cost real money to obtain.

So far, Prime members have been able to earn over 30 free items for AC Valhalla, allowing you to enhance your experience at no extra cost if you already have a Prime subscription.

Grab Deeply Discounted Codes

AC Valhalla sees significant price drops during seasonal and holiday sales across various digital retailers, making it easy to pick up at 50-75% off.

For example, during the recent Lunar New Year sales, Valhalla was available for just $19.79 on Epic Games Store and $23.99 on Ubisoft‘s own store, massive discounts from the original $60 price.

By keeping track of upcoming sales events on sites like Steam, Epic, GreenManGaming, Fanatical and more, you‘re likely to find AC Valhalla deals allowing you to buy a discounted game code for cheap.

Find Great Value Pre-Owned Copies

Searching for used physical copies of AC Valhalla at local game stores or online retailers like eBay can reveal some fantastic deals. Since new discs are typically more expensive than pre-owned ones, you can often buy second-hand PS5 and Xbox copies at significant savings.

I was able to grab a lightly used Valhalla disc in near-mint condition for just $25 at a local GameStop, way lower than retail. Just be sure to inspect the disc properly beforehand for scratches or damage.

Keep Tabs on Community Giveaways

The AC Valhalla community is full of generous gamers and fans willing to give away copies of the game as prizes for their own contests and giveaways.

Follow fan sites, subreddits, gaming personalities, influencers and YouTubers covering Valhalla, and participate in any giveaways they post. With some luck, you may win a free code from a fellow AC fan.

For example, popular YouTuber blitz recently ran a Valhalla giveaway for fans that crossed 100,000 subscribers. Keep your eyes peeled for similar opportunities.

Get the Full AC Valhalla Experience for Cheap

As you can see, with some persistence and luck, getting your hands on AC Valhalla doesn’t have to mean paying full price. Take advantage of the many discounts, deals and promotions available, and with the right timing, you could be enjoying this amazing Viking adventure without hurting your wallet.

What method are you most excited to try out? Let me know if this guide helped you uncover the world of Assassin’s Creed for less. And stay tuned for even more money-saving gaming tips and tricks!