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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Plays in Las Vegas

As a Vegas veteran, I‘m often asked – how do you get all those free plays? The secret is that free plays are available to everyone, if you know where to look! In this comprehensive 2300+ word guide, I‘ll share insider tips to help you unlock up to $500 in free plays during an average Vegas trip.

An Overview of Free Plays in Vegas

Free play credits, also called free slot play, are promotional cash credits that casinos give customers to play slots, video poker, and table games for free. You use the credits to spin and bet as if they were cash, and you keep any winnings.

Free plays are offered through loyalty programs, targeted promos, mobile apps and gaming sites. On a typical Vegas visit, free plays can add up to $100 – $500+ extra gambling money.

Now let‘s dive into the various ways to keep those free plays flowing on your next trip!

Sign Up for Players Clubs

Joining casinos‘ loyalty programs, known as players clubs, should be your first step. Players clubs are free to join and take just minutes to sign up.

Be sure to provide accurate contact information so the casino can send you offers. According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, over 90% of Las Vegas gamblers participate in loyalty programs.

Why? Most players clubs reward new members with immediate free play upon signup, typically $10 – $50. Plus, being in the players club allows you to earn rewards, including free plays, through all your casino spending.

For example, MGM Resorts offers new members an initial $10 free play voucher and $5 free play daily during their birthday month. Caesars Entertainment sends registered users free play simply for checking in at different casino bars and restaurants.

I recommend joining players clubs at every casino you plan to visit to maximize initial signup offers and earn the most rewards. It takes less than 5 minutes per casino.

According to the Las Vegas Advisor, the top programs are Caesars Rewards, MGM Resorts M life Rewards, and Wynn Rewards. Join all three to get your Vegas free plays off to a good start!

Loyalty Program Free Play Offers

The more you gamble and spend using your players card, the better your rewards. Most programs offer free play as you build up points.

For instance, Caesars Rewards awards members Reward Credits® as they play. 200 Reward Credits can be redeemed for $1 in free play. Seven Stars members, Caesars‘ elite tier, get $500 in monthly free play credits.

Wynn Rewards members also earn free play vouchers redeemable at any Wynn casino based on their tracked slot and table play. The lowest Red tier gets a $50 birthday free play, scaling up to $500 for the top Chairman tier.

Status Matching

If you already have elite status in one players club, ask for a status match at other casinos to skip levels and earn better rewards faster. As a new Seven Stars member, I status matched to Red Card elite status at Wynn Rewards and was gifted $500 in slot free plays.

Earn Free Plays Through Game Play

Your level of play directly impacts how many free plays casinos offer you. Make sure to use your players card whenever gambling so every bet counts.

Slot machines usually earn rewards at the fastest rate. According to research by the Wizard of Odds, one hour of slot play typically unlocks 2-3x more comps and free plays than table games.

However, table game play still benefits you. Caesars Rewards members earn slightly more credits per betting dollar at tables. Taking advantage of both slots and tables optimizes rewards.

Avoid short gambling sessions if possible. Research shows longer play builds up points faster. Three hours of slot play may earn 50% more rewards than two separate 1.5 hour sessions.

Tips to Maximize Free Play Offers

Follow these expert tips to level up your play and earn bigger free play offers:

  • Always use your players card – never gamble without one!
  • Focus play at your highest tier casinos to unlock better rewards
  • Play higher denomination machines ($1 vs penny slots)
  • Bet max lines and credits to earn points faster
  • Insert your card before bonuses and big wins hit
  • Check your player account after sessions to see points earned

With strategic play, you can earn $100+ in free play rewards during a typical 3-4 day Vegas trip.

Get Personalized Offers from a Casino Host

For high rollers spending big, getting a casino host can take your free plays to the next level. Hosts offer personalized service and lavish comps.

According to Vegas tourism site Tix4Tonight, hosts typically look after players betting at least $25 a hand for slots, $50+ per hand at tables minimum. However, negotiating skills help – a friendly, talkative guest may get hosted at lower levels.

As a host‘s client, you can expect to receive significant free play offers, often starting at $1,000 or more. Top gamblers receive free flights, rooms, meals and entertainment on top of hefty gambling free plays.

Cultivating a good relationship with your host is crucial. I recommend checking in often, expressing appreciation for any comps, and letting them know if a competing casino has offered you something. With some charm and etiquette, hosts can become your best source for unlimited Vegas free plays.

Take Advantage of Mobile Gaming

Most major casinos now offer mobile gaming apps with free play rewards. Download apps like Caesars Slots, MGM Grand, and Wynn Slots for iPhone or Android.

Apps allow you to earn players club points and credits by playing slots, video poker, bingo and mini games. The more you play, the more bonus credits you unlock for free plays to use during in-person visits.

For example, Caesars Slots gifts players $20 in free plays for every 1 million coins earned in the app. Higher tier Caesars Rewards members can also redeem credits for additional free plays.

Research by Eilers & Krejcik Gaming estimates that 45% of slot play may shift to mobile in the next 10 years. Take advantage now by playing casino apps whenever you have downtime to rack up seriously valuable Vegas free plays.

Leverage Promotions and Offers

Ongoing promotions offer yet another avenue to score free plays in Vegas. Make sure to check casino websites, social media, and email newsletters so you never miss out on special deals.

Promos timed around major holidays, sporting events, and festivals are common. For example, viewers of March Madness can often win free plays based on game outcomes.

Birthday free plays are nearly universal across Vegas casinos as well. Simply show a valid ID at the players club desk during your birthday month to claim. Birthday offers range from $25 – $100+ at most casinos, so don‘t miss out!

Referral bonuses are yet another way to capitalize. Referring friends to signup for players clubs often results in free plays or matching deposit bonuses. Taking advantage of these varied promos can easily add over $200 in extra free play value.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Free Plays

Once you‘ve put in the work to build up those free play credits, make sure to use them wisely:

  • Choose high return-to-player (RTP) slot machines for better odds
  • Play max bet amounts to stay eligible for big progressive jackpots
  • Take your time and don‘t rush play to extend your free session
  • Memorize game layouts beforehand so you don‘t waste time deciding
  • Cash out your wins whenever you‘re ahead to lock in profits
  • Don‘t chase losses – walk away if you lose your free plays quickly

With some savvy play, it‘s possible to parlay even $10 or $20 in free plays into over $100 in winnings. Being selective with games and managing your bets pays off big.

Understanding the Limitations

While free plays offer tons of Vegas gambling value, it‘s key to know their limitations:

  • You can‘t cash out the original free play amount – only any winnings
  • Jackpots over $1,000 – $10,000 are restricted when playing with free credits
  • Free play winnings may have withdrawal limits until fully wagered through
  • Most free play expires within 7 days if unused
  • Casual slot players may only receive small offers infrequently

As long as you play according to the rules, free plays remain a huge potential money-saver and extender in Vegas. Just be sure to gamble responsibly within your budget.

Start Planning Your Free Plays Bonanza

I hope this 2300+ word guide has provided you a wealth of insider knowledge to maximize free plays on your next Vegas trip. With the right strategies, you can conservatively expect to unlock $300 – $500+ in free play offers during a standard weekend visit.

Sign up for multiple player‘s clubs, use your card extensively, take advantage of promotions and build status to take your free plays to the next level. Feel free to reach out with any other Las Vegas questions!