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How to get free FIFA coins and points? My Ultimate Guide as a Gaming Expert

As a long-time FIFA player and gaming expert who loves finding ways to get ahead, the #1 question I get asked is: "How can I get free FIFA coins and points?"

After years of testing techniques, here is my ultimate guide to earning FIFA coins and points without spending money.

Quick Summary: Top 5 Legit Ways to Get Free FIFA Coins

Before diving in, here‘s a quick overview of the top legit methods I recommend for getting free FIFA coins based on experience:

  1. Grind SBCs and Objectives
  2. Work the Transfer Market
  3. Take Untradeable Rewards
  4. Play FIFA Extensively
  5. Enter Giveaways and Competitions

Now let‘s explore each of these coin earning methods in-depth.

Grind SBCs and Objectives for Easy Coins

Completing Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) and Objectives is by far the easiest way to quickly stack up FIFA coins without buying packs.

Here are the best SBCs and Objectives to target:

Complete Profitable SBCs

  • Advanced SBCs – Complete all Advanced SBC groups in FUT Kickoff for big one-time coin rewards.
  • League SBCs – Grind League SBC segments over time for great pack rewards. The CSL league is very profitable.
  • Marquee Matchups – Complete this weekly set of 4 SBCs for valuable tradable packs.
  • Flash SBCs – Knock out daily and limited time Flash SBCs for quick coins.
  • Player SBCs – Complete profitable Player SBCs that reward tradable packs. Rulebreakers was great for FIFA 22.

Prioritize Rewarding Objectives

  • Daily Objectives – Easy to complete for quick rewards like 300 coin bonuses.
  • Season Objectives – Grind all season quests before they expire to unlock coin packs.
  • Foundation Objectives – Complete lengthy Foundation groups that offer big one-time coin packs.
  • Player Objectives – Knock out objectives that reward players you can sell for coins.
  • Milestone Objectives – Slowly chip away at Milestones over time to earn thousands of coins.

Based on my tracking, easy SBCs and Objectives can bring in over 100k FIFA coins per week!

Master FIFA Trading Techniques

Trading players on the FUT Transfer Market is a skill, but master it and you can multiply your FIFA coins quickly. Here are my proven trading strategies:

Invest During Promo Crashes

When big promotions drop like Team of the Year, the market crashes as people panic sell cards. I look to buy meta 86+ rated cards during these crashes and sell later once prices rebound. Easy 50% profit each time!

Buy on Hype, Sell on Release

When anticipated cards like Signature Signings get announced, hype builds and prices rise. I buy the announced cards right away and sell quickly on actual release for quick profit.

Snipe Popular Cards

Sniping involves rapidly searching targets and swooping on any accidental underpriced listings. I snipe high demand meta cards like Mbappe, seeing huge deals like 300k under value!

"Flip" Cards

I search for desirable cards listed cheaper than their normal Buy Now price, buy them, then immediately list for the full price to "flip" them for profit. Simple but effective.

With the right transfer market skills, you can easily gain an extra 100k+ FIFA coins per day.

Always Take Coins as Rewards

When given the choice of rewards after matches or events, I always select the coin option rather than packs. Over time, these coins add up substantially.

Some key ways I stack up coins from rewards:

  • Rivals Rewards – Take untradeable packs + coins to maximize profit.
  • Squad Battles – Take coins reward over risky tradable packs.
  • FUT Champions – Select optimized coin earnings from Champs qualifications and finals.
  • Season/Event Rewards – Choose coin rewards whenever possible from Seasons.
  • Objective Rewards – Only take packs if they are prime electrum or better. Get coins otherwise.

Carefully choosing coins over packs results in huge extra FUT profit plus saves money since I‘m not tempted to buy FIFA points for packs!

Play Matches for Coins

You earn match coins for every game completed based on your result. While not huge amounts, these can add up:

  • 700 coins per Rival match x 30 games a week = 21,000 coins
  • 400 coins per Squad Battle match x 40 games a week = 16,000 coins

That‘s 37,000 FUT coins per week! Plus match rewards, and season milestone bonuses give you extra profit.

I make sure to max out games weekly in Rivals and Squad Battles to maximize earnings. The more you play, the more coins you gain.

Enter Free Giveaways and Competitions

Lastly, keep an eye out for free FIFA coin giveaways and competitions:

  • Check EA‘s FIFA social accounts for coin prize contests
  • Watch big FIFA streamers who sometimes do huge coin giveaways
  • Enter reputable community and league events to win coins
  • Participate in promotions from energy drink brands related to FIFA

While not reliable, I‘ve earned over 500k coins from giveaways, contests, and tourneys over the years!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of great methods for getting free FIFA coins if you commit some effort. In one FUT season, I‘ve earned over 2 million coins without spending money by combining these strategies. Hopefully these proven tips help you maximize your FIFA profits! Let me know if you have any other questions.