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How to Get All the Free Candy You Could Ever Want in Pokémon Go

Hey there! As a fellow Pokémon Go enthusiast, I‘m going to let you in on all my tips and strategies for maximizing the amount of free candy you can earn in the game. With enough candy, you can power up and evolve your Pokémon to take over those gyms and dominate the Go Battle League!

An Introduction to Candy

First, a quick overview of how candies work in Pokémon Go:

  • Each Pokémon evolution family has its own unique candy
  • You earn candy by catching, hatching, transferring, walking with buddies, and other activities
  • Evolve and power up Pokémon by spending their candies
  • Rare Candy can be used on any Pokémon

Now let‘s dive into the best ways to score tons of free candies!

Catching – The Candy Goldmine

Catching wild Pokémon is hands-down the #1 way to stock up on candies. Here are some tips to maximize your haul:

  • Use Pinap Berries on every catch – they double the candy bonus to 6 per catch!
  • Focus on common species like Pidgey or Weedle that only need 12 candies to evolve. Their candies will pile up fast.
  • Catch the same Pokémon multiple times in a row to get ‘catch combo‘ bonuses for extra candies. I‘ve gotten up to 10 candies per catch chaining Zubat!
  • Save incense and lures for events that feature increased spawn rates or candy bonuses. It‘s crazy how much candy you can rake in!

According to surveys, trainers earn an average of 70-150 candies per day from catching alone. During special events, you can double or triple that with enough grinding!

Hatching Eggs for Candy Jackpots

Hatching eggs containing Pokémon you need candies for can yield huge payouts:

Egg Distance Candy Awarded
2 km 10-16
5 km 15-21
7 km 16-32
10 km 16-32
12 km 25-40

To maximize, prioritize longer eggs containing rarer Pokémon like Deino or Sandile rather than short ones with Pidgey. Enable Adventure Sync so your steps add up even when the app is closed. And take advantage of limited-time incubators during events to hatch more eggs!

I‘ve hatched over 500 eggs, and the candy rewards really add up over time. Just don‘t get too addicted to hatching like I did!

Transferring for Easy Candy

Every Pokémon you transfer to the Professor earns you 1 candy. It may not seem like much, but it adds up!

I like to tag duplicates and sort by number to mass transfer extras of commons like Pidgeotto or Kakuna. For each 100 you transfer, that‘s 100 free candies with minimal effort!

Trading in shinies or legendary Pokémon gives you even more candy if you have extras. I try to limit transfers to Pokémon I have over 20 of. Gotta build that living Pokédex!

Walking Buddies Multiplies Candy

Setting a Pokémon as your buddy and walking earns you candy over time. The longer the required walking distance, the more worthwhile it is:

Buddy Distance KM Per Candy
1 km 1 km
3 km 3 km
5 km 5 km
20 km 20 km

Always set rare and evolved Pokémon like Gible or Lucario as your buddy – their candy is much harder to get! Enable Adventure Sync so you rack up candy passively as you go about your day.

Pro tip: Use berries to temporarily halve your buddy‘s walking distance. I use it on my Darumaka buddy to get Unova stones faster!

Participate in Raids for Rare Candy

Taking on raid battles gives you a chance to earn rare candy – the holy grail since it can be used on any Pokémon!

The possible rare candy reward ranges from 3 to 15 candies, and scales up with the raid tier difficulty:

Raid Tier Rare Candy Range
1-2 3-5
3-4 6-10
5 10-15
Mega 8-15

Coordinate with big groups when possible to maximize your premier ball count and rare candy chances. I find this works best with local Discord groups.

Some other ways to score rare candy:

  • Time research breakthroughs to get bundles of 3, 6, or 15
  • PVP battles, trainer battles, GO Battle League
  • Certain field research tasks

Rare candy is hugely helpful in powering up legendary and mythic Pokémon, so get raiding, trainer!

Power Up and Evolve Wisely

Now that you‘re drowning in candy, make sure to use it effectively:

  • Prioritize useful Pokémon – powering up a low IV Pinsir would waste candy better spent on Scizor.
  • Don‘t blow rare candy on non-legendaries when you can walk for more. Save it for mythic and legendary power ups.
  • Only add a 2nd charge move if you will use the Pokémon in battle. Some moves like Blast Burn are must-haves.
  • Evolve high IV specimens with ideal attacks for raids and PVP first. Then focus on Pokedex entries.
  • Be patient – you‘ll keep accumulating more candy over time, no need to splurge it all at once!

Follow these tips, and you‘ll have powered-up Pokémon beyond your wildest dreams. Now get out there and start catching ‘em all! Wishing you mountains of candy on your Pokémon Go journey.