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How to Get FIFA 23 Points for Free: The Ultimate Guide

Hey friend! Building your dream team in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is super addicting. But buying FIFA points to get ahead can really add up.

As a fellow FIFA fan, I’ve got your back. I’ll show you how to score FIFA points without paying a cent. With some time and effort, you can stock up on free points to buy packs and hopefully pack some sweet players!

What Are FIFA Points Anyway?

In Ultimate Team, FIFA points are the premium currency used to buy packs containing random players and consumables.

You can purchase FIFA points with real-world money. Here‘s how much each pack costs:

  • 150 FIFA Points – $1.99
  • 550 FIFA Points – $6.99
  • 1,100 FIFA Points – $9.99
  • 2,200 FIFA Points – $19.99
  • 4,600 FIFA Points – $39.99
  • 12,000 FIFA Points – $99.99

With FIFA points, you can shortcut the process of building your team by buying more packs. But packs are always a gamble since the contents are randomized.

Why Get FIFA Points for Free?

Free FIFA points let you enjoy opening packs while saving your cash for other things. Any great players you luck into are just a bonus!

You‘ll also learn more about FIFA Ultimate Team when earning points through gameplay. And hitting objectives and milestones feels more rewarding when building your team.

According to EA, the odds of packing the top players are:

  • Gold Players – 100%
  • Rare Gold Players – 30.6% per pack
  • 83+ OVR Players – 9.1% per pack
  • 85+ OVR Players – 2.9% per pack
  • 87+ OVR Players – 0.9% per pack

As you can see, packing high-rated players is very unlikely. So free points help you take more low-cost gambles improving your odds.

How to Score Free FIFA Points

There are a few legit ways to earn FIFA points without spending money:

Play FUT & FUT Draft

  • Earn rewards like packs, coins, and FIFA points by completing matches in FUT Seasons, Squad Battles, FUT Champions, and Division Rivals. The higher you rank, the better your rewards!
  • Playing FUT Draft lets you win up to 15,000 coins, up to 2 Rare Players Packs, and up to 600 FIFA Points for each win. At 4 wins, you get the best rewards.

Ace Objectives & SBCs

  • Grinding objectives and Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) gives you XP and free packs with a chance of FIFA Points for completing them.
  • Limited-time events and promotions also offer objectives rewarding FIFA Points too.

Check the FUT & Companion Apps

  • Logging into the FUT Web App and Companion App daily lets you collect free packs, coins, and FIFA Points just for signing in.
  • Watching ad videos in the Companion App gives additional free packs, some containing guaranteed FIFA Points.

Keep an Eye Out for Promos & Giveaways

  • EA Sports occasionally runs FIFA promotions and contests where you can win FIFA Point prizes.
  • Follow EA‘s social accounts and forums for FIFA Points giveaways and code drops.

Score Twitch Drops

  • Watching certain Twitch streams and FIFA events allows you to earn Twitch packs with a chance of FIFA Points inside.

Buy Discounted Points

  • Capitalize on limited-time promotions with 10-20% off FIFA Points packs or bonus FIFA Points added.

Patience and persistence pay off. Do all these routinely and your free FIFA Points stash will grow and grow!

Tips for Maximizing Free Points

Once you‘ve scored some free FIFA Points, follow these expert tips to stretch their value:

Save Them for Promos

  • Wait to spend free points when promo events are running featuring boosted odds for special player items in packs.
  • Examples are Team of the Week (TOTW), Team of the Season (TOTS), Ultimate Scream, FUT Birthday, and FUT Freeze.

Target Promo Packs

  • Look for promo packs guaranteeing a set number of rare gold players to increase your chances of hitting someone good.

Mix Packs Up

  • Weigh expensive packs versus cheaper packs to maximize returns. Variety helps your odds.
  • For example, buy a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack (30k coins) along with a 5k Gold Pack.

Enter FUT Draft

  • Use free points to play FUT Draft when TOTW or TOTS cards are featured as rewards for more value.

Combine Points & Coins

  • Mix free points with coins you’ve earned to afford more expensive packs with better odds.

Save For Events

  • Hold packs containing free points until big player events like Team of the Year when top promo cards flood packs.

Getting the most out of free points takes some strategy and patience! But it pays off.

Other Ways to Improve Your Team

If your free points don‘t pack the players you hoped for, you have other options:

Work the Transfer Market

  • Buy low and sell high! Study player prices to make profit.
  • Search for bargain buyback deals.
  • Bid on sales ending soon.
  • Sell at peak prices when demand is high.

Grind SBCs

  • Complete Squad Building Challenges using your unwanted cards to earn packs and players.

Earn Coins from Matches

  • Get coins through matches, rewards, and objectives. Save to buy players outright versus packs.

Try Loan Legends

  • Test drive legendary players like Pele and Maradona for 10+ games before purchasing.

The Transfer Market, SBCs, loans, and coins give you alternatives to improve your squad!

Is Buying Points Worth It?

I get it – free points take time. Is it worth buying FIFA Points with money? Here‘s my take:

Set a Budget

  • Decide a reasonable budget for buying points based on what you can afford to spend.

Know the Odds

  • Recognize your odds of packing top players are still low. Don‘t overspend chasing the 1%.

Wait for Discounts

  • Exercise patience and only buy points when they are discounted or during promos.

Target Promo Events

  • Consider buying points during events like TOTY or Ultimate TOTS when top player odds are elevated.

Buy from Trusted Sellers

  • Avoid shady third-party key resellers. Stick to official stores for safety.

With the right expectations and self-control, buying FIFA Points can make sense on occasion.

Knock ‘Em Dead with Free Points!

Phew, we covered a lot of ground! With all these tips, you can stock up on free FIFA Points for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Stay on the grind playing matches, completing objectives, and checking for promotions. Follow my advice to stretch the value of what you earn for free.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy growing your team, whether using free or bought points. Go get ‘em, friend! Let me know if you have any other questions.